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So, making your proposal more memorable can help you land the sponsors you need who are often operating on a limited budget. 0000001357 00000 n /Height 1324 stream You can share your technologies/APIs with participants or present a challenge that helps solve an issue aligning with your company's values. /op false 58 0 obj Adding this flexibility will set you apart from many sponsorship sellers and allow the companies that purchase from you the ability to customize exactly how they sponsor your event. 2022 JasonDoesStuff.com & Money Lab.

>> 62 0 obj 0000001209 00000 n /ArtBox [ 0 0 612 792 ] /OPM 1 /Length 148955 My PassionHere is a clip of me speaking & podcasting CLICK HERE! >> 0000151923 00000 n /Prev 687527 Our sponsors are innovative companies interested in embracing the hackathon spirit and connecting with our community of talented students and partners. 0000002276 00000 n /Width 1024 << /CA 0.75 /Linearized 1 If youre curious about my background and how I came to do what I do, you can visit my about page. 0000298936 00000 n >> This perks in this kit will connect you with the diverse talent pool of students at HackBeanpot Come chat about what's great about your company - whether it's the technology, the growth opportunities, or maybe even the loaded snack bar. /SMask /None << /Info 56 0 R xeX[ b

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In each package, make sure you include the following information: By clearly spelling out for your potential sponsors the details about your event, youhave a much better chance of them saying YES. The key today is ensuring that your sponsorship packages stands out, are unique, and can be customized. 0000310690 00000 n /BM /Normal endobj %%EOF %PDF-1.5 endobj We support the resources below because we want them to continue to be successful, for the benefit of our community. 0000298237 00000 n They will appreciate being a part of the process and view it as an even greater return on their investment. Before you send out a request for sponsorship, be sure you take a few minutes to examine the package you are offering and create a request unique to each business.

/Root 59 0 R This makes it easier for them to respond and, of course, say yes to your proposal. << /Filter /FlateDecode /Length 688 >> /Type /XObject 0000291729 00000 n /Parent 55 0 R /E 319559 61 0 R ] >> /OP false 0000002691 00000 n By including these elements, you will easily be able to increase the sales of your sponsorship packages for your event.

/SA true Now that you understand what you should be including in your sponsorship packages, lets take a few minutes to talk about different methods you can use to spice up your packages and make themstand out fromthe crowd. Remember, companies get many requests for sponsorships. % First, tell your potential sponsors clearly who you are and what you want. %PDF-1.3 /TrimBox [ 0 0 612 792 ] /SMask /None /Filter /FlateDecode /CreatorInfo << /Creator (Adobe Illustrator 24.1) /Subtype /Artwork >> IggyGarcia.com & WithInsightsRadio.com, For more information, please visit: IggyGarcia.com & WithInsightsRadio.com, My guest is intuitive empath AnnMarie Luna Buswell, Iggy Garcia LIVE Episode 171 | An appointment with destiny, Iggy Garcia Live Episode 170 | The Half Way Point of 2022, Iggy Garcia TV Episode 169 | Phillip Cloudpiler Landis & Jonathan Wellamotkin Landis, Iggy Garcia LIVE Episode 167 My guest is AnnMarie Luna Buswell, Iggy Garcia LIVE Episode 166 The Animal Realm, Iggy Garcia LIVE Episode 165 The Return, Iggy Garcia LIVE Episode 164 Recap of 2021. Try creating a theme with them that fits with the subject of your event. xTMo@egC"%N$RAQlh1$Y0Mkvv7=%'3{EWu+Uwb, ''/)_cfWZA[8;hZ)ZXIM+D.c If you are hosting a larger event, chances are you have already created generic tiered sponsorship packages. >> 0000314068 00000 n /Intent /RelativeColorimetric /Type /ExtGState /AIS false From hosting sponsored activities to mentoring or judging, if you love the idea of being hands-on and inspiring passionate students, our Engagement perks might be for you. 61 0 obj /ca 0.75 We are proud to support individuals who are helping others rid the world of bad software. /T1_3 86 0 R /T1_4 89 0 R >> >>

startxref 0000002411 00000 n Allow them to become a part of the planning and listen to them. Put on your creative thinking cap and start thinking how you can dress them up and make them unique to your event. Here's a brief overview of each kit: We know your company is using new technology and tackling challenging problems. 0000291651 00000 n 65 0 obj

