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Used by Albus Dumbledore in the third film when Harry Potter passed out during a Quidditch match. It is used by Hermione in the seventh book to pitch a tent. - A complete guide to the Stunning Spell from Harry Potter. But the results of the two are vastly different. Gomenum Revelio - discovers a person hidden in the room. In Latin the word abracadabra was first used by the Roman physician Quintus Serenus Sammonik in the Medical Book (LX. Red sheaf of sparks - Eregulo Green sheaf of sparks - Egrinulo Yellow sheaf of sparks - Eroulo Blue sheaf of sparks - Ebludolo. -Releases a very bright beam of light continuously emanating from the end of the wand, when exposed to a person, leaves severe burns. From the looks of this neologism, it is evident that J.K. Rowling liked puns and twisting the meaning of words from various languages. (Impedimenta) - a delaying spell. Vipera viper) the disappearance of a snake. Silencio - a person becomes dumb like a fish.

Being a wizard is extremely convenient. For those to whom the Keeper has not communicated this information, the house remains invisible and undetectable. Snuffleforce - living beings become mice. Horcruxes were considered the most powerful dark magic artifacts, in which Voldemort sealed the pieces of his split soul. Used in the book and game Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1. Found in all books. cruciatustorture, torment. Perhaps there is some kind of "Surveillance" for adults, controlling the attack of wizards on Muggles. After all, how wonderful it would be if a phone left in the wrong place, or a long-forgotten abstract, were at the right time with a simple wave. Petrificus Totalus - completely paralyzes a person. Do you remember how Zlatoust Lokons tried to bewitch Ron and Harry Potter? Of course, they will not bring much harm, but they can definitely annoy. Meloforce Cruciatus - causes unbearable pain in a person. Studied by students as part of the subject "Spells". destroys any enchantment, even Confundus and Imperius, as well as any disguise through magic. Cruciatus) - A torture curse. Effect Quietus(Quietus) - decrease the volume of the voice. Roughly speaking, it throws objects up. Dark magic. It is an advanced form of transfiguration, as mentioned in the magical books. (Incendio) - kindles a fire (in the first game, makes the plants wither). Of course, in this regard, one should not forget about the charms of the Expecto Patronum, which more than once saved the life of the protagonist of the Potter series. Word Avada, meaning I kill, destroy is not found at all, ke-davara can be interpreted as Hebrew Aramaic like a word. Magicians "of sufficient capacity and extraordinary brains" are able to resist a spell after a certain amount of training. In this regard, magicians and ordinary people are related to each other: in most cases, practicing magicians of our real world need such conductors as amulets, runes, talismans, some special items that have magical powers. A striking example of this is the Legilimens spell, which allows you to read the thoughts of another wizard. In fact, this is a titanic work, a work verified to the smallest detail. - attracts a person to a goal (or a goal to a person). Unforgivable spells- these are three spells that are prohibited by the Ministry of Magic, their use against a person is punishable by life imprisonment in Azkaban. Fidelius or Trust Spell(English) Fidelius Charm) - a spell of trust, one of the most effective spells for hiding a house. With this spell, Mr. Ollivander checked the serviceability of Fleur Delacour's wand, and he presented the conjured flowers to the beautiful charmbatonka. From lat. Barahiyam Emendo The only spell teacher known to us is Professor Filius Flitwick. (Finite Incantatem) is a universal counterspell. CruciatusCrucio Used in the game Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. If the spell hits a person, it produces a pushing effect. Makes the protected object invisible from above. "Surveillance" keeps track of any magical actions, regardless of whether who performed these actions. By extinguishing the fire with this Augamenti charm, she saved him and his eyebrows from a serious accident. Dissendium(Dissendio) - opens secret passages. Used in the 6th movie by Snape to heal Malfoy's wounds. So, the first spell that unlocks doors - Aberto (mentioned only in films), was borrowed from Spanish ( Abierto). At this moment, Ron appears, saves Harry and pulls out the Sword of Gryffindor from the bottom. In the movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry used this spell to push himself out of the water. Homenum Revelio Many spells have been slightly modified from Latin, and the popular languages of the world. dens'tooth', augeoI increase. The list of spells from Harry Potter that we remember on occasion can be continued for quite some time. The Order of the Phoenix protected their headquarters at 12 Grimmauld Place with Fidelius, making Albus Dumbledore the Guardian. On October 31, 1981, Lord Voldemort pointed his wand at Harry Potter, about to utter the fateful words when Harry was only a year old. Another possible