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Well I know there is always some bit of a wait on shot days, as I have taken all my dogs here for years. I feel so bad for mimzy because she is in unnecessary pain and yet the vet office made some money. I don't know if there's any other place that will take my baby girl in but I would rather have her die at home rather than take this place and drop her off like a some sort of baggage. I gave them a fecal sample to send to a lab. Unfortunately, the test was positive and I had to put my cat down. I needed vaccines for both of my dogs for our trip to Canada, which was very reasonable. That they couldn't do the surgery. My husband called in advance asking if they would take me in. I took her to aarowview vet a few months back to have her checked to see if she was spayed. I paid $5 for my dogs rabies shot on a Sunday, which would've costed three times as much had I gone to my local vet. I made my appointment at 4:45pm however I was really early. I dropped my puppy off at 9am to get his surgery. My cat has had a cloudy eye since before we adopted her. This doctor was really nice and seemed knowledgeable and trustworthy. If you love your pet DO NOT bring them here if they are really sick. I was so relieved that he would be just fine and I could pay anything I didn't have at the moment, in payments. Not to mention very reasonable prices. I recommend this place to everyone. My little guy is only 5 lbs and gets nervous anytime we go, but they are so good about petting him and getting him to warm up before anything is done. This is the best place to bring your animals. The staff there are always friendly.

That is ridiculous! The cost for everything, bloodwork,office visit,medication,and nail clipping $110.00. I have a sick 7 month old kitten and I can't wait with her in that room with all those barking dogs.And I had prior arrangement that had to attend at 5. She and my husband cried together. Very understanding to the needs of our fur baby. All the staff was very friendly and living towards the animals. You're literally killing an animal. I have anxiety and depression and I adopted my handsome cat in hopes of a stress pet and life long companion that I would love me unconditionally. Finally, at 3:50 I check to see how much longer of a wait my cat is looking at. Even a new hire took up the same traits as the receptionist that trained her. We will see.

Just Quit Already & Find another job you would like. The veterinarian at Loma Linda Animal Hospital looked at our dog, told us with great confidence what needed to be done and worked with us when it came time for the bill. I will never go back there again. All pets are treated like family. I felt we received great car and instruction to help get out dog Maxie better!!! My Louise girl deserves to be in the land she lived in. The Dr is very nice and informative. Almost an hour just to get called after checking in. She's a sweet girl and it was time. The reason I'm giving three stars is because whoever shaved my cat for surgery cut one of her nipples. I am grateful for the Vetrenarians and staff who have always given 100% to the care of our baby (dog). I have never been in such an unorganized pet clinic SMH !! The staff was really busy as the whole office was packed with patients. why should I pay again because someone didnt do their job right and forgot to put into the computer that I paid. One of the places we took her was Arrowview Animal Cli Two weeks ago my dog had fallen ill. After taking her to the vet ER it turned out she had a hernia and infection in her uterus requiring surgery. The only reason I keep going back is because of the low cost. When I got to the vet office it was packed and there was standing room only. I don't have a regular vet as my indoor cats had never had serious health problems and I had called the emergency vet and the minimum cost would have been outrageous. We love her!!!! The nurse DOLORES was so Rude & Lazy on Sunday. On the flip side I had an APPOINTMENT today. I loved the care they gave my dog.His leg was broken and they gave me options. Very sweet staff and doctors. Now they say to wait till 6 months. . There prices are very reasonable.I had gone to another vet a few days before and my only option was surgery and it was very expensive I didn't know what to do. The doctors do what's best for the animal not there pocket book. I was so pissed at the same time that how many beloved pets are put down because of this places misdiagnosis and just telling people to give up if they can't pay. I end of paying a total of $80 for my cat and $65 for my Puppy German Shepherd. The way she Treats her Employees Unprofessional & Rude with them. I've been bringing my dog here for almost 2 years and I wouldn't feel comfortable going anywhere else. I will recommend this place to anyone, you can tell that staff cares about the animals. When I checked in prior to my 3 pm appointment time I was told to wait with the barking dogs. When it was my pups turn they didn't even examine her nor weigh her they just gave her the Be specific about your experience and the services that were provided. Staff is nice and friendly. Professional staff, very equipped, they will take care your little one. I ended up taking him to my cousins specialty animal hospital for a second opinion. A friend told me about this place. I love this vet! We would have liked him to treat our fur baby but we did not like or trust the cleanliness of the facility. She helped one baby cross over 4 months ago and freed him of his cancer and his suffering. My first and the last visit with them. I dropped my puppy off at 9am to get his surgery. It is small, and I will look after it to prevent any infection but they should really be more careful. It isn't a terrible place to take our pet, but I don't recommend for your fur baby. What's worse is that they didn't even acknowledge me for 30 minutes before that. Im so thankful for the staff at arrowhead. I always pay cash, money isnt the issue. But they lied and called me the next morning and told me that she wouldn't be ready till the afternoon because they really hadn't started on the surgery yet so they lied. The waiting room is kind of small and you must be careful not to accidentally step on dog limbs! The staff was very friendly and accommodating. How do I owe money for shots if you have to pay first before they give your dog the shots? I highly recommend this place. I love all the photos or pets on the wall! I love this place and the vet, I took my dog there after he was seen at another vet 's office the other vet want to charge me 750.00 for blood work office visit and med. I do not recommend this place to anyone. Thankful for this place. This place is horrible! the issue is they are lying, trying to scam me, and are providing POOR customer service. I would not recommend this vet. I would totally recommend them. She is a wonderful vet. Place is clean. She's a sweet girl and it was time. He was put in a probiotic and an antibiotic. Love this place. If you like too wait two hours outside in the hot (because they have a small waiting room with 7 seats), poor customer service, and rude staff then come here but I suggest you take your pet else where. This place has great doctors and the best prices around the only reason I gave it three stars instead of four are because of customer service. To communicate or ask something with the place, the Phone number is +1 (909) 883-0310. It doesn't smell fantastic but what do you really expect. 2022 uslocalsearch.info All Rights reserved. I asked her of it was going to take over an hour and she said "probably". So we did basic test and my cat didn't have any disease @all. They have affordable prices for the shots and treatments.It is always very busy because people with bring their pets from everywhere due to their prices. Then yesterday Wed July 19th I took my cat Blue. My baby seemed to enjoy his stay. They had me wait for two hours just to tell me that I owe them money from 9 months ago? I have a cat that I neutered here and took to get shoots, he turned out fine, but in the spot where he got a shoot- there was a scabi do not know if that is normal. The main pisser was I heard a lady walk in for an 1130 appt @ 1140 began to complain about how " how long is this going to take? I make my way there, receptionist tells me I can drop her off and I won't be allowed inside because it's invasive. The doctor came in examined my puppy. I have come here a couple of times, like three and my experiences have not been bad or good. My husband talked to the recepti Brought my rat here to euthanize. The male Dr asked me a lot of questions and knew alot of info about cat's in general. I had made a 3pm appointment and was there on-time.

