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It shows that, due to the fact that these colors are opposites on the wheel, they are also opposites in the show. Interests family gossip. I think the Whites go down, leaving the kids with Hank and Marie. You guys, these candles are getting wax all over the place! Blue, which is the color that represents the meth, is on the opposite side of the color wheel from orange. That was brutal and so calculated, what Walt did. Copyright 2010-2022 AMC Network Entertainment LLC. Discovery Company. It broke my heart because their relationship, the bond they had that's done. A happyBreaking BadEnding? Marie is close with her sister, though her tendency to pry sometimes irritates Skyler. The use of this color becomes apparent once Heisenberg comes to fruition and begins to take over the life of Walter White. So I'm rewatching the series, and I've just started the second season. So with a few barrels worth of cash in the bank, Huell and Kuby moved to a small island somewhere off the coast of South America. But maybe if this Saul Goodman spin-off happens, we'll see. There are a lot of options, but I feel like what they do with everything, you just think, "Well, there was no other choice." Killing Marie would be the perfect distraction for Hank. Whatever they had before, whether Marie can find it in her heart to forgive her or not, it will never be the same. But with that being said, the destruction that Walt wreaked upon the lives of his family members has always been something fans have had a difficult time grappling with, especially since many of them weren't given the same kind of cathartic ending that Walt was granted. But her personality disorder can make the relationship any relationship a challenge. He reported everything, gave the DEA his full cooperation and walked away without ever seeing the inside of a prison cell (blame his puppy eyes). Even though Marie is clearly siding with Hank now, could that change?Brandt:It's tough. Once Skyler discovered Walters hidden bag of money right after their divorce papers were signed, she was wearing green to show her newfound interest in the money that Walter had made. The most recognizable character to wear orange in Breaking Bad is Hank. Meanwhile, Marie is still a nurse. This is the first time in the show where Walter is wearing green and it is used to represent growth, greed, and money. She's basically telling him, "If anybody can do this, you can, baby. Skyler and Marie: Skyler just recently went into remission after having battled lung cancer. Hank is wearing a red shirt, instead of his usual orange, when he confronts Walter about the things he has been doing behind his back. She is wearing blue when she dies in her sleep and when she is at the funeral. Hector "Tio" Salamanca is a high-ranking Cartel member and Tuco's uncle. After that was all tied up, he went to see Brock. Some guy who looks a lot like Saul Goodman. On Sunday's episode, Hank spills what he knows to both Walt's wife and co-conspirator Skyler (Anna Gunn), as well as Skyler's sister and Hank's wife Marie (Betsy Brandt).Breaking Bad: Will Skyler stand by Walt's side? One of them mentions Holly could just "stay with them forever." In Breaking Bad, orange represents humor and violence. Profession radiologic technologist. Although Hank never assumes Skyler might actually be a co-conspirator, Marie seems to come out her encounter with more intel.Brandt:It just shows how well she knows Skyler.