source is Lat. On the treatment of a half-three-day fever): More formidable is the disease that is known everywhere under the Greek name The name "gemitriteon", our ancestors in Latin They couldnt name it in a word, or, I think, they didnt want to. In 1993, Remus Lupine uses against Peeves, who again misbehaved by gumming the keyhole. But the common quality of all spells is their need for a conductor - a wand. (Spongify) - activates "trampolines" tiles in the game, which, after jumping on them, throw a person up in the games "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" and "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban". At the first mention of this spell, Hermione restores Harry's glasses. Take them away one by one, leaving others as long as The resulting cone will not end with the last letter. However, "Surveillance" can somehow be bypassed. Lat. Pullus found only in dictionaries, the contracted form is actually used Artifacts are different in nature and purpose, there are no restrictions for them. What peaks and valleys are covered in the books of 1 and 2 Kings. An example of neutral artifacts is an invisibility cloak, an elder wand, a resurrection stone. In 1993, "waddivazi" is used by Remus Lupine against Peeves, who again misbehaved by sealing the keyhole with chewing gum. Protego totalumProtego totalum(eng. Possibly related to the Greek Used by Hermione to Yaxley while escaping from the Ministry of Magic. Alarte Askendare - an enchantment that makes an object or living creature jump up and down. Deprimo- the spell exerts strong pressure on the victim, which can cause severe injuries. The second similar case, when Avada Kedavra did not work, or rather, did not work to the fullest, occurred almost seventeen years later (May 2, 1998). glisseo(Glisseo) - turns the steps into a sloping hill. Also the word abracadabra associated with the name of a Gnostic deity Abraxas ( - Repulsion spell, repels the enemy a short distance. - spells that, when called, appear something like a salute. Harry Potter and Related Publishing Rights J.K. Rowling LiberacorpsLiberacorps(eng. The first spell is for torture, while the second is for absolute control over a person's will. Lat. Duro- the spell turns to stone. Used in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, only available to Ron. Accio- a spell that attracts an object. Fidelius- a spell that makes a person the keeper of secrets. Eclipse - the victim's eyes are covered with an impenetrable dark bandage. Liberacorpus) - non-verbal, stops the spell Levicorpus. Confringo- A spell that causes an explosion. Petrificus TotalusPetrificus Totalus Expecto patronum Furunculus - a lot of abscesses of an unpleasant appearance appear on the body. It was used by Hermione in the seventh book in order to cover the eyes of a portrait of Phineas Nigellus. Revive - Helps you recover from Stunning Charms. The Harry Potter Wiki has 4 images related to, *Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, Fandom will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. And again between Voldemort and Harry Potter. Originally it meant to crucify on the cross, then torment, torture. Draconiforce incantationum. But seriously speaking, the creation of a spell dictionary is a colossal work done by J.K. Rowling while writing the Potter. Lat. You don't even have to be a fan of the teenage wizard novel series to instantly think of a Harry Potter spell like Avada Kedavra, which the dark side has been trying to reduce the number of goodies in every now and then. Harry was questioning Mundungus Fletcher on the whereabouts of the locket of Salazar Slytherin. In addition to the unforgivable "Imperius", the books describe other ways to get into someone's head. Cave Inimicum- used to protect yourself from enemies. Ultimately goes back to gorgethroat, pharynx. Every single Harry Potter spell: the most popular and only seen once in the entire series of novels, is all brought to perfection. Orchid Bat Evil Eye - Summons a flock of attacking bats. He kept on refilling the small goblet using the Aguamenti Spell, again and again. Sting spell- similar to the action of bee or wasp venom. Harry Potter Enciclopedia una enciclopedia libera, aggiornabile da chiunque ne abbia interesse. Since 1997, the story, written by J.K. Rowling, does not leave adults or children indifferent, inspiring exploits, forcing them to dream of beauty and believe in magic. Lucritus Statio Reducio) - a spell that reduces the selected object. (Mutatio Scullus, lat. Thiero Demento - a death spell from J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series of novels. The spells from the world of Harry Potter are extremely numerous, there are at least several hundred of them. Slow Fall Spell - Used for Quidditch items. Aviform is related to Avis, only it makes the enemy turn into a bird, bird flock or bat. Hevilissimo Dragonforce - can turn an item into a miniature dragon. From Harry Potter to Hermione Granger to Fleur Delacour, many wizards and witches have used this spell. Worked great on Ron Weasley. System Aperio- With this spell in the second film, Tom Riddle opened Hagrid's chest, in which Aragog was sitting.

