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Or, you could try our Baby Name Generator to search by name origin, first letter, or theme. Halo, meaning bright and shining circle of light. Subscribe for 1,000's of inspirational ideas direct to your inbox. Whether you spell it Paris or Parris, the name is very popular for both boys and girls. 16. Fans of pop culture will undoubtedly think this name refers to the animated sitcom character. March, meaning third month of the year. 56. Rogue, meaning unprincipled person who goes against the norm. For a lovely little angel. Looking for names from words that are good, modern choices? 163. 188. Andorra, this name is usually given by parents to girls. As the short form of Ezekiel, which means God will strengthen in Hebrew, Zeke feels more playful, and could be ideal for a boy with a big personality. Originally a surname, Farley means fern clearing in Old English. Yoshi. Rose, meaning shrub with thorns and fragrant flowers. 177. 37. 12. 173. Symphony, meaning intricate and complex musical composition. 11. Chance, meaning referring to the possibility of an event . The name means "mercies," and is derived from one of the titles given to the Virgin Mary. Each of these popular word names also has a special meaning that is detailed here to help you to understand the baby names that little bit more. Austin, the Texan city makes for a good name for boys. 29. In the Xhosa, Zulu, and Ndebele languages, this name means "to love.". 15. 108. So, if you are looking for unique short girl names or unique baby names in general, here are some of the best names that are adjectives and names that are nouns that you can use. 144. 40. 142. Himari (Japanese origin) meaning sunshine. Juniper, meaning evergreen shrub with icy blue fruits. Nameberry looked through the data for 2018 and found some surprising words that five or more sets of parents had used as names for their kids. 65. Dayton, many new parents use this name for their boys. The Hawaiian form of John, Keoni has a unique ring and would be a classic choice. Logan, this name is usually given to boys. This Vietnamese girls name means "immortal," "transcendent," "celestial being," or "fairy"what a special name for your little girl. names english popular word boys cloud most boy 91. 166. 80. Orlando, parents can use this name for their boys. Trinity, meaning referring to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Devon, this English town makes for a great name to be given to children. Sonnenschein (German origin) means you are my sunshine. Helena, this name is loved by many parents. Raven. 147. Easton, this modern name is usually given to boys. Justice, a virtue name meaning act that is fair and right. Dallas. Liberty, meaning someone who has the ability to do what they wish. Why not pick one of these word names with different origins and name your baby something incredibly rare and special? Jubilee, meaning anniversary of a very special event. This Chinese name means "cloud" or "consent." 155. 64. The name was popularized in the 17th century by poet Alexander Pope. Roshan. 30. The name can be shortened to Yoko or Youko. These baby names are given to both boys and girls and are really beautiful whilst also being amazingly interesting, they are rare names that are very special for any baby. 134. This was originally a surname derived from the Old English name Eoforhild, which translates to "boar" and "battle." 123. Many of these unique baby names also have multiple meanings, so when you tell your child why you picked his or her name you can choose the meaning that resonates most with why you chose it. 90. Although the meaning behind this name is uncertain, it may stem from the Italian word bella, which means beautiful, and the German word lind, which means gentle. Momoko (Japanese origin) means peach child. Originally this was used as a surname that meant a person who came from Paris, the capital of France. Butterherzchen (German origin) meaning a buttery heart. Robin, meaning small colorful bird. 124. Odilia. Agnus (Latin origin) meaning the lamb. This may be the perfect name if youre into mythological names. Brave, a virtue name meaning to be courageous in the face of fear. If you continue using this site, we will assume that you're happy with it. 21. Scout, meaning soldier or a first explorer who is sent ahead of the main army. Many cities in Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking nations have this name. 120. A medieval French name, Yves also has a nice modern ring to it, despite it dating back many thousands of years. Curious, Nameberry started investigating if any of the words had actually been used as namesand they had. 145. 129. names baby start name letter starts starting things 1564 astro lucky most 1134 many

Berlin, a powerful name given to children. April, meaning fourth month of the year. Zorion. Santiago. Helsinki, a fun name given to kids by loving parents. 59.

