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Here in the UK, we had great fun showing and having won 3 best of breed at Crufts. Studio picture against a dark background. Because they are so social, the Whippet dog breed may struggle with separation anxiety and may not take to crate training. Whippet dogs are smart and crave mental stimulation. He first came to North America in the early 20th Century to be used in dog racing and hunting. Being sighthounds, they will both run after smaller animals without much, if any, warning, even if they have never been used for hunting or entered a racecourse before. Thanks Because they are both skinny with thin skin, they are prone to frostbite and hypothermia, so for this reason, in the winter you must invest in a doggy coat to avoid this. They both have very thin skin, so whilst brushing them be sure to watch out for skin infections and treat them appropriately.

In this article, we compare the two breeds so you can have a better understanding of them to make your big decision! To make things even more unclear, the first recorded word whippet as a dog descriptor was about a greyhound-spaniel mix unrelated to the modern-day whippet. diagnose or treat a health problem or disease; it is not intended to offer any legal opinion or advice or a substitute Both the Italian Greyhound and the Whippet are very similar in their temperament, in that they are gentle dogs with a calm demeanor. Theyre not as eager to learn as a Border Collie, but they have an instinct for hunting, so they have a natural intelligence when it comes to playing tracking games and giving chase. The Italian Greyhound is easier to distinguish, purely based on dog size (its much smaller than the other two). Their temperament also differs. The Italian Greyhound National Breed Club suggest that he undergoes an Ophthalmologist Evaluation similar to the Whippet, as well as the following issues: Hip Dysplasia this is an abnormal formation of the hip joint which can cause painful arthritis. Thanks for supporting Whippet Central! Whippigs can be quite stubborn and independent. Girl Dog Names: The Top 500 Female Dog Names of 2021, Boy Dog Names: Top 500 Male Dog Names of 2022, The Best Cat Names: 300+ Unique, Cute & Funny Cat Names. To learn more about the whippigs, you should have a brief overview of their parents history. Whippigs are also very predacious since their parents are both sighthounds. Whippigs parents are naturally friendly, loving, and gentle dogs.

Both the Italian Greyhound and the Whippet are direct descendants of the Greyhound, however, they have differing histories. The Italian Greyhound is believed to have originated from the Mediterranean lands around 2,000 years ago. Their hindquarters are naturally powerful for maximum running speed and to quickly take off. To make things even more unclear, the first recorded word whippet as a dog descriptor was about a greyhound-spaniel mix unrelated to the modern-day whippet. I found this page to be extremely informative. The Italian greyhounds history is fascinating and its name misleading. Some experts believe todays whippet is likely from miniature greyhounds bred in England to catch rats and hunt rabbits. Talk to an Italian greyhound owner and it will quickly become clear that, once these little dogs burrow their way into your heart, theres no going back. Italian Greyhound puppy looking past the camera with ears flapping against a blurred background. It is also important that the positive reinforcement method is utilized in their training, otherwise, their nervousness will extend to their immediate family and their master. This wilful streak requires patience when it comes to training, but, for its advocates, its also one of the breeds most charming and amusing qualities. The zoomies often last up to five minutes and these sessions include running around the house super-fast in circles, leaping up onto sofas, and digging into the floor. Whippets come in two varieties of coat types: smooth coat and long coat. However, they cant indulge in exercises and activities for long hours. Whippigs have high prey drives like whippets and IGs; they can chase prey whenever they get the opportunity.if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[250,250],'whippetcentral_com-leader-3','ezslot_8',109,'0','0'])};if(typeof __ez_fad_position!='undefined'){__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-whippetcentral_com-leader-3-0')}; Since they share an identical descendant, whippets and Italian greyhounds can suffer similar health problems, which may also affect their mixes. They were created by crossing terriers and greyhounds and later mixed with Italian greyhounds for a sleeker and stylish look. Your whippigs diet and food amount may vary with age, health, and the level of activities it does. We appreciate the added experience, as well our readers!