If the item has just broken, it is enough to simply say reparo, if the breakdown is old, you need a refined spell (for example, oculus reparo - repair glasses). Invented by Severus Snape. - turns an object into a rubber duck. The complexity of the subject "Spells" lies in the fact that when casting a spell, one cannot deviate one iota from the sample. All spells from Harry's world can be divided into nine types. Sometimes they are called artifacts, as in the world of Harry Potter. For details see Oblivion. Harry tried to help the teacher by using this spell, which, however, did not work: neither the conjured water, nor the water he brought with him this thirst did not help. (eng. There are some disputes and confusion regarding the Aguamenti Spell. Lumos Solem Silium Circulus- an eyelash curling spell. Enchantment of submission - magical creatures begin to obey the magician. Proteus charms - a group of items changes after one of them. When properly cast, the boggart will turn into something harmless and funny, the laughter caused by this will neutralize the ghost. The fire pursues its prey until it burns it. On 4th August of 1997, Harry questioned Mundungus Fletcher, a former member of the Order of the Phoenix who turned out to be a traitor later. Dark magic. Colloportus- closes the door. This spell also scares away vampires. Spongify - a spell of softness and elasticity. In an attempt to threaten him, Harry set his eyebrows on fire accidentally. Expecto Patronum) - a spell that summons a Patronus - a creature that protects against dementors and smerkut. - Sleeping Charms. Dissendium- with the help of this spell, a secret passage to Hogsmeade was opened behind the statue of a hunchbacked witch. Protego is blocked. Also, all spells can be both spoken aloud and said to oneself (the so-called "non-verbal spells"). Lat. Moreover, it hit Voldemort, who violated the contract (he tried to kill the one for whom the sacrificial death was paid), depriving him of his body. Menti means to the mind or for the mind. But when the same Voldemort kills the gardener Frank Rice in the same father's house, for some reason the Ministry does not react at all. Used in the game Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Used in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. impedimentaimpedimenta- Enchant Interference. It was these charms that led to the death of the parents of the young wizard in due time. Intestinal-defecatory spell - the effect of the spell is quite clear, based on the name. Used by Hermione in Deathly Hallows (Part 1) to open the entrance to the headquarters. Spring cushion enchantment - if the seat is too hard, you can create an invisible cushion. Finite Incantatem - one of the few spells used in Alchemy - the spell of boiling. Excuro(Excuro) - cleaning the object from dirt. Salvio hexia - the enchanted territory becomes invisible. Immobilus Just imagine how much more convenient it would be to use these charms instead of your phone's display when you find yourself in a dark room! Causes objects to rise into the air. confound'interfere; confuse, confuse. Practically, there is only one person who was subjected to the Killing Spell and survived: Harry Potter. Thus, Professor Dumbledore could only drink the water from the small goblet. Engorgio- makes the object grow. The most popular spell in this unfortunate wizard's arsenal is "Obliviate", with which you can erase the memory of another person. abravadabra And avada kedavra. Carried out by Hermione Granger on fake galleons to communicate and alert Dumbledore's Army 1 in book five. With it, you can summon any object to yourself. Ferula- This spell is used by Rem Lupin to put a splint and bandages on Ron's broken leg. The only spell against Pyro. In order to get rid of the boggart, you need to present the figure that frightens you with something comical (turn the monster into a laughingstock) and, pointing a wand at the ghost, say Ridiculus. Magicus ekstrimus - all spells are amplified. Sectumsempra - causes deep, as if from a sword, cuts throughout the body. Used in the sixth book (Malfoy - Rosmerta) and the seventh book (Neville - Dumbledore's Army 2). Light By the way, in the films we are shown only one side of the luminous Patronuses.