These names are either nouns, adjectives or derivatives of adjectives. This article was originally published on 9.20.2019, What I Felt Dropping My Kid Off at School For the First Time, According to 11 Dads. 23. In Sanskrit this name means pleasure, joy, or love. 216. Gemma (Latin origin) meaning a precious stone. Deacon. Although Wilhelmina is noble-sounding choice, Minnie is a super cute option as well. Choosing a name for your baby boy or girl is an exciting task, if a high pressure one. Aspen, a great name for both boys and girls. 175. Breeze, meaning light and cool wind. You can learn more here. Happy, meaning the emotion of feeling satisfied and content. 97. 213. People suggested names ranging from Omlette to Insomnia to Catastrophe. 111. Tangerine, meaning citrus fruit that is orange in color. 179. Darling, meaning referring to a person who is very beloved to someone. Velvet, meaning incredibly soft, closely woven fabric. Derived from the German words that mean horse and soft, the name was brought to England by the Normans. These baby names arent just simple names. It also features in Shakespeares Alls Well That Ends Well. Its also the name of the patron saint of Alsace, France. The French form of Nadia, which comes from the Slavic name Nadezhda, meaning "hope.". Another way the name is unique is that it sounds like the word "pretty," making it ideal for your little girl. You could also take inspiration from the name of the place that your baby was born, be that a particular city or town. Mango, meaning fleshy tropical fruit that is yellow in color. Rosalind. 71. These word names are becoming more popular among new parents looking for something different and they all make for really good names for any baby. Sky. Geoffrey. Alpha, meaning dominant personality. Dionne. Star, meaning celestial body often seen by humans in the night sky. 158.

133. This Arabic girls name means feel safe. It was the name of the prophet Muhammads mother.

Madison, another modern name for girls. Kahlil. Sho (Japanese origin) means to fly. This eloquent name means lotus or pale red in Sanskrit. Timea. Recently, popular naming website Nameberry came across a thread on Twitter that asked which words would make the best baby names if they didnt already have a prior meaning. 104. If you are looking for word names for girls, using an adjective or a noun is an excellent idea since most of these words are best suited for names for girls rather than boys. Summer, meaning denoting the warmest season of the year. 146. Aura (Latin origin) meaning the air around. May, meaning fifth month of the year. You can also get more inspiration in our lists of the top girl names and the top boy names with endless options. Rosemary, meaning evergreen mint shrub that is incredibly fragrant. 171. 62. The bird is associated with the Norse god Odin. December, meaning the last month of the year. Imani. Lincoln, another good name loved by new parents for their boys. Stormy, meaning weather characterized by strong winds, heavy rain, thunder and lightning. 14. 148. Deciding on a name for your baby girl or boy can be tough. This name means beautiful in Arabic what a perfect name for your beautiful little boy. 141. Haruko. This name comes from the Spanish words santo and yago, which mean Saint James. A place name can be really unique and this option even allows parents to choose a name of a place that their family may have a special attachment to. Houda. Homer. Variant spellings include Priti or Preeti. 18. Nadine. Maple, meaning tree that has vibrant autumn foliage. Jamal. Minnie. Rest assured, youll eventually find the perfect name thats both different and original. Tariq. Aurora, new parents love this name for their girls! Haven, meaning place that offers immense safety. 221. Aida helper, derived from the French aider, to help, Bailey from the French word for bailiff, justice officer, Barbara stranger, foreigner, once used to refer to non-Romans or those considered uncivilized, Camille pure, virgin of unblemished character, Daisy inspired by the popular flower; the old English word doeges eage, days eve, refers to the sun-like yellow center of the flower, Daniele feminine form of Daniel, which means God is my judge in Hebrew, Denise derivative of the greek god Dionysus, the god of wine and revelry, Kleopatra glory, father, of a famous father, Vera believed to be derived from either the Russian word for faith (vjera) or the Latin word for truth (vera), Viola inspired by the name of the flower, Willa feminine version of William, originated from German word for resolute protector, Abbot Hebrew word for father or head of community, Adrian derived form the ancient place in Italy, Beau French for beautiful (masculine), Benjamin right hands son, favorite son, son of my sorrow, Carlton from the strong, courageous town, Charles full grown, a man, a historically royal name, Duncan steadfast warrior, strong in faith, Ike one who brings laughter, god smiles, Isaac one who brings laughter, God smiles, Norman composed of French words for north and man, once used to identify a group of Scandinavians living in Normandy, Oliver derived from either French Olivier (olive tree) or German Alfihar (elf warrior), Paul derived from Latin word for small, Paulus. Apple, meaning round red colored fruit. 137. In Bantu, the language of the Shona people of Zimbabwe, this name means we are with God a beautiful name with religious resonance. Geneva, this Swiss city is a popular name choice amongst new parents. words filipino deep tagalog Akira (Japanese origin) meaning light. Sailor, meaning someone who sails boats or ships in the sea. Word names can be adjectives, nouns, a place name or even the name of a tree or another object from nature. 106. Zenith, meaning specific time when something is the most powerful. Cressida. A good name for boys and girls. London, this English city is another good name for girls. This adorable name is the diminutive of Wilhelmina, the female form of Wilhelm, the German form of William. Hasi (German origin) meaning rabbit. 77. 247. 183. Ancient Greek literature buffs will know that Homer refers to the epic poet who is thought to have written the Iliad and the Odyssey. Its meaning is not wholly known, and it has an air of mystery. Glorious, meaning high honor won by powerful achievements. Axel. 165. Yannick. This name is the English form of the name Ines, Spanish for Agnes, which in Greek means "chaste." Icy, meaning referring to the sensation of feeling cold or chilly. Lyric, meaning the words of a song or poem. February, meaning second month of the year. 43. 48. 34. Edmund Spenser and William Shakespeare both used the name in their writings. Ciaran. Wilder, meaning someone who has lost the normal way of life.. Cashmere, meaning fine soft wool obtained from the goats in the valley of Kashmir. Here are some unique names to inspire you: Anders. That is where these word names come in! James is also the patron saint of Spain. Beyond the modern literal meaning for this name, in Old Norse the name Sky also means cloud. Avalon, a fantastic name that can be given to any baby. Dozens of baby names, regardless of their origin, can be traced back to some variation of God is my savior or gift from God. Still, looking into potential baby name meanings is a helpful tool for exploring unique, uncommon names you might not otherwise encounter, and ensuring your babys name aligns with your values. Mitchel, this South Dakota city is a good place name for boys and girls. 101. Legacy, meaning ancestral property or money left to someone in a legal will. 76. Blessing, meaning favor or protection from God. For a baby who is angelic and sweet. 103. In fact, a variant spelling is Louella. Shannon, a popular name for girls and boys derived from the place in Ireland. This is the English form of the Swedish name Sten, which, in fact, means "stone." 102. Valour, meaning someone who shows great courage in battle.

