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Larger offerings included vehicles that transformed into battle stations or "attack modes" for the Action Masters to pilot. Learn more. From shop AuntyEntitysVintage, ad by TheRingmastersRealm Despite having set the stage for everything that would follow, and in sharp contrast to the nostalgia-sodden market of today, "Generation 1" actually took some time to get back into being a sizable portion of the "modern" toyline following the original's end. Try using a different browser or disabling ad blockers. From shop 2bitTshirts, ad by MADVintology (15% off), ad by AuntyEntitysVintage Even toys in old subgroups gained new gimmicks: the new Mini-Cassettes were combiners, the Seacon combiner team's limb-bots each had a cannon mode the super-robot could use as a handgun, and the Targetmasters each had two Nebulans who could also combine into a super-gun. From shop ForAllToEnvyLA, $500.00 Many of these toys have outright notorious damage issues, and loose undamaged toys are a bit hard to come by. (15% off), ad by maxvintageshop Thus the original series was mostly relegated to scattered homages for the better part of a decade. The big noise this year was the Pretenders, Transformers that wear outer shells in the guise of armored warriors, monsters, and more, effectively giving you two warriors in one purchase. Sears and Kmart were the biggest retailers in the United States; Walmart and Target were just regional players poised to go nationwide. Kids flocked to this strange new line and its weird new cartoon, leaving Transformers sorry, there's no helping this shell-shocked. ), then introducing several redecoed previously-Takara-exclusive molds, mainly from the 1989 ("Victory") line-up. MWKDIRECT was in full effect. Click Buy it now or Add to cart and proceed to checkout. Ad from shop maxvintageshop We've sent you an email to confirm your subscription. The line ran through 1995 (! And with the huge success of the live-action movie spurring things on further right in the middle of that economic boon, China has since become a major part of the franchise's current global success. By 1994, when the Power Master-era toys were released, "Made in China" was added to the box. It was rare for a toy to have moving parts that weren't directly tied to its transformation sequence beyond a simple rotating shoulder/elbow joint. You can kind of guess how well that worked. From shop Straiderzcollections, Sale Price $96.00 Ad from shop MaJorPins Ad from shop AllThingsGeekChic Despite continuing demand on some level in Europe and Japan, Transformers ended in 1990 with the final shipment being, fittingly, Optimus Prime with Armored Convoy. Original Price $19.99 There were a lot more retailers out there, both national and regional, muscling for market share, and virtually all had a sizable toy department. First, they eliminated the miscellaneous subgroups of the past, rolling everything under two over-arching gimmicks: expansions of the Pretender concept, and the new 1-inch-tall Micromasters, the latter being a response to the steadily-growing popularity of then-competitor Galoob's Micro Machines micro-play vehicle line. $31.99, $39.99 Bigger toys had more Points, again adding to the idea that the larger toys were a step above the smaller ones. Oh yeah! And let's be honest here: that show was garbage, but kids ate it up. ad by MyModernMaker Smaller figures were packaged with small soft-rubber Decoys of older characters as an extra incentive, but they weren't a fully transformable mini-Transformer. ), but eventually would move to easily-readable bars. Have the Decepticons defeated us once and for all? Toystalgia grad ass kick center seriously couple class things Re-issues began sporadically at first in 2000, mainly major characters (particularly Optimus Prime, Megatron, Rodimus and Starscream) in recreations of the original packaging, with a few special editions. Unfortunately, these materials issues mean that these toys rarely age well, especially given the rigors of playground life. Found something you love but want to make it even more uniquely you? Ad from shop GotTheLookUp (After all, that formula worked wonders for Star Wars.) Prodigaltoy This late entry into China actually goes a long way towards explaining the country's current Transformers mania, and its ever-increasing amount of toys made specifically for that market. FREE shipping, ad by CargoThrifts Ad from shop PlayedWith The Heroic Autobots were the cars and trucks, and the Evil Decepticons were everything else. The two predecessor lines also had some in-development concepts that were pushed into Transformers, and while some would not be ready until next year, Hasbro/Takara were able to get out a set of new Mini Vehicles, and new versions of the large jet mold with all-new wings and weapons. No, you had to get out there and shop - or use a big printed mail-order catalog like the old Sears "Wish Book". ), While most modern toys have a shelf-life of maybe six months, in the 80s a single toy could ship steadily for two years, more if the line was particularly successful. Mail-away offers were also slowing down, with no new product available from this year on, only older items no longer in stores. The copyright and manufacturing information on the back of the packaging was also shortened to remove the no-longer-true statements "Made in Japan", "Made in Taiwan", etc., and omit references to Takara. Great! $34.65, $38.50 The Generation 2 revival failed to revive, and its vastly more successful replacement Beast Wars was such a radical shift from everything before that going back to the '80s trappings was seen as risky.

