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Quite the contract, actually. That can be achieved through survey rewards, new technology, creative surveys and more value overall. How information is gathered and analyzed changes on a regular basis, from basic person-to-person interviews to online studies, group panels and survey rewards. On the surface, it may seem like Kantars sale is nothing more than collateral damage stemming from WPPs former CEO and founder, Martin Sorrell, stepping down in April. Companies want more immersive, detailed data plus, they want it faster. Well see you next time. Automation You can be the best analyst in the world and find every insight possible, but insight without action is like strategy without tactics. Consumers want to be entertained and engaged. And if you look at Google Trends, worldwide interest in market research has declined by nearly 80% since 2004. Brands are increasingly talking to consumers on their own, and that home-grown research has undermined some of what dedicated market researchers can offer. More questions. Researchers have the ability to grow and evolve their businesses to address consumer and client needs while delivering the most actionable data possible on human behavior. Expectations Market research is one areas of our industry thats suffered greatly from the rise of digital marketing. Manually scanning through the data is cumbersome and tough. Web data extraction is an essential component of online research.

Automation of web data extraction can help save time and effort for the researchers. More statistical confidence. How data is collected is naturally a key part of market research, and now, new methods have a chance to drastically alter the industry or render market researchers obsolete. Why spend $100k when you can get 80% of the value for less than $20k? Engagement meeting workplace meetings role remote office digital many

For example, companies themselves can generate the five Ws of information the who, what, where, when and why thanks to the Internet and smartphones. The problems facing market researchers are far from an indefinite moratorium on the industry. Copyright 2022 Entrepreneur Media, Inc. All rights reserved. Todays market research firms are very different than in years past, and if they want to remain at the forefront of their industry, then theyll have to continue to evolve and adapt. Good luck with that. Case in point, Greenbooks 2018 Q1-Q2 Research Industry Trends Report picked Kantar as the research industrys most innovative supplier. While some research questions require more rigor, this scenario underscores the three major issues that market research companies will need to fix if they dont want to be disrupted by new players in the space like Brandish Insights. And when you add it all up, its not uncommon to pay $1,000 per slide for a deep-dive study that can end up being a hundred pages or more. Overwhelming amount of data makes it difficult to separate out from noise. DrinkPrime Raises INR 60 Crore in Series A Round, Seeking Cheaper Housing, Americans Are Moving to Europe, Journal Your Way to Success With These 9 Essential Elements. The American Marketing Associations Zach Brooke said it best in his article entitled, The Market Research Industry Is Being Squeezed by Consultancies. He said, The concentration on tactical execution to the exclusion of strategic advice often relegates research companies to also-ran status if and when CMOs decide to seek help for answering the big-picture questions about their brands.. Market researchers perform both primary and secondary research to obtain the data and process it into relevant information. The nature of the business emphasizes anonymity and privacy, which, by definition, is impersonal. On the other hand, brands are now dealing with consumers on a personal level. WPP CEO Mark Read said that the company would look for ways to retain strategic links to Kantar in order to ensure benefits to clients are realized.". 3. Also, manual errors during extraction can be eliminated largely by automation. And thats how you can help fix marketing. More respondents. The Market Research Industry Is Being Squeezed by Consultancies. Online Research is an integral part of secondary research. To summarize, most of the top challenges faced by market researchers can be addressed and resolved successfully by automation of online web data extraction activities. Today, we have dozens of cost-effective options that make classic market research seem like overkill. Market researchers should be rushing to embrace automation in their processes, not starting a smear campaign against the robots in order to justify their prices. More than 500 websites are being added to the internet space every day.