Marie often wears the color purple to show her self-deception. They just made it out of hank's recovery from the gunshot wound, he recently got promoted to ASAC, and Marie is stable. When Hank and Marie leave the White house, she says, "You have to get him." Cookies help us deliver our Services. Fast forward to the fifth season. Hank is Walter's macho brother-in-law. In the episode when hank and Marie and first watching the kids after skylar tries to drown herself, we see hank and Marie having a great bonding experience with Holly, and we really get the feeling that there may be some foreshadowing. College Student | YouTuber | Marketing Addict. BrBa's version of a happy ending. Because that's definitely a line you just can't cross, to jeopardize her husband's life. Believe it or not, some people actually made it out of the Breaking Bad series finale alive. This is shown throughout various scenes and the writers made it clear that Walter is not happy with his life. When Skyler fakes a mental breakdown by submerging herself in the Whites backyard pool, Marie agrees to take in Junior and Holly so that Skyler and Walt can work on their relationship. But, the irony with the color black in breaking bad is how black falls on the color wheel. Now that "Breaking Bad" has ended, what might have happened to some of the characters years from now. It would be hard enough [finding out] that only Walt knew. In the beginning, Walt and Skylar are pretty close, they obviously love each other very much, and they have a new baby on the way. Mike worked for Gus and is Saul's go-to guy when his clients get in sticky situations. Skyler isnt far off when she refers to Marie as my spoiled, kleptomaniac, bitch sister who somehow always manages to be the center of attention. On the other hand, Marie does genuinely care for her family, including her sister and the cancer-stricken Walt. So, is this the end of the sisters' relationship or could Marie eventually find a way to forgive Skyler? Breaking Bad certainly isn't treading lightly in its final episodes.Just one week after the AMC drama wasted no time having DEA agent Hank (Dean Norris) confront his meth-cooking brother-in-law Walt (Bryan Cranston), the show was equally speedy in getting to the fallout. Heres how we see the shows biggest survivors 10 years from now: Badger and Skinny Pete: After burning through almost all of the money that Walt gave them for correctly using laser pointers, Badger and Skinny Pete decided that their drug days were behind them. When Walter gets beaten up badly and is in the hospital, Walter Jr. shows up wearing Blue to represent his loyalty to his father and his pure heart. Marie becomes concerned about Hank when he begins having PTSD attacks after being ambushed by the Mexican drug cartel in El Paso. Here are some of them: I wanted to touch on Orange earlier but I figured that it was necceasry to first mention Blue due to their relationship. And lets not forget that Kaylee Ehrmantraut is now an official bada** in training. Hank gets his man and Marie gets a family. I could see moments where she needed to tell somebody and shewantedto tell. It is what makes their product notable and what everyone uses to identify it. Hank and Marie, on the other hand, not so good. 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He and Badger (and their girlfriends of the moment) share a duplex. Though Hank refuses to open up about his feelings, Marie remains her husband's most tenacious advocate. To start off the explanation of the relationships between colors, we need to start with the color beige. I don't think she's stolen a kid before. When Jessie goes to rehab to fix his drug addiction problems, he can be seen in a green robe, showing his growth from where he previously was with his drug habits. Walt told Hank to"tread lightly. Double flash-forward: Holly and Brock team up to create a drug empire! A native of Bay City, MI, Brandt now lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children. Turns out, Andreas mom had recently died of a heart attack, so Jesse formally adopted Brock. Black is a color that very rarely appears in Breaking Bad, except towards the end once Walter has completed his character arc and has fully become Heisenberg. The show is truly outstanding and watching it through for the third time has made me realize how many hidden details and acts of symbolism can be found in the show. Gretchen and Elliott: They gave Walts money to Flynn, and now, they keep busy doing what they do best being rich and therefore throwing elaborate birthday celebrations. Will that be true all the way to the end?Brandt: Every step along the way, when we come to moments like these, the writers handle it. Personality childish, petty, and frivolous. Moving forward, towards the back half of the show when Marie and Hank are at dinner with the White Family and they discover Walters copy of Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman, Marie is wearing yellow to foreshadow the risk involved with the entire situation. She demands an explanation from Walt after Skyler breaks down in hysterics at work. Read an interview with Betsy Brandt for Season 2 appreciated. That's just painful. Too much? And yes, they occasionally take naps on large piles of money. I began to look into it to figure out why this was the case and this is when I first discovered the entire color theory that is found in Breaking Bad and how the color wheel represents the current situation at all times in the show. Skylar is scared literally all the time, Walt is totally blind with power and is living in a delusional world where he's invincible.

On the surface, the lives of Walt's family members seem changed only for the worse at the end of Breaking Bad. Because Mariedoeshave a past of stealing things.Brandt:[Laughs] I don't think it's, "Hey I really wanted kids and couldn't have them, so here's an opportunity to get some!" Ew.