Original Price $20.26 Transformers would not be back on Japanese toy shelves until 1995, when the short-lived G-2 toyline would hit. One particularly helpful bit of marketing for this year is the clean division of good-guy/bad-guy alternate modes. (20% off), ad by BBlazeVintage AllThingsGeekChic MADVintology   United States   |   English (US)   |   $ (USD). Hasbro reasoned that by offering legitimate, licensed releases of old characters, they would stamp out the market for the cheap, lower-quality Central American imports. MaJorPins HelloSweetieCreation These bots were developed for animation first then had toys developed based around those designs, a very rare move at the time (and still uncommon today, mostly only the live-action film series works this way). From shop MADVintology, ad by TheHausofDoll The first three Micromaster patrols released in late 1988 (the Air Strike Patrol, the Off Road Patrol and the Race Car Patrol) still came on old-style cards and featured a unique "Micro Transformers" logo; the Legends kept the overall packaging design but changed the "Transformers" logo to the all-new overall brand logo introduced this year, and changed the on-package Tech Specs to an easier-to-read bar graph; and all other releases, including the remaining Micromaster Patrols, completely ditched the color-coded distinguation between Autobot/Decepticon (other than the aforementioned new "Transformers" logo itself), instead opting for a gimmick-specific color-coding with gold-carded and -boxed Pretenders, and silver-carded and-boxed Micromasters. FREE shipping, ad by CPJCollectibles Original Price $6.00 Hasbro hoped that this would prove stronger from a marketing standpoint than the Autobot/Decepticon distinction from previous years, plus look new and fresh, rather than just another iteration of a now-six-year-old toyline. With powerful tools and services, along with expert support and education, we help creative entrepreneurs start, manage, and scale their businesses. AuntyEntitysVintage How'd it do that? These plans would come to life in Transformers as the "Scramble City" style combiners (though that branding was only used in Takara's line; Hasbro called them the "Special Teams" in Europe, and nothing special in the US). Ad from shop SpecificHonks This page was last modified on 11 February 2022, at 07:23. IZIcreationsShop This was also the year die-cast metal started being phased out of the toys' construction. Dont see this option? To see your past orders, you must enter the same e-mail Ad from shop MilestonesInMem $22.94, $26.99 While Micromasters continued on, the rest of the series was taken up by Action Masters, non-transforming G.I. Thus, the more descriptive bits will be tackled year-by-year but there's still plenty to talk about in the big picture. Youll see ad results based on factors like relevancy, and the amount sellers pay per click. The bulk of the changes were to the stickers (mainly adding new faction symbols, but also removing "Diaclone" texts and potentially-legally-contentious brandings) and some light retooling, including the removal/weakening of springs inside the missile launchers for safety reasons. Most of the bigger lines only managed about three years, and that third was typically a final flailing-for-its-life year as kids had moved on. (And yes, most of the previously-mentioned companies now fall under the Hasbro/TakaraTomy umbrella. Its also home to a whole host of one-of-a-kind items made with love and extraordinary care. While the American toyline was shutting down, Transformers in Europe kept on chugging along. CPJCollectibles From shop HelloSweetieCreation, $25.00 The original Bumblebee and Starscream toys shipped for three, and some of the Mini-Cassettes for four. From shop TreatYoSelfCA, $29.18 TheFizzyBat On top of that, extra gimmicks beyond transformation began to play into the subgroups, with the Throttlebots' pull-back motors and the spark-firing Monsterbots. They would also create a variety of all-new toys unique to their version of Transformers (although some of them also saw release in Europe), most of them highly sought-after by collectors. But many of these items are not cheap on the secondary market due to their scarcity. (The Points were, of course, actually worthless, since you also sent in a check for roughly what the toys would normally cost anyway.) Please enter your email below. (10% off), ad by pleaserewindfinds Those who grew up with the line as kids were hitting adulthood just as the Chinese middle class was booming, which meant disposable income. By the turn of the century (ugh), the older-nostalgic market was picking up strength.