Many people do not even consider adjectives and nouns for baby names, but they can actually make a lovely choice. Tornado, meaning natural disaster. Choosing a unique baby name can be exciting yet also overwhelming. Alabama, an amazing name for babies of any gender. 79.

In Japanese, this name means spring child, making it a great choice if your daughter is born during spring. 114. 53. Another form of the name is Rosalinda, which means beautiful rose in Latin. Irish in origin, Ciaran is pronounced with a k sound and can also be spelled Kieran. 200. 131. 126. Tokyo, an excellent name for baby girls. Kidadl is supported by you, the reader. 174. 6. Mercedes. If youre having twins, you might like to pair this name with Ophelia or Olivia for the perfect rhyming twin names. This name has German roots that mean "wealth" or "fatherland." What a magical choice for your daughter. Tien. Mahogany, meaning reddish brown wood. King, meaning the male ruler of a state or a country. Zeke. Leo (Latin origin) meaning the lion. Below, some of the most surprising ones. 22. For a bright and young child. 153. Many new parents want to give their kids fun and unique names. 185. Ashy, meaning referring to a powdery residue that is left after burning something. Aries (Latin origin) meaning ram. 182. 10. Though Leith was originally used as a surname, it makes a distinctive first name for a girl or boy. Tinashe. Either definition is unique. Georgia, another popular and modern name given to female babies. Sunny, meaning referring to the bright and vibrant feel of the sunrays. Makena. Of Arabic origin, this Swahili name simply means "faith.". Luella. It works well for a boy or girl and can easily be shortened to just Chris. Weve put together lists of great unique baby names for boys and girls, as well as unisex names, to help you narrow the field. For a happy and jolly little child. 94. 50. 88. 136. Hudson, an excellent place name used by many parents. 186. The name also appears in the Hindu epic Mahabharata and is another name for the Hindu goddess Lakshmi. Thats a rather convoluted history, but the name is worth it for its uniqueness. 154. 20.

Honey, meaning term of endearment or a golden yellow viscous liquid sweet in taste. As new parents, we look at many names before we choose one for our baby and it can be hard to find the perfect one. Florence, a city known for its rich history and culture. A good name for boys. Every parent wants to give their child a unique and meaningful name, one that will help them to grow up to be brave, honest, or hardworking. Blaze, meaning fire that is burning fiercely. It would make a lovely name for your cheerful baby. Visit Appellation Mountain's profile on Pinterest. 150. 105. 160. This is the Malay, Indonesian, and Arabic form of Alexander, which means "defender of men" in Greek. Dakota, another beloved name amongst new parents. They are unique and rarely used by other children. America, meaning all of the New World. Ofir. Kamala. 35. Engel (Latin origin) meaning angel. Its a lovely name for a little girl. Choosing a place name is also an excellent way to find a good and modern name for your baby. This name means "happy one" in Kikuyu, the language of the largest ethnic group in Kenya. nevaeh names baby heaven twin twins cute name disney unique babies disneybaby