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oscar mayer jumbos with slightly toasted bun with hormel no bean chili on top and about a tablespoon of mayonaise below the hot dog. Price: $6.99 per pound (about eight hot dogs). In 1923 Albon incorporated the business as Glazier Packing Company. In 1997 Glazier Packing joined the Pocahontas Food Group, increasing its product offerings and becoming a full food service distributor. And when the hot dog institution Heid's of Liverpool stopped serving Hofmann hot dogs from 1993 to 1997 amid a dispute between the two companies, it practically tore Central New York apart. Haha.. An likes hot dogs more than Pastrami does! All rights reserved (About Us). Both red and white hot dogs were included in the judging. Price: $5.49 for six hot dogs (14 ounces). New Wiki available at http://wiki.gstwins.com -Check it out or contribute today! I am very proud of him and what he has accomplished. My last question involved succession. Of course, the best hot dog is the one you have on hand--as long as it's not topped with ketchup. ive had teh hot dogs with teh coleslaw on top. The Glazier familys success story began in a remote area of the Adirondacks in the early years of the twentieth century. Unless you grew up on Armour hot dogs like I did, in which case, you should you could consider finding a new favorite. However, the snappy casing and crisp, charred exterior were excellent. My son insists he is going to run the company someday.

The natural casings in all three Hofmann contenders was the same--thin, snappy and not too chewy. The Glaziers operated the slaughter house for three years but then closed it to make the 40,000 square foot building available for the consolidation of the sausage operation from Malone. Price: $5.69 for seven hot dogs (1 pound). Since these hot dogs aren't smoked or cured with nitrites, that unique spice profile is on full display. Is there a right and wrong way to grill a hot dog? Talking to AJ got me thinking about the extreme regional differences when it comes to hot dogsIn Montreal i've often had hotdogs with coleslaw on top. 518.324.5123 Along with Glazier's, these were the only blended hot dogs that had meat as the first two ingredients and likely as a result, had the most pork flavor of any competitor. While restaurants have experienced problems, our food service accounts are doing strong To-Go business. With vaccines on the horizon Shawn was optimistic. While tastes vary, regional pride rarely falters. Stories abound about North Country families who love Glazier products shipping them to loved ones near and far. Page created in 0.095 seconds with 23 queries. It was also clear that John is not just an absentee owner. Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement updated 7/1/2022). treats dog peanut butter zweigle baked oven deli For many Upstate New Yorkers, the type of hot dog that graces the grill is a deeply regional decision. He opened a small grocery store on Main Street and looked for ways to expand. Johns son, Shawn, a graduate of Ithaca College, was working in the Midwest for Kraft Foods. The future was bright. Made with pork, veal, dry milk and in this case, beef, these white hot dogs are reminiscent of a German bockwurst. Wardynski's has been cranking out sausage since 1920, which believe it or not, makes it the youngest of all the companies represented in this ranking. We boil or grill them and serve them on a toasted bun with sauerkraut and mustard. For many, the best hot dog is the one they grew up eating. Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. It was then that Howard Glazier opened a small meat and grocery store in the hamlet of Owls Head and a seasonal store in Mountain View. Its customer base includes supermarkets, grocery stores, chain stores, convenience stores, restaurants, delis, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, and other government agencies. This was a well-balanced hot dog: Not too smoky, but not too mild, with a nice complement of spices that didn't overpower the meat. These dogs had a bit more spice than either of the Zweigle's dogs, which gave Hofmann the edge. With its manufacturing operation in Potsdam, its Food Service Distribution in Malone and 11 delivery trucks on the road, the company expanded its customer base to a 200-mile radius in New York and Vermont. While the dogs cook over the grilling area, the cook is told to pierce the hot dog with a fork to help the casing split. In Syracuse, hot dog and Hofmann are synonymous. To accommodate its growth, the Glaziers bought one of the former Tru-stitch manufacturing plants in Malone. No. In the Rochester area, it's Zweigle's. This business is in my blood, he said. The natural sheep casings seemed a little thicker than the Hofmann casings, but packed plenty of snap. I closed my eyes and took alternating bites of the red hots and Zweigle's white hots (more on those in a minute) and the differences are far less distinct than I expected. In Syracuse, Hofmann is top dog. How do they all compare to each other? It was spongy--almost like bologna--and far too mild. Though the old jingle sure is catchy. These bright-red hot dogs are also popular around Plattsburgh, where they're called Michigans and served buried under meat sauce, chopped onions and yellow mustard.

Theyve even been sent to U.S. troops in places as far away as Vietnam and Afghanistan. When The New York Times reviewed 10 brands of all-beef hot dogs in 2017, these Hofmann dogs were a glaring omission, especially now that Hofmann is quickly becoming a national brand. To reach internet shoppers, the company developed an online store that offers its signature red frankfurters, specialty franks, pickled sausages and eggs, and bologna. Albany may prefer its smoked pork products steamed, but these pint-sized porkers pack quite a punch when lightly grilled. Born in Malone, made in Potsdam, Glazier's hot dogs are the pride of the North Country. By the early 2000s it was time for the next generation the fifth of Glaziers to take control. When asked about his decision to join the family company, Shawn laughed. While many businesses have been negatively impacted, we consider ourselves fortunate, Shawn emphasized. 2022 Advance Local Media LLC. Sahlen's and Wardynski's are probably the biggest names in Buffalo, while the teeny Helmbold's small franks of Troy and the bright red Glazier's hot dogs of the North Country have their own legion of loyal fans. The hot dogs were cooked on a gas grill to a light char. In fact, they were relatively mild. Now entering the wonderful world of Upstate New York white hot dogs. I think that of all the hot dogs in this judging, Helmbold's franks need to be topped with condiments. Now when you get down to Troy New York you have the Hot Dog Charlies Hot Dog which is actually a Humboldt Meat Company (Also From Troy) Hot Dog. If this dog hadn't been judged plain, it almost certainly would have been a top contender. Malone was only ten miles away and that was where he found opportunity. Our retail and manufacturing operations have done well. All are chili dog type hot dogs. That product known today as the Glazier Red Frankfurter was a huge success.

