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So if you're scared about it, don't compete. 378 Days in Kandahar: How 7 Russian airmen escaped Taliban captivity, How new technology gets us addicted to porn, Alfresco dining: why American restaurateurs can't seem to tackle the European savoir-vivre, As if COVID wasnt enough: plague and other ancient diseases we almost forgot about, Online Education is not for me - US high school teacher's experience of teaching in lockdown, Desperate Housewives, vineyard tax and dancing deans how to make the cut into an Ivy League college, Give women votes! Simon stands over his fallen foe, his right fist raised in the air triumphantly as the crowd rages all around him. Yanek, a hooligan representing SK Wallis, a Swiss hooligan firm made up of neo-Nazis, has fought twice with KOTS, in October 2020 and again in 2021.

loaf bat 1999 And yet, it's not that simple. Still, I wanted to better understand what KOTS is really about and whether it poses a serious threat. The fact that neo-Nazis and other extremists are drawn to violencewhether through legitimate combat sports such as MMA, or through soccer hooliganism, or something like KOTSis a relatively new development that has taken shape over the past decade. Household spies: Are you paranoid, or is your robotic vacuum cleaner spying on you?

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legitimating dehumanising forms of violence as a source of pleasure and sociality, Voodoo on the Doorstep: Mafia Using Ritual Practices to Trick Young African Girls into Prostitution, The Soviet Lady Death: She Shot 309 Nazis, Inspired American Feminists, and Became a Pen Friend of Eleanor Roosevelt, Life in the Trash: The Worlds Most Dangerous Dumps, Slave E-Trade: Uncovering Social Media Engagement in Human Trafficking.

Part 2: Submariner, A mask: The many-sided accessory of the COVID era, When living in a crisis is a job: lockdown survival tips from seasoned pros. He said her son would never return home as his heart stopped during the first exercise. But it never happened. Floods after Pestilence: Will the Three Gorges Dam protect Wuhan from major flooding? You want to quit but you can't - Diary of a New York COVID Nurse, Coronavirus: a break from pollution and new environmental threats, Coronavirus: worldwide panic and uncertainty. The Panama Papers expos: how independent are independent journalists? In addition to being one of the most notorious neo-Nazis involved in the combat sports scene, he is also the founder of Pride France, an MMA lifestyle clothing line that promotes itself as a "brand for nationalists" and sells streetwear and fight gear emblazoned with neo-Nazi symbolism. Simon fights like an enraged tiger. How a math professor led a revolution in Las Vegas, Do you speak corona? "The most notorious fight club, the one and only place for the unwanted ones, delivering the most stressed out and fucked up environment you can find.

"Tomasz" is Insider has since identified the Frenchman as Tomasz Szkatulski, a far right extremist linked to various neo-Nazi groups including the international Blood and Honor network, a white supremacist group that's banned in Russia and Germany, and has been added to the list of designated terrorist groups in Canada. I first became aware of KOTS last year while researching the European far-right. Since the incident in 2016, nobody has been arrested, and the family has received no compensation.

From Smell Terror To Smell Harassment: How much do we depend on smells? Part 1: Cosmonaut. ", (Insider did not submit the application and KOTS did not respond to multiple requests for comment.). ISIS is welcome. The unknown conflict: Who is fighting who in the Central African Republic? A prison, a bullet, and flying workers: how Moscow State University was built, Real-life magician: The student of a legendary Soviet hypnotist Wolf Messing talks about predicting the future and curing illnesses, How One-Child Policy Left Chinese Men Single And Boosted Bride Trafficking, RT, Russias First Global News Network, Celebrates 15 Years On Air, Underachievers rule! While some called the film fascist, others found it anti-capitalistic and legitimating dehumanising forms of violence as a source of pleasure and sociality.