A Warner Bros. After all, everyone keeps talking about how much she reminds them of Walt. She even asks Skyler to cut the crust off of all her sandwiches. She was also a recurring guest star on CBSs Without a Trace, playing Libby Coulter. Read at your own risk.] I honestly always wondered what would happen when Marie found out because she would do anything for Hank, but she's also always been there for her sister. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Her compulsive personality is a constant challenge for her. All Rights Reserved. This color represents darkness, evil, deception, and power. She also starred in the world premiere of Beth Henleys Ridiculous Fraud, Much Ado About Nothing for the Arizona Theatre Company, Control+Alt+Delete for the San Jose Repertory Theatre, Truth and Beauty for South Coast Repertory, and Thirst at the American Conservatory Theater. So that's the thing that pushed Marie over the edge knowing that Walt's misdeeds almost cost Hank his life back in Season 3?Brandt:That they in any way would be willing to jeopardize Hank's life and then lie to her about itthat's a lot to swallow. One of the first things that stuck out to me, even with my first time watching the show, was Maries obsession with the color purple. Life is good! One of the most notable examples of this can be seen when Walter and Jessie are working in Gus Frings lab. She reacts by returning to her kleptomaniac ways, visiting open houses and lifting various objects from unsuspecting homeowners. Walt Jr. (R.J. Mitte) has also had his image of his family totally shattered after learning of Walt's criminal activities at the same time that he's mourning the death of his Uncle Hank. They now spend their days doing absolutely nothing. And I'm going to back you up." Almost eight years after it aired its series finale in 2013, Breaking Bad remains one of the most popular and critically beloved television shows ever produced. A subreddit for fans and critics of the hit television series Breaking Bad on AMC. EW: Breaking Bad - 10 questions well never see resolved. Here are some examples of where red is seen in the show: Red is on the opposite side from green on the color wheel, showing how violence and destruction is the complete opposite of the growth and greed represented by green in the show. Schwarz is German for black. However, one Reddit user argues that Walt's family may actually be better off at the end of the show than they were at the start of it. To take advantage of all of CharacTours features, you need your own personal The show's many plot lines and themes all came together in its final season, when Walter White's meth empire reached unfathomable heights, only for both Walt's criminal and personal lives to crumble in the series' final stretch of episodes. I think from that, Marie deduces that Skyler is really [involved].Marie instantly tries to take baby Holly.Brandt:She genuinely loves both of those kids so much. Much to the delight of its dedicated viewers, the Breaking Bad series finale saw Bryan Cranston's Walt get revenge on the criminal colleagues who had previously betrayed him, and even make a few amends for his own past transgressions along the way. He spends his days making perfect boxes and so much more. By using our Services, you agree to our use of cookies. They just made it out of hank's recovery from the gunshot wound, he recently got promoted to ASAC, and Marie is stable.

The meaning and relationship of each of these colors goes to show the amount of depth that Vince Gilligan put into Breaking Bad. My friend and I just watched a couple of episodes from the fifth season cuz he hasn't seen them yet, and I noticed that skylar and walts relationship and hank and Marie's relationship completely switch places. It's really that amazing. And hidden in the corner of Maries purple room is her very own rock mineral collection. Walt's knowledge of chemistry allows him to cook astoundingly pure meth, leading to a rapidalbeit tumultuousrise in the criminal drug world. [WARNING: The following story contains spoilers from Sunday's episode of Breaking Bad. Todd is Walt's former lab assistant whose uncle's prison connections prove invaluable. 2022 TV GUIDE, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. The Perverse Queer Pleasures of the Costume Drama, Game of Thrones, Season 7 Episode 1 Review, TV Review: Shadow and Bone: No Mourners (S1, Ep. Skyler has taken to swimming in the morning to start off her day, and she spends the rest of it writing (and still drinking a little too much). Walter transforms into Heisenberg and the color black takes over all of the colors that were previously worn before. Additionally, Walt Jr. has taken to going by the name of Flynn full-time, and in general, seems far more independent and capable at the end of the series than he did in the pilot. Published She often meets up with her sister, Skyler, to trade suspicions and secrets. Throughout these scenes and throughout moments in the show where Walters boring life is reflected, he is almost always seen wearing beige while embracing and participating in the mediocracy that he is forced to live in. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

Lets just hope she doesnt unknowingly buy out of a billion-dollar company for $5,000 and spend the rest of her life regretting it. Skinny Pete, after getting clean, replaced drugs with food and now weighs more than 300 lbs but his friends still call him Skinny Pete. After a friend on the police force helps Marie avoid arrest when shes caught thieving, Hank becomes involved with the Gale Boetticher murder.