They simply just dont need the $100k novel. Despite making up 15% of WPPs sales, industry analysts view Kantar as underperforming. But if you look more closely, you might conclude that WPP might have just signaled the beginning of the end for traditional market research companies. It's becoming an increasing challenge for a market researcher to demonstrate unique value and novel contribution in Market Research approaches. More pages in the final powerpoint presentation. Market researchers have historically had a difficult time engaging with consumers. Given the choice, most market research companies will err on the side of more is better. Jon Puleston wrote on the Lightspeed blog, Researchers must counter the organizational belief that big data can provide all the insights businesses need to be successful.. If youre in the need of market research, make sure your partner delivers the right amount of value, utilizes technology to keep costs down, and provides actionable insights that lead to a measurable return on your investment. Automation is increasingly doing the math heavy lifting that has historically been reserved for highly trained research quants. With the advent of BIG DATA and analytics, cutting edge techniques should be adopted by the market research companies to stay ahead of the competition. With the right know-how and a credit card, you can get the same results as with firms like Kantar, but without the price tag. First, make no mistake that the fall of market research is absolutely a question of value. Todays marketers, especially ones who work at startups and fast-moving brands, are much more focused on the two or three things they needs to know to drive performance in the current or next fiscal periods. Market researchers can focus more on providing strategic insights from the data extracted, which would help their clients take business decisions in a better way. Sadly, Kantar may just be one of the best brands in a dying category. This has direct impact on increasing the productivity of researchers and thereby increasing the overall output. And the industry isnt necessarily rising to the challenge. Consumers and the companies that need market research want more. Clients expect actionable insights from market research companies, which can help them take quick informed business decisions. With ever increasing competition, the clients need the latest up-to-date insightful information delivered super-fast. The thicker the binder, the more impressive the results. The clients often have constraints in terms of the timelines, budget and scope of work involved. The 3 main problems facing todays market researchers, Five Opportunities to Reduce Fraud in your Market Research. The insights industry will have to reinvent itself. It is a very important component of business strategy & decision making. Furthermore, the exciting and interesting brand engagement has highlighted the boring side of surveys. This would help the clients get an edge over their competition and grow rapidly in the market. Market research is any organized activity conducted to gather information about specific target markets or customers. The standard market research methodologies followed by most of market research companies don't help them stand apart from the crowd. Do-it-yourself survey providers like Google Surveys, Pollfish, and Survata are democratizing access to consumer panels. The data being collated manually has a risk of being of poor quality. One of the best ways to do that is to look at the problems currently facing market researchers. The expectations of clients are increasing due to the complex business dynamics. WPP is selling off Kantar. The insights industry today could see other research methods take over that answer to these demands. Competition has never been greater, but this doesnt mean that the insights industry will be left behind. The global advertising juggernaut is looking to offload its market research division after missing earnings expectations in a disappointing Q3. If theyre the best at what they do and WPP has to sell them off because its the worst performing division in the business, whats that say about the rest of the industry? Honestly? Clients can also expect better insightful market research analysis, due to the bandwidth of market researcher freed from conducting repetitive mundane web extraction activities. missing earnings expectations in a disappointing Q3, Greenbooks 2018 Q1-Q2 Research Industry Trends Report, Jon Puleston wrote on the Lightspeed blog. Machine learning and AI are here to stay. For starters, the first problem is automation. 1. Insightful strategic reports delivered within stipulated timelines is becoming an increasing challenge for market research companies globally. Surveys remain an effective way to gather information. Top challenges facing market researchers currently are -. Automation of web data extraction is becoming increasingly an inevitable necessity of the near future. When the collated data is of poor quality, the insights into the mined data stands a high risk of being of bad quality as well. That is, of course, unless market researchers adapt their own methods to be more in line with these expectations. And that brings us to this weeks topic. Many existing techniques to juggle around add to the challenge of getting the right data. Market research companies can easily differentiate themselves from the competition by providing faster, accurate and more insightful information to their clients, thereby gaining a major competitive edge in the market research space. Financially, its the investment without the return. With volume of data collated increasing manual errors due to human fatigue can seep in. And finally, and perhaps most importantly, market researchers will need to increase the actionability of their work if theyre to help their clients realize the financial benefits that come with the research insights. The insights industry is evolving. They use social media, websites, sales representatives and other methods to talk to their shoppers and learn information traditionally delivered by market researchers. Second, technology is disrupting market research in two very profound ways. Also, the need of the hour is to avoid commodification of the market research projects (which includes reports, surveys etc.). 2. Staying relevant with changing technology times is of prime concern now. So what can you do? Entrepreneur and its related marks are registered trademarks of Entrepreneur Media Inc. 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