0000295631 00000 n /Resources << /Properties << /MC0 61 0 R >> /ExtGState << /GS0 64 0 R /GS1 Get creative with what you offer them. My family immigrated to the USA in the late 60s. /AIS false << /ID [] Just make sure you dress it up and be creative with your pitch so you stand out in the sea of sponsorship requests. We have broken our sponsorship perks down into three kits that you can mix and match giving you the tools to personalize your companys hackathon experience. 0000292071 00000 n 66 0 obj Getting sponsorships for your event is more difficult than it has ever been as companies are bombarded for sponsorships from a variety of sources both on and offline. Come and explore the metaphysical and holistic worlds through Urban Suburban Shamanism/Medicine Man Series. /Size 95 /Subtype /Image /Filter [ /FlateDecode /DCTDecode ] Lets take a look at several different key elements that should be present in your sponsorship packages. /N 5 0000293433 00000 n 0000292751 00000 n /BleedBox [ 0 0 612 792 ] /Type /Page >> 0000002548 00000 n /Length 210 65 0 R >> /XObject << /X0 66 0 R /X1 67 0 R /X2 68 0 R /X3 70 0 R /X4 71 0 R 58 37 0000313564 00000 n /DecodeParms [ null << /Quality 65 >> ] >> We are always looking for additions to our growing family. Im an entrepreneur, writer, radio host and an optimist dedicated to helping others to find their passion on their path in life. First time sponsoring a hackathon? /L 688825 /Group 93 0 R 94 0 obj So including your contact information and making it easy for them to get in touch with you is paramount especially if an answer to their question could mean the difference between a no and a yes.. At the very least, make sure you include your contact information. At the end of the day, your potential sponsors are going to want to know exactly what they will get out of your sponsorship packages. /Type /Catalog In this episode I will speak about our destiny and how to be spiritual in hard times. endobj It was amazing and challenging growing up in two different worlds and learning to navigate and merging two different cultures into my life, but I must say the world is my playground and I have fun on Mother Earth. 0000293068 00000 n However, just because you have a tiered plan or three packages doesnt mean you need to be ordinary. % /Intent 62 0 R Many event planners use this type of method. stream Remember, sponsorships are a marketing tool for businesses. /Contents 92 0 R /T 687538 /ca 1 You want tohave the flexibility to plan your event the way you see fit, but there is nothing wrong with including your sponsors in the planning process. Want to get involved in sponsoring HackBeanpot? << /OP false 0000001657 00000 n

[ /View /Design ] /LastModified (D:20201222104049-05'00') 0000319479 00000 n Many of our past sponsors' favorite part of their HackBeanpot experience was embracing the hackathon spirit. $7pCZweHIW2 -)`,r2Jzc"3XG" zkrLBtYk"oM Wh Be creative with what you offer and do your very best to give them something they wont find elsewhere from other sponsorship opportunities. /CropBox [ 0 0 612 792 ] /Type /OCG We are but a speck on the timeline of life, but a powerful speck we are! Iggy Garcia.

HackBeanpot prides itself on being a hackathon that brings together talented students with curious minds from a wide range of backgrounds. << 0