I don't care how cheap their services are, if they really loved animals i think they would listen to the pet owners a little better and truly think what is best for the pet. Vaccinate your dogs!!! My cat did not want me touching him there until it healed which is strange because he is usually real good about it. Even took great care of him for the weekend in there kennel. It was the first time I had been there. Very very affordable. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. He said my cat might have Aids or leukemia. The wait time is crazy, and the waiting room should only be for owners and pets, way too small of a waitin We took our dog Buster here and am now taking our new dog Otis here as well. Over the years we've been going there she has helped care for all our dogs. I wasted my personnel time, my vacation time (which literally cost me money) and my kitten has to go one more day without treatment. All people care about these days is to be polite. i have been there MANY MANY times. However the receptionist was never rude or so busy that she couldn't answer my questions. We are proud to be considered San Bernardino's best animal hospital, and have been providing exceptional veterinary care to local dogs, cats, and other small animals for more than 50 years. The discount shot clinic was excellent as i am on low income and yet can afford quality care for my service animal. Thx God for that. It doesn't smell fantastic but what do you really expect. I was assured when this appt was made that the all the people there for shots would not hinder my 1130 appt. They take walk ins but you may have to wait all day to see a doctor. She helped one baby cross over 4 months ago and freed him of his cancer and his suffering. I loved the care they gave my dog.His leg was broken and they gave me options. I don't believe in Cremation of humans nor animals. One thing is it is hard to get a hold of them sometimes. Wonderful wonderful vet!!!!! Good costumer service Prompt attention to animals. No place to sit down in the waiting area. The vet said, she was not able to tell and that if i came back with her and had have the surgery and if she was in fact fixed they would not charge full price, just the anathesia. I love this place, was so happy to see Dr. Majors back. Yet I came 6 months ago and then again 3 months ago and they didnt say anything then? While I was waiting they had trouble finding a cat owners pet carrying bag and they gave her the wrong one. We have even adopted 2 dogs from the clinic and we couldn't be happier. The only reason I keep going back is because of the low cost. uslocalsearch.info is not responsible for content on external web sites. There is no need for so much clutter in a small room. I went here as a walk-in so I was waiting for over 4 hours which is understanding because they have to take the appointments first. I was grateful that they were open on New Year's Eve when we had to put our oldest cat to sleep. They are always busy, but they never rush when it comes to your pet. Been coming here for years and they always take care of our pets. I also got one of them microchipped for under $40!!! 2 x-rays, urine specimen, $177 dollars and 3 hours later. That was the last straw for me. Very cheap clinic, which means it can get busy. On the flip side I had an APPOINTMENT today. Prior to that I took him to Advance Care Hospital located in San Bernardino approximately 2miles from my house. I'm glad we didn't have our dog's surgery here and I implore any of you who care about your pet's life to seriously consider going elsewhere. This is so upsetting Why didn't the doctor from a year ago treat this sooner?It was a small building which smelled inside. Good news its about 15 days and he i Well my dog got parvo took him for treatments and treated at home staff informed me on hydration and the in and outs of the virus so I could continue care at home. Although he passed away this morning I know he left fighting. You can review this Business and help others by leaving a comment. Great service and friendly staff. Long wait but worth it. One of the places we took her was Arrowview Animal Clinic, where the receptionist was a bit rude, but I brushed it off as my pet's health was more important. Since I was so early the office was not full only 2 others were there.