Hasbro upped the ante with The Transformers cartoon, giving it a more serious story and higher-quality animation (both low hurdles compared to He-Man but let's not rag on that too much, they were testing the early limits of the medium under the furious eye of scary-loud and panicky parental watchdog groups) and thanks to the fact that the characters were robots, more violence. The Micromasters of 1990 were an expansion of those from the previous year, introducing six-robot teams with interchangeable vehicle combinations. Ad from shop BBlazeVintage remembering account, browser, and regional preferences, remembering privacy and security settings, personalized search, content, and recommendations, helping sellers understand their audience, showing relevant, targeted ads on and off Etsy. $2.25, $3.00 maxvintageshop address you used for your orders. Ad from shop SweetMagsVintage From shop TShirtNova, $24.08 While many other lines' mail-aways tended to be just toys that weren't out in stores yet, Transformers from the outset offered toys that they would never sell at normal retail, like the Omnibots. And not the fun kind. Ad from shop FrozenPizza4Lunch Ad from shop LittleWhiteDogRetro Yes, hot pink and toxic green: the 90s was also the time that the color schemes for new toys overall got brighter and more reliant on pastels (and in some cases, straight-up gloriously awful). From shop FrozenPizza4Lunch, Sale Price $7.20 Despite many/most of the toys having been available just a year or two prior, the new story and cartoon propelled Transformers sales far beyond those of the lines that the toys originally came from. Hasbro tried to rally with something that was very rare for its time: a large-scale appeal to nostalgia. Ad from shop TreatYoSelfCA From shop IZIcreationsShop, ad by LittleWhiteDogRetro Does shopping on Etsy help support small businesses? In 1993, Hasbro changed the traditional faction symbols to the types used in the Generation 2 series, as the US line was changing over that year. Ad from shop MyModernMaker From shop MaJorPins, ad by 2bitTshirts He-Man and the Masters of the Universe was the first of these toyline-based cartoons, and it rocketed that toyline to success. All in all, 1985's output was roughly double that of 1984's. with its transforming vehicles, Tomy's Starriors reconfigurable robots (a Zoids offshoot), and approximately eleventy-billion also-rans and cheap knockoffs from a host of now-defunct companies. (There was a whole big thing with Jetfire/Skyfire in the cartoon, follow the link for more on that.) Ad from shop Toystalgia From shop AllThingsGeekChic, $150.00 CoolAgainVintage Original Price $26.99 Facing stiff competition, Hasbro attempted to unify and re-brand Transformers with a new focus and a new look. From shop TheCharmRoom, ad by SweetMagsVintage Etsy uses cookies and similar technologies to give you a better experience, enabling things like: Detailed information can be found in Etsys Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy and our Privacy Policy. Ad from shop 2bitTshirts SpecificHonks From shop 216vintageModern, Sale Price $5.10 From shop PlayedWith, ad by GotTheLookUp The line would continue through 1991, and a few extra pieces would see release only in Australia. Looks like you already have an account! Ad from shop CPJCollectibles pleaserewindfinds From shop CrassButCute, $5.50 Ad from shop MADVintology FrozenPizza4Lunch Absolutely! From shop Toystalgia, ad by BillMcConkeyShop Despite running for nigh six years, the Chinese Generation 1 line released only about 100 toys all told.