The first time I set eyes on an Italian greyhound was when I opened my history textbook in school and there was a painting of Catherine the Great with one at her feet, explains Christine Chau, co-founder of luxury dog-bed company Charley Chau. Find out more about Italian Greyhounds at the Italian Greyhound Rescue Charity come in two varieties of coat types: smooth coat and long coat. full breed standard of the Italian Greyhound, Best Harnesses For Greyhounds: Ratings, Reviews & Top Picks, Brindle Dog Breeds: 25 Striped Pups With Beautiful Coats. It will love to accompany you to those morning walks, short runs, hikes, and play exciting dog games. Shooting Times's David Tomlinson weighs up the pros and, Whether you own labradors, springers, cockers or a mix of all three, debate over which gundog is best has raged, A fabulous home set within the historic walls of a Grade I listed Tudor mansion in Gloucestershire, A sprawling country residence near Windsor that offers an exciting renovation opportunity, An elegant Victorian Villa in the Torquay Riviera, with stunning sea views and sweeping grounds, Country Life's Top 100 architects, builders, designers and gardeners, co-founder of luxury dog-bed company Charley Chau, The Irish Wolfhound: Why the archetypal gentle giant was a favourite of the aristocracy, John F. Kennedy and now, Trudie Styler, Cocker spaniel versus springer spaniel: What owners need to know, Which breed makes the best gundog? They make a great companion for small children as they are particularly gentle creatures. The Italian Greyhound will eat between and 1 cup of food every day, whereas the Whippet will eat slightly more at 1 to 1 cups of food a day. Sounds like you have 2 amazing pups! The coat is longer on the neck, ears, and rear of forelimbs and hindlimbs. Hence, they may not be the right choice for homes with small pets like rabbits and guinea fowls.if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[250,250],'whippetcentral_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_4',105,'0','0'])};if(typeof __ez_fad_position!='undefined'){__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-whippetcentral_com-large-leaderboard-2-0')}; As a relatively new breed, less is known about the whippigs. Unlike the whippet, theres more evidence to trace ancestry for the Italian greyhound. Hi Adele!'block';'px';'100%';'px';container.appendChild(ins);(adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({});window.ezoSTPixelAdd(slotId,'stat_source_id',44);window.ezoSTPixelAdd(slotId,'adsensetype',1);var lo=new MutationObserver(window.ezaslEvent);lo.observe(document.getElementById(slotId+'-asloaded'),{attributes:true}); On the other hand, whippets origin can be traced back to England during the 1800s. Both dogs love to run, so you should make sure you are providing your dog with enough space to have proper energy outlets throughout the day. Due to their thin skins, whippigs are also vulnerable to hypothermia and frostbites, especially during harsh seasons like winters. By: Ashley DavidsonUpdated: June 30, 2022, 400 Girl Dog Names for Your Pretty New Pup. However, there are some differences that set them apart from one another. At a glance, these look a lot alike. So, where do they come from?

The price of the Italian Greyhound, being the smaller of the two, starts from $500, whereas the cost of the Whippet starts from around $800, both from a reputable breeder. Whippets are easy-going, adaptable, and gentle. whippings originate from racing and hunting dogs. While sighthounds are generally independent thinkers, whippigs are always willful, outgoing, and obedient. Cardiac Evaluation heart disease is the leading cause of death for whippets in older age. Thank you for the comment Sara! They are very laid back (borderline lazy) and they only require short sessions of intense exercise. Italian greyhounds were tamed for two main tasks; hunting and providing company to people, which is more sensible considering their predacious yet sweet nature.var asau='3475898046';var cid='2854633511';var pid='ca-pub-7896920432596358';var slotId='div-gpt-ad-whippetcentral_com-leader-1-0';var ffid=1;var alS=1037%1000;var container=document.getElementById(slotId);'100%';var ins=document.createElement('ins');'-asloaded';ins.className='adsbygoogle ezasloaded';ins.dataset.adClient=pid;if(typeof window.adsenseNoUnit=='undefined'){ins.dataset.adSlot=asau;} Italian greyhounds (IGs) are said to have come from Turkey and Greece. A trustee of the Italian Greyhound Rescue Charity, Mrs Amsel emphasises that these are very much small hounds and shouldnt be bought as a toy dog: Theyre extremely agile and need a lot of free running. We are midlands / Staffordshire Unlike the whippet, theres more evidence to trace ancestry for the. Find inspiration in this list of 400 cute, unique and creative cat names. When it comes to cats, however, its a mixed bag. They are very affectionate with their immediate family; however, they are known to be slightly timid with strangers.