The vet told me to wait at 4 months to take him so I did. Once the doctor charged us 25 dollars just to look at our dog and tell us what we already knew, she told us she'd do the surgery but that our dog "probably wouldn't make it," giving us a thin percentage of her survival, as if she'd already given up on saving our dog. I took my dog to his now old vet and they wanted to charge me $1400 to pull his teeth, my nail tech recommended this place and I was quoted $380 and they included medication, and up to 4 extractions.

I love this vet! This hospital is small understaffed and I would say it is wrong to take your pet to. Wonderful vets and it a bit of a wait on thursdays for shots b cuz its cheaper those days but if you go on a different day you should be fine. Everyone is extremely nice and the dogs that arnt on leashes are in the arms of the owner and barking isnt bad its real minimal if the receptionists seems a bit rude its probably b cuz you were rude. Long behold there was no mass felt or seen whatsoever and his pancreas was mildly irritated that medicine and a bland diet could treat. The prices here are amazing compared to the area which I live in. I have two cats and they are always my go to place whenever I have any pet concerns. Thank you Dr Majors , Maggie May is feeling much better. They were friendly, caring and reassuring, unlike the people at Arrowview Animal Clinic, who legitimately don't seem to care all that much about animals. I'm not going to wait for ever" was taken in before me. Arrowview animal hospital had me crying thinking I might lose my baby. So after finding that out she scrambled to get our papers ready and informed the vets and nurses of what was going on. I was assured when this appt was made that the Well I know there is always some bit of a wait on shot days, as I have taken all my dogs here for years. Arrowview Animal Hospital Inc is a well-respected veterinary clinic, serving pets and their owners in San Bernardino, California, and the nearby areas.

Staff is nice and friendly. I've been there several times and I only have positive th Best care for your pet!!!! Staff was polite and compassionate to me and our family. Arrowview Animal Clinic is located in 766 E Highland Ave, San Bernardino, CA, 92404. I have also noticed that there are always people that work there with attitudesI am unable to say whybut they do need to lighten up.

But I brought by dog here because she had a bump on her head and it was getting bigger and they told me that she had to have it removed so they can see if it was cancer. This place is near my house. They make you feel reassured that your babies are in the best of care.

We have even adopted 2 dogs from the clinic and we Dr. Sarah Major is the best vet I've ever had to take care of my pets. We were able to stay in the room and say our goodbyes. Over the years we've been going there she has helped care for all our dogs. We have found our new pet healthcare clinic! Also, the waiting area was so small that my cat was right next to big dogs and small barking dogs, which stressed her out.We had an appointment but it still took over an hour to get less than 10 minutes with the doctor. So the other secertary rearranged the order of the calling list so that my cat was next. You can get more information from their website: http://www.arrowviewvet.com/. I highly recommend them, affordable cost with warm and compassion care. shot in the waiting area!!! If you want to share your thoughts about Arrowview Animal Clinic, use the form below and your opinion, advice or comment will appear in this space. Just Quit Already & Find another job you would like. When zi returned I walked up to the desk to hear the Secretary who forgot to put in my paper work say "but it isn't their fault!?".

They are kind of mediocre. They are kind of mediocre. This is a GREAT vet.. she is VERY honest. The Dr is very nice and informative. How else do you determine if a female animal has been fixed or not? She and my husband cried together. They don't have any way to help you pay the cost in payments and just tell you to give up if you don't pay upfront. Have taken every dog that i have ever had there. The other receptionist is very kind and know"s what she's doing. There have been times I have waited over two hours with an appointment, because of this I started going to a different vet that is a little bit more expensive but no wait. I'm a happy Great service and friendly staff. They put us in a room and a really nice assistant took our information. But the only complaint I have is about the waiting area. I had made a 3pm appointment and was there on-time. I will never take my dog anywhere else. 702 E Highland Ave, San Bernardino, CA, 92404, 1108 E Highland Ave, San Bernardino, CA, 92404, 1001 E Highland Ave, San Bernardino, CA, 92404, 288 E Highland Ave, San Bernardino, CA, 92404, 284 E Highland Ave, San Bernardino, CA, 92404, 287 E Highland Ave San Bernardino, CA 92404, 287 E Highland Ave San Bernardino, CA 92404, 235 E Highland Ave, San Bernardino, CA, 92404, 1355 E Highland Ave, San Bernardino, CA, 92404, 791 E Lynwood Dr, San Bernardino, CA, 92404, 173 E Highland Ave, San Bernardino, CA, 92404, 1365 E Highland Ave, San Bernardino, CA, 92404, 1525 N Waterman Ave, San Bernardino, CA, 92404, San Bernardino Ignition Replacement Locksmith, Mark B Shaw & Aaron Cremation & Burial Services, BMC - Building Materials & Construction Solutions, Avenue Plus Size Women's Clothing and Fashion. So when I finally was acknowledged 1 of the recipient just took my final payment and didn't even let anyone know that I was waiting to pick my dog up. My dog was attacked by another dog and had a puncture in his throat. bernardino chemdry