I always figured Walt's unforgivable act would be to kill (either directly or indirectly) Holly, but that Marie theory is a great thought. This is the point in which Todd is looked at as a good guy and his purity and loyalty to Walter is shown by the color he is wearing. Read an interview with Betsy Brandt for Season 5 Which brings up my other theory that walt's "unforgivable act" hinted at by Vince Gilligan is that Walt either kills Marie or screws up her pregnancy. Hank is often the aggressive DEA agent who tries to be funny and his relationship to the color orange is the perfect example. For some odd reason, she was always wearing the color purple, drove a purple car, and had purple decorations throughout her house. The sisters briefly fall out when Marie gives Skyler a stolen tiara for her unborn daughter. Learn on the go with our new app. In the show, beige is used to represent boredom, neutrality, and squareness. Walt and skylars "relationship" is totally fucked up. This would be a great motivator for hank to just go apeshit (and look exactly how he does in the 10 second teaser released of him!). With yellow representing the meth trade, and purple being its opposite, this color shows complete disassociation with what is going on inside the trade. However, I am still going to mention some of the coolest and most obvious ones where you can see how well this color represents the characters when these situations occur. Gus Fring is the owner of a fast food chicken restaurant and a major meth distributor. Saul Goodman is Walt and Jesse's attorney. She knows how hard [this is] for him because his job is very important to him. His mentor? Meanwhile, the user also argues that, despite the tragedy of his death, the White family won't have to suffer through any more of Hank's inappropriate jokes or conversations any more. Her work at a Radiology Center helps her find Walt a top oncologist when he is diagnosed with cancer. But Hank and Marie are being up-front with each other and they're definitely on the same team. He also gives Skyler the location of Hank's body in the desert, in the hopes that she can use it as a bartering chip to get out from under the DEA's thumb. His relationship with his wife is boring, his career is uninteresting, and he feels a large amount of mediocracy in his life. account. Do you think Marie went into that confrontation with Skyler expecting a different result?Brandt:She says, "Tell me Hank's crazy. Starting with the example of the product itself, blue is used to represent the color of the meth that is produced throughout the show. chatted with Brandt, who will next appear on The Michael J. What was it like shooting the scene where Marie slaps Skyler?Betsy Brandt:I loved that it was really a gut reaction. Even with this long explanation, there are many more ways in which the colors are related and many other things that add depth to the characters in breaking bad. 8), : -, WandaVision is the true defender of week by week TV Series watching (but thank you The Mandalorian), Music Jotter: A Composer Led Music Notation Software. Breaking Bad is the story of Walter White, a teacher by day, drug kingpin by night. After the initial Beige phase followed by the recurring green that appears with growth, a lot of yellow can be seen in the show. Schwartz is the last name of Eliot and Gretchen, Walter Whites former business partners. I think knowing about Gus Fring alone is scary. They're a constant for one another. Jesse Pinkman is a former student of Walt's and his meth-making partner. In Breaking Bad, yellow represents caution, pleasure, risk, and the business surrounding the sale and production of the meth. Skinny Pete is one of Jesse's stoner friends and a street dealer. Plus, the blue stuff was no longer on the market, so everything else kind of sucked in comparison. They play video games and order pizza every night. If chapter one of their stories involved Heisenberg, lots of desert, and even more drugs, what is chapter two (or three) all about? Brock, meanwhile, is big into soccer and a straight-A student who only ever gets in trouble at school for his over-use of the word bitch. His favorite breakfast meal is a Grand Slam. Love podcasts or audiobooks? But more important than the connection of purple to self-deception and protection, is its connection to the meth trade itself. Breaking Badpostmortem: What's Hank's next move? But, the initial cooking scenes are not the only ones in which Walter (or other characters) wear green to represent their greed or growth as a character. So, she's going to protect them because that's who she is, and it's wrong what Skyler and Walt are doing. "It's some low-life degenerate versus you," she reasons. 