Therefore, you should watch out for wounds and pests during grooming and take the best possible measures.if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],'whippetcentral_com-mobile-leaderboard-1','ezslot_10',127,'0','0'])};if(typeof __ez_fad_position!='undefined'){__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-whippetcentral_com-mobile-leaderboard-1-0')}; They also need routine dental care as their arrow jaws make them susceptible to dental issues. By: Ashley DavidsonUpdated: July 13, 2022. Both these dogs have lengthy and fascinating histories and have been in existence for thousands of years. The coat types also differ. Below is a detailed guide on how to care for your whippet italian greyhound mix: Due to their short, smooth coats, whippigs are generally easy and fats to groom. Mythical and magnificent, yet gentle and intensely loyal, the Irish wolfhound can only be described in superlatives, finds Flora Watkins. They both have large round dark-colored eyes, a narrow muzzle, and small rose-shaped ears.

If you have to be away for several hours, check them into doggy daycare or arrange for a neighbor to stop by and play with them. Italian Greyhound staring straight at the camera with its left paw up. , we discussed how Scottish deerhounds and Irish wolfhounds look similar.

When you love and take care of your pup correctly, it will be your best friend in every way. This means we may earn income from purchases made through our links; at no extra cost to you. Ophthalmologist Evaluation he should be screened for several eye conditions, such as Progressive Retinal Atrophy. For further information regarding reputable breeders, the Italian Greyhound Club of America lists reputable breeders across America, as does the American Whippet Club. Luxating Patella put simply, this is a dislocated kneecap that will cause pain and discomfort.

Fleas or Ticks: What Causes More Damage to a New Pet. Their cheeks are smoothly muscled and are never chiseled or coarse. Despite their racing and hunting background, many people are surprised to learn that they are not high-energy dogs. Since both of these pups have faster metabolisms, you can free-feed them but youll still want to keep an eye on their food habits. If, however, this strikes fear into your heart, do not apply. Some historians believe their ancestry can be traced back to ancient pharaohs, while others believe their heritage is Greek. Because of this, they usually dont take well to other dogs. If the answer is no, proceed to the next step. Undercoats may or may not be present. So, where do they come from?

IGs are most likely to suffer from allergies, cataracts, hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, and hypothyroidism. Whippets love being with people and arent shy when greeting visitors at your door or while out on a walk. Jane. As you train them, remember Whippets are soft-natured and have a sensitive side, and these qualities mean they need to be trained with gentleness. Therefore, you should ensure to remove food bowls after every meal.

They both have deer-like limbs, narrow faces, arching backs, swan-shaped necks, big round eyes, little rose-shaped ears, broad chests, with dark eyes, nose, and rims. The Whippet National Breed Club advises dog owners to have their whippets undergo the following test; BAER test, cardiac evaluation, ophthalmologist evaluation, and thyroid examination to ensure your pup is healthy. Despite the Italian Greyhound being disposed to slightly more health issues, he will generally live slightly longer than the Whippet.

Being the larger version, the Whippet needs slightly more exercise and food than the Italian Greyhound, and he is a lot faster should you accidentally let him off-leash! Their mixes are also quite interesting; theyre playful, energetic, and still unbelievably loving, cuddly, and sensitive. Your whippig will require about 40-60 minutes of daily exercise. The information provided will be included in your download confirmation, Search for stock images, vectors and videos, Italian Greyhound, puppy, 8 weeks, blue / Piccolo Levriero Italiano, carpet, Italian Greyhound puppy lying down in dry, brown, grass and looking to the right of the camera, puppy italian greyhound in front of white background, Italian Greyhound puppy, 4 months old, sitting against white background, Italian greyhound puppy snuggled up in a blanket, Boston terrier, Italian Greyhound puppy, in front of white background, Italian greyhound puppy Amber with a crazy toothy grin smiling, Boston terrier, Rhodesian ridgeback, Italian Greyhound puppy, in front of white background, Piccolo Italian greyhound puppy on an orange pillow, Amber the Italian greyhound puppy smiling in her sleep, Italian Greyhound, puppy, 8 weeks, seal / Piccolo Levriero Italiano, Italian Greyhound puppy standing against white background, Puppy Italian greyhound comfy sitting on the sofa, Amber the Italian greyhound puppy sat in the garden with pink dicentra bleeding heart flowers hanging on stems. Upon closer inspection, though, the whippet is nearly double the weight of an Italian greyhound. They are also sometimes bred together, resulting in a popular Whippet mix. Italian greyhounds have short, fine, soft, silky, and satin-like coats. I'm sorry to hear you are having difficulties with your pup. ins.dataset.adChannel=cid;if(ffid==2){ins.dataset.fullWidthResponsive='true';} Once a fashionable favourite with British nobility, the breed has counted Queen Victoria, Charles I, Anne Boleyn and Mary, Queen of Scots among its fans.