Julia Reinhart/NurPhoto via Getty Images. Applicants are also asked about their "streetfighting/hooligan background, if you have one. Babel Village: how artist Nikolay Polissky turned a village into a world-famous attraction, Fujimori's grim family planning: forced sterilisation victims seek justice, Just married and on the run: Indian couples brave consequences for marrying outside their castes, People think boxing is just for men, but that's not the case: Pakistani girls boxing club knocks out gender stereotypes. The Biography of the Glasgow Smile, the Trademark Torture Method of Scottish Gangsters, Married to live apart: Chinas new separate marriage challenges age-old family traditions, Project Babylon: Man behind Saddams Supergun, The angriest generation? Hot December on RTD: Hong Kong cage dwellers, Congo youth gangs & more! The cost of environmental protection on the Philippines' paradise island. "No decisions, No Rules, No Rounds" is how KOTS describes itself on its slick website.

KOTS has also hosted featured fights involving "Orange Dwarf," a hooligan representing the Apoel football club who was celebrated across far-right social media channels following his victory against a Turkish streetfighter. KOTS is sort of like that," says Jonathan Leman, a researcher with Expo, a Swedish anti-racist magazine. Its a place to kill beef and release aggressions, says the founder of Rumble in the Bronx Killa Mike. Traditional life under threat for Iraqs Marsh Arabs, Sea Life Savers opens environmental film festival in Gabon, The Albanian women who renounced femininity to become virtual males, Life-saver turned killer: How infected blood caused biggest British treatment disaster, Bunker Bonanza: why the US market for survival shelters is booming and what Trump has to do with it, A letter from Belmarsh Prison: Julian Assange writes to RTD. One day at a Russian fighting club ended in tragedy. Despite the underground fights being illegal, they still attract lots of spectators, who usually pay to watch. pahe

As Claus says, the fascination with "ideas of violent masculinity" that's shared by some hooligans and combat athletes "has always been a giant, social Darwinist door to the far right.". We don't give a fuck. ", KOTS insists that it's apolitical.

Together with fellow techies, he engaged in one-to-one battles. KOTS itself appears to have been an outgrowth of Sweden's hooligan scene, which boasts at least seven significant hooligan groups known for arranging groups fights in remote locations across the country. The plywood flooring that you'll find at most MMA and boxing events isn't used here; instead, fights take place on concrete floors. Romans heart stopped during an exercise in one of Russias famed underground fight clubs.

"There is a valorization of violence and of hyper masculine ideals around defense and sacrifice that align well with the far right's messaging around the need to defend national or racialized territory or to prepare for the race war they anticipate and the street battles that will supposedly be a part of it," said Miller-Idriss, who directs the Polarization and Extremism Research and Innovation Lab (PERIL) at American University. His idea attracted Drea Cooper and Zackary Canepari, who directedUppercuta documentary chronicling the club. The idea itself became a dangerous product, as it inspired many to create brawling clubs across the US and around the world. Former attendees say the price of the three-day course its slightly over $250.

Yet nothing is said about posting videos on YouTube, where scores of underground fight videos are available.

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Who is Dan Brouillette, the nominee for US Energy Secretary, and why is he important? Moves that are banned by the UFCheadbutts, strikes to the spine, eye gouging, and bitingare acceptable. But it's not clear how profitable it is or, crucially, what KOTS does with the money it pulls in. Sanctuary City, USA: Safe haven or shelter from justice? The Legendary Russian Hackers: Myth or Reality?

Szkatulski was also reportedly involved in two separate attacks on the customers of a gay bar in Lille, both of which were orchestrated by known neo-Nazis and skinheads. The World on the Brink of WW II: The Appalling Facts Western Countries Try to Silence. Fighters are free to cover their faces with skull face masks and balaclavas, but you won't see the open-palm gloves that are required for UFC fightsfighters' hands must remain bare.

"This public respect from other violent hooligans seems to be the most important thing for them.". Simon moves swiftly, lurching forward and forcing Ronin against the metal fence, pinning him there.

This is his fifth fight for King of the Streetsthe most of any competitor in the fight club's mysterious historyand he is yet to taste defeat. EPISODES AND MORE! Antifa: A new domestic terrorist group or misunderstood freedom fighters? GET UPDATES FOR NEW FILMS,

COVID-19 vaccine: Should Black and Latino people get priority? But it's not just the physical risks that give cause for alarm.

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Whether by accident or by design, KOTS has become a platform for some of the most notorious hatemongers across Europe, united by a shared penchant for violence and a mutual affection for combat sports.