spells- a discipline that studies various movements with a stick while pronouncing one or more words at the same time; these actions, when correctly performed, give different results. turn away- causes the object of witchcraft to lose contact with the caster. For this reason, Hermione Granger does not dare to use it, although, according to her confession, this is one of the few ways to destroy Horcruxes. Continuing the list of spells from Harry Potter, we recall Lumos. This water is safe to drink and wizards have used it from producing drinkable water to even putting out fires. Lumos Aqua Leno Used by Minerva McGonagall in Book 7 and Movie 7 to defend Hogwarts from the enemy. When a wizard casts a spell on his dwelling, he chooses a person worthy of complete trust, and gives only her the opportunity to inform third parties about the presence and location of the dwelling. Indestructibility spell - with its help, fragile things are strengthened. Flagrate(Flagrate) - marking an item with a glowing cross. The disarming spell (Expelliarmus) has already been discussed before, so we won't repeat it. Hellfire is a dark magic spell, as it is deadly and cannot be extinguished with water. Lat. One can use a different spell to produce water. Inflatus In the PS1 version, the spell was only used to finish off the opponent. Harry, himself, has used this spell on many occasions. Defodio- this spell helped Harry, Ron and Hermione to gouge the exit from the tunnel in Gringotts. - Mass Stun spell, blocked by Sorias spell. - turns a small object into a bunny. Expecto Patronum - Summons a Patronus, a magical beast that protects against the destructive influence of the Dementors. This combat enchantment, protection magic, levitation enchantment, healing enchantment, occlumency, that is, direct interaction with it, counter spells- those that stop other spells, with color spells like "Lumos" and economic magic- used in everyday life. Mutation Skulus - provokes the appearance of unpredictable mutations. (English Episkey) - straightens broken bones. Glacius> (Glacius) - Freezes water, puts out fires. The strength of the spell depends on the desire of the magician. Fuzzy movement of the wand, slurred or incorrectly pronounced sounds of magic words can lead not only to the lack of the desired effect, but also lead to disastrous consequences. locomotive(Locomotor) - the movement of objects through the air. Incantation [1], This spell worked particularly well with the similarly water-based Ebublio Jinx when both used in tandem when dealing with certain fiery beasts. Aresto momentum - used to slow down or completely immobilize an object. For example, a patronus can act as a kind of telegram, which, of course, is not as important as protection against dementors, but it is also quite a useful thing. Bombardo- blows up the target ("Bombardo Maxima" - strengthening (in the 3rd film, Hermione destroys the cell of the chamber of one of the towers of Hogwarts, in which Sirius Black was located, in the 5th film, Dolores Umbridge used the "Bombardo Maxima" to blow up the hidden doors in " Help-room") Waddivazi(Waddiwasi) - a spell that can make objects fly at the enemy. A severed limb cannot be restored by potions and spells. Possibly derived from Greek

Impervius - Protects from all elements except earth. Spells of a sheaf of sparksSpells of a sheaf of sparks In the first case, Four is an allegorical designation of the Tetragrammaton, in the second, the four elements. In the same seventh book and at the same time, in order to hide the entire Weasley family, a spell was cast on Aunt Muriel's house where they lived, and Arthur Weasley, the father of the family, became the Guardian. Fera Verto - small living creatures become glass vessels. (From English Oblivion - oblivion) - a spell that causes amnesia; the person on whom this spell was used does not even remember his own name. Confingo (Flash) - the curse of the explosion. Skurge - removes bones. Nevertheless, he was always and in everything opposed by another spell from Harry Potter - the famous word "Expelliarmus", which the protagonist loved so much and saved his life more than once. Descendo- causes the object to descend. The attempt proved futile as the water evaporated instantly. Sting spell - works like a sting of a swarm of bees. Alohomora) - a spell that unlocks locks. - Enchantment of night vision. Repello pompilus- a defensive spell. There is no full Latin analogue, the corresponding verb is disarmo, disarmare. This is the only example of the use of this spell. It is used in exceptional cases when it is necessary to brew a complex potion in a short time. Lat. (eng. Kalvorio - hair begins to fall out rapidly. Mukus Ad Nozem - a person has a terrible runny nose. Despite the fact that the most terrible spell is "Avada Kedavra" - a death spell, Harry Potter encountered other, no less dangerous manifestations of magical power on his way. ", If you think about it, the influence of the series of novels about the young wizard is so great that some phrases have become quite firmly established in everyday life. The Avis spell summons a flock of birds, which the magician can use as he pleases. Used when Death Eaters kill someone; also used for intimidation, as in the fourth book by Barty Crouch Jr. Mutatio Scullus - Enchantment against Red Caps "Svoyakius"- Breaks the protection in the women's bedroom, you just need to jump over the first step. ExpelliarmusExpelliarmus ("Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire") Peskipixi Pesternomi