12:56 PM EDT, Tue October 1, 2013. He moved to Hollywood with Badger and currently works as a bartender at the Hard Rock Cafe. There are thousands of little things that, when looked into, prove how deep this show truly is. EW imagines the future of 'Breaking Bad' characters a decade from now, Brock is big into soccer and a straight-A student, They envision Skyler in remission after having battled lung cancer, [SPOILER ALERT: If you havent seen Breaking Bads series finale, stop reading now.]. Fox Showthis fall, about filming that heartbreaking scene and what's to come. User giganticpetespeculates on Reddit that Skyler will likely be able to sell a memoir of her experience of being married to Walt for quite a bit of money in the future, which stands in stark contrast to the little-read short stories she'd write and the tiny profits she was making selling on eBay at the start of the series. Previously, Brandt starred in the independent features Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life, Shelf Life and Memphis Boundand Gagged and Confidence, which Variety called a whip smart film that taps into a fresh source for American comedy. Walt tells her that Skylers behavior stems from guilt over an affair with her boss, Ted Beneke. All rights reserved. The big watershed moment was Marie finding out that Walt and Skyler were willing to do that. After getting clean, Badger took his crazy ideas to Hollywood, where producers thought he was insane, but he found a small comedy team that hired him as a writer. "It's like something's eating him away from inside," Marie confides to Skyler. So what comes next? Learn more about Reddits use of cookies. It just can't be true." As Walter White becomes Heisenberg, he begins to wear black which is the opposite from the person who existed before this phase. He is also a DEA agent. As they are in this risky environment, being watched by overbearing bosses and intimidating crew members, they are wearing yellow jumpsuits.

> Fast forward to the fifth season. Each of these last two episodes have had major confrontations. These color relationships continue and every color is somehow related to one another. Each of these examples goes to show how yellow represents these specific traits and how it is directly related to the greed of the meth business as well as the meth distribution process itself. Marie is equally blunt when insurance limitations reduce Hank's physical therapy options and thus his chances of walking again. So, I think she sees his side, but I think she also always pushes him. In Breaking Bad, Purple is primarily worn by Marie and it is used to symbolize protection, self-deception, and complete lack of involvement in the meth trade. CNN Sans & 2016 Cable News Network. Red is another commonly reappearing color in Breaking Bad and its meaning is that of murder, aggression, violence, and the life of a criminal. His car is beige, his outfit is beige, and his entire personality can be represented with beige. 2. By joining TV Guide, you agree to our Terms of Use and acknowledge the data practices in our Privacy Policy. From that moment in the garage, it just doesn't stop. She calls the series Breaking Bad. This example is extremely notable as Marie often wears purple throughout the entirety of the show (I will explain why later). That's a pretty cold take, though no matter how exasperating he may have been at times, the loss of Hank will no doubt continue to weigh on the entire family, in addition to causing a rift in Skyler and Marie's relationship that may never heal. Walter rents a van to bring all of the money out to the desert and the license plate on the van reads D4DD31, which is the HTML code for the color yellow. Born with cerebral palsy, Walter White, Jr. is Walter and Skyler's teenage son. She knows how dangerous he is. I think, to Marie, there's safety in numbers if Hank's not the only one trying to take [Walt] down. From character development to communication tools, the various colors in the show act as messengers, giving a deeper look into how the characters are feeling and how their relationships are developing. What Marie has learnedthat's life-changing information and it's heartbreaking. Instead, Hank admits his guilt, accepts a suspension and surrenders his sidearm. Read at your own risk.]. Finally, the coolest example of yellow being used to represent risk or caution is when Walter is in the desert burying all of his money. Whatever happens, it will change their relationship forever.