This is not the only case when becoming a man cost men their health with some left disabled, with years of medical treatment.

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Gangs of violent supporters consisting of young men united through their shared ties to a specific team, would confront opposing fans before, during, or after a match either at stadiums or elsewhere, resulting in injuries, deaths, and wide scale disturbances.

As the camera pans over the fighters, the fascist body art that covers Tomasz is on full display: a white power tattoo across his neck, the face of Rudolf Hess Hitler's deputy in Germany's Nazi Party on his arm, and several swastikas elsewhere on his body. The Matrix Has You: Are We On The Way To Cloud-Based Mega-Minds?

In the 1960s, European governments became concerned with the trend of violent behavior perpetrated by spectators during soccer events.

As he jogs toward the centre of the cage, the scar glows greyish-brown beneath the spotlight, accentuating his dead eyes and hardened jaw.

The films distributor, 20th Century Fox, marketed Fight Club mostly on the World Wrestling Federations programming, whose viewers found the film too homoerotic. Trying to imitate the Fight Club, people turned it into a commodity, the desired lifestyle, which would allow achieving something more than a better you at work - an enlightened you. Ban on vaping: reality check or turf war? Ethical Hackers: Cyber Security Masterminds or Potential Criminals? This emerging subculture became known as hooliganism. "When I was younger, I was always trying to find underground fight clubs like these, and now I finally found one."

Childfree movement: has the world stopped wanting children? IIts been over 20 years since David Finchers movie Fight Club, but it still has millions of followers around the world embracing the idea.

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The crowd roars its approval. Your Microbes Want A Cheeseburger: How bacteria living in our bodies make decisions for us, I was correcting God's work: How a Soviet surgeon successfully performed the first gender reassignment surgery and almost lost his career.

Started in Gothenburg, Sweden in around 2013, brawls can now draw millions of views online. Backstage DIY Blogging: Would You Dare Do It Yourself? For many of the fighters, that might be OK. "The currency in which KOTS fighters are paid in is respect for masculinity their idea of tough, violent, unmodern masculinity," Claus said. Book envy: which US President deserves the most space on your bookshelf?

Zvonko strikes first, but Tomasz responds with a flurry of well-placed punches to the ribs and temple.

Even the Pride France logoan amalgamation of several interconnected swastikas with the slogan "Respect Nature"is a testament to its commitment to fascism. 13 fights. "I was never concerned about the concrete floor," Hooi wrote.

"This is amazing," reads a YouTube comment beneath a video of Simon's fight with Ronin 030, which drew more than 2.7 million views.

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The film is based on Chuck Palahniuks novel of the same name.

"We compete in these events to satisfy an inner feelingan urge for blood like in the gladiator times.". In April 2021, "Zvonko," a streetfighter representing Germany and Croatia, and "Tomasz," a French hooligan representing Losc Army, a fascist soccer hooligan group based in Lillie, Francestepped into the makeshift ring and prepared for battle. At Sparta, this exercise is conducted in an incredibly difficult manner. ", An anti-Nazi poster in Gothenburg, Sweden on September 30, 2017, as the Sweden's Nordic Resistance Front planned to march through central Gothenburg on the day of the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur. High time: Americas emerging leniency toward illegal drugs, Inside The Family: How the leader of a 1960s doomsday cult abused children to create a new race. Some of the most prominent hooligan groups can be found in Russia, Turkey, as well as in Western European countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain, France, and The Netherlands. "Some German hooligans who are active in semi-professional combat sports said that they would never fight there because they believe it is dangerous to fight on concrete,", Robert Claus, an expert on right-wing extremism in German soccer and the author of "Hooligans: A world between football, violence," told Insider. Simon turns to the crowd and slaps his face repeatedly, working himself and the crowd into a state of violent frenzy. Japanese people turn to silicone sex dolls for love (PHOTOS), Saved or stolen?

Female Power: How Many Glass Ceilings do Women in the US Still Have to Crack? Most of the KOTS fighters I reached out to ignored my request, but then one got back to me: Brian Hooi, a Dutch MMA fighter who's Black, and has appeared as "HooiBooi" in two KOTS fights during the past year. screenings manchester