(Ridikulus) - A spell against a boggart. So the next Avada Kedavra spell cast on the boy ricocheted off Harry, leaving an unhealed lightning bolt scar on his forehead. (eng. Aresto Momentum Protego doesn't work. (Eng. Incarciforce - the chandelier turns into a cage. Grimmauld, they do magic in the Dursleys' house right and left. In this case, all organs remain intact, and the cause of death cannot be determined. Jet of water[1] - Enchantment of object weighting. Wingardium Leviosa - used to lift objects into the air. After application, a living being instantly, without torment, dies. Pullus - a living being becomes a chicken. In the first book about the adventures of a young wizard, Hermione uses the Petrificus Totalus spell, which provokes complete paralysis of the body. Colorum - changes the color of any thing, as well as the hair and wool of living beings. And all this is flowers compared to the ability to fly on a broom and, moreover, to transgress. Monkey - the tongue is firmly glued to the palate. Elias Deletrius(Deletrius) - removes the image left by the spell Priori Incantatem. Draurm Kopa - Causes a water explosion. evanescodisappear, disappear. - pumpkin-head spell. Inflatus - inflates an object or person, like a balloon. Aggluntium Bombardo Maxima - can be an enhanced version of a simple Bombardo spell. If you make a quantifying purchase AMAZON pays us a small commission to say thank you for passing on the business. You can enchant fragile items.

The Aqua Erecto charm produces large and powerful jets of water when cast. (From lat. (Wingardium Leviosa) - A Levitation Spell that causes an object to fly up. Who among us does not remember a wonderful boy with tousled hair, emerald eyes and a lightning-shaped scar under a long bang? Stunned (another translation of "Stupefay" or "Freeze", or "Petrified") - stuns, paralyzes.

- Firewall spell. Ridiculous - funny, miserable, an object for ridicule) - A spell against a boggart. Having tied them with a thread, do not forget to hang them around your neck. imperviusimpervius(eng. - under the influence of this spell, a person is completely paralyzed. (eng. Diffindo latin word ferula was the name of the plant (and now botanists distinguish the genus Ferula), it was also often used in the meanings of rod, rod, stick. Laughing spell - a person laughs, unable to stop. (Expelliarmus) is a disarming spell in the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling. From lat. Harry in the cave did not use the spell directly to get water in Dumbledores mouth.

Aqua- "water". Reparo Deprimo(Deprimo) - punches a hole in the floor. mors - death) - the launch of the Black Mark. Any application to a human being is sufficient for a life sentence in Azkaban. But then his mother, Lily Potter, shielded the child, begging the Dark Lord to kill her instead of her son. So Harry, like his mother back in the day, instinctively created the same Sacrifice spell. Mimble Wimble - the tongue is tied in a knot. The Aqua Erecto charm is a more powerful and effective version of the Aguamenti spell. Type From lat. The first time they met was in the fourth book, when Hermione and Ron were preparing Harry for the third task of the Triwizard Tournament. In this way, she created a very powerful and very ancient Sacrifice spell, perhaps without even realizing what she was doing, acting rather instinctively. arba dk arbaFour destroys four. Orchid - the item becomes a bouquet or orchid petals. Only magic can be both light and dark. English engorgedfilled, stretched, swollen from French. Oppunyo - if the wizard has helper creatures, this is an attack order for them. (translated by Yu. Bat evil eye(or Vespertilos) - the enemy is attacked by a flock of bats that block the view, loses the ability to see and resist the enemy. A similar phrase can be made in Hebrew: avda ki-dvaradisappeared (female) as her word. Ridiculus Associated with lat. Protego And Voldemort, who killed Lily first, accepted this sacrifice. expellodrive out, drive away, push away, arma'weapon'. (Inflatus) - causes the object to inflate like a balloon. Unfortunately, the Potion inside the goblet made the water dry up before Dumbledore could drink it.