endobj For example, one sponsor may only want to generally sponsor your event, while others may wish to sponsor something specific in your event. Instead of your standard tiered plans, why not offer a complete package customization option that allows your sponsors to pick and choose from what is most important to them. For more information, please visit: 0000307728 00000 n << /BitsPerComponent 8 trailer /OCProperties << /D << /ON [ 61 0 R ] /Order 57 0 R /RBGroups [ ] >> /OCGs [ By making sure you cover all the details about your event, what you need, and what you hope to provide them, you can easily convince companies to sponsor your event. c1}{lmXYm0p.``jCA^} l. While many event planners create different tiered plans, these still dont always meet the needs of their potential sponsors. If you do you will increase your sales and find all the sponsors you need for your event. /SA true 0000291309 00000 n They may even have an idea that you havent considered. Welcome to Iggy Garcia, The Naked Shaman Podcast, where amazing things happen. If you are hosting a large event, try creating different sponsorship levels to tailor your sponsorship needs to different businesses with very different marketing budgets. /S 140 They could have a question about the sponsorship. Kiddie scoop: I was born in Lima Peru and raised in Columbus, Ohio yes, Im a Buckeye fan (O-H!) /H [ 1357 300 ] P.S. endobj You might even make more money if you price your sponsorship packages attractively! Want to receive our full sponsorship package? Iggy Garcia LIVE | Episode 162 Spiritual Tune Up. 0000311048 00000 n Kdq$X)."Ae Zh+8IOAxKAYk X(i%@ }d$uKfgU2=O1} HackBeanpot is a great place to start! /BM /Normal

stream Creating a sponsorship package is often one of the most difficult and stressful parts of setting up your event, but should it really be that difficult? Copyright 2000-2022 IGNACIO GARCIA, LLC.All rights reserved Web master Iggy Garciamandriotti@yahoo.com Columbus, Ohio Last modified May, 2021 Hosted by GVO, USC TITLE 42 CHAPTER 21B 2000BB1 USC TITLE 42 CHAPTER 21C 2000CC IRS PUBLICATION 517. 0000002313 00000 n (In other words, don't steal our stuff). At the same time, there are several key elements that you need to include along with many ways to spice up your sponsorship packages and make them stand out as an awesome opportunity for their business. >> /OPM 1 /X5 72 0 R >> /Font << /T1_0 73 0 R /T1_1 76 0 R /TT0 79 0 R /T1_2 82 0 R 63 0 obj 3 0 obj

Our sponsorship team will guide you through the process. /Name (Layer 1)

endobj endobj Learn more about them, what they do, what audience they target, and even other events theyve sponsored in the past. 0000000017 00000 n << /ColorSpace /DeviceRGB endobj /Rotate 0 >> 60 0 obj We will be traveling to Peru: Ancient Land of Mystery.Click Here for info about our trip to Machu Picchu & The Jungle. All rights reserved. xc`````e`e`X6Abl,4PId`:Q'Me) a3r*yM 2p J@V P, d2H2Seq`rQAU$CQ /Usage 63 0 R 0000292410 00000 n 0000313245 00000 n endstream << 0000307262 00000 n 0000294695 00000 n To apply for these kinds of sponsorships, please email sponsorships@balsamiq.com. Im an obsessive learner who spends time reading, writing, producing and hosting Iggy LIVE and WithInsightsRadio.com My biggest passion is creating community through drumming, dance, song and sacred ceremonies from my homeland and other indigenous teachings. /O 60 Customize your message to meet their needs so you can make it easy for them to invest in your event. w)NpR{;){kw7>;5W:gr|2zii xKj/)H98dDDI+((s kk(()+xxvOoh( (h/Q~ 9PP10qp_. >> xref 0000002190 00000 n This type of creativity will capture the attention of your sponsors and make your request stand out above the rest. 0000311401 00000 n /CA 1 Be specific when you contact potential sponsors. ECi^v rWiUiC Fk\Z-Mq << How to Find Sponsorship Leads Using This Google Hack, Who has attended in the past if you have held this event before. 0000306653 00000 n /Pages 55 0 R Be very clear on why you think it is worth their time and money. Therefore, they must see a return on their investment in order for it to be worth their time and money. 0000298645 00000 n This kit is a great opportunity for you to provide a directed tech challenge for students at the event. Iggy Garcia LIVE Episode 163 3D5D or R2D2?!? MS&x(Age^g9*"#;la3MPQ[f,5Fz'o %GCM;C!aicPrD K~F. 64 0 obj /MediaBox [ 0 0 612 792 ] We know that our sponsors have different goals in partnering with us, which is why we want to equip you with the ability to create a custom sponsorship package! 0000313054 00000 n 0000307162 00000 n

0000295190 00000 n << /Type /ExtGState Read more about our sponsorship opportunities below! HackBeanpot, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) organization.