Helmbold's franks are aggressively smoky and the real sheep casings offer snap and chew, but the ratio between meat and casing skews too far toward casing. They're out-of-balance on their own, but that smokiness and chew is probably what is needed to stand up to the assertive meat sauce, mustard and onion that tops so many of these. I can only hope, he concluded. The spices didn't overwhelm the beef flavor and the texture--somewhere between the spongy Zweigle's and denser Glazier's--was pleasant. The New York Times reviewed 10 brands of all-beef hot dogs in 2017. Made in Troy, Helmbold's franks are popular throughout the Capital Region, where they're often served on mini buns and topped with a finely-textured meat sauce, yellow mustard and chopped onion. I just finished dinner, but I'm coming over for some hot dogs. Growth during the next generation was driven by Albons son, Everest, who managed the business through the 1950s and 60s. 8: Zweigle's Texas Brand Pop Open Hot Dogs. These white dogs have a spice profile that's distinctly different than more traditional red hot dogs, with a heavy dose of what tastes like white pepper, nutmug or mace, mustard, a dash of cayenne pepper and perhaps most surprising, a little bit of lemon. But this hot dog was bland, with a slightly greasy flavor that seemed more characteristic of a cheaper hot dog. Eating a hot dog that contains egg whites, dry milk and lemon might seem weird--and maybe it is--but this is unique Upstate New York at its finest. I didn't set out to put the Buffalo hot dog debate to bed, but here we are, with Buffalo's two offerings bookending this hot dog ranking. We have a great product that is well received by our customers, they observed. What made these hot dogs so good? 12 Nepco WayPlattsburgh, NY 12903(518) 563-8214. by Michelle St. Onge | Photo by Jessica McCafferty John joined from his winter home in Florida, Shawn from his office in Malone. The dogs are instantly recognizable for their short, stubby size and natural casing that "pops open" while cooking, hence the name. Intrigued by the meat business Albon hired Fritz Schwartz, a German sausage maker, and charged him with developing a specialty product. Glazier Hot Dogs are famous up this way. A few fellow eaters remarked that these franks reminded them of Slim Jims. His son, Albon, made deliveries by horse and buggy in the summer and worked in the store during the long winters. Working with an authorized reseller/distributor in the Albany area, Glazier is able to ship anywhere in the United State including Alaska and Hawaii. Like their red brethren, these dogs charred beautifully and the casings split right down the middle. Upon opening the package, I was hit with the unmistakable smell of bacon from these smoked pork, beef and veal franks. It's the frank served at NBT Bank Stadium and the Carrier Dome. The natural casing is a bit thicker than the similarly-shaped Hofmann products, but they weren't chewy and crisped up nicely on the grill. Sorry, no skinless hot dogs here. Where I am from in Upstate (Glens Falls) New York the famous hotdogs are Dirty Johns (New Way Lunch, Since 1919), The Zookie Dog, The Dog Shack Dog, or Zacks Drive In Dog. The hot dogs were judged on flavor and texture. The dogs were a bit rubbery as well. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. When he retired in 1971 his sons, John and Howard, stepped forward, jump starting an expansion by purchasing competitor McCarthy, Deno and Coulty Meat Company of Malone. The Northeast Group, originally Northeast Printing & Distribution Co., Inc, a leading service international solutions provider for more than 40 years. My mom made a trip up north of us for business and brought us back Glazier Hot Dogs. As the name implies, these are dogs meant for the grill or griddle, as the imparted smokiness and char helps boost the otherwise mild meaty flavor.

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'93 cf two bros can, alsa cobalt blue custom paint, fenderectomy, repositioned directionals, 15t sprocket, ignition advancer, SM2's, national cycle f-16 dark sport, cbr rearsets - fully rebuilt after a crash. All the hot dogs were tasted plain without condiments. It all seemed like a lot of work for a hot dog that was only OK. Like most of hot dogs in this judging, this is a German-style pork and beef sausage. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, and Your California Privacy Rights (User Agreement updated 1/1/21. Glazier Packing Company 3140 US Route 11 Malone, NY 12953 (518) 483-4990 www.glazierfoodservice.com, Contact Shirley Sansone Written by: Mary CarpenterPhotography by: Photos Supplied Issue: February 2021, What is a legacy? Its planting seeds in a garden you never get to see. Lin-Manuel Miranda, playwright. This package of hot dogs instructs the cook to gently warm the hot dog on the side of the grill for five minutes before moving the hot dog directly over the flame. By 1918 Albon was 30 years old and ready for bigger and better things.

Soon the company was turning out not just franks but sausages, bologna, deli loafs, and bacon as well. In quick succession Glazier purchased a beverage company, a milk/ dairy operation and a produce company and reached out, establishing relationships with meat suppliers throughout the United States. Price: $5.99 for six hot dogs (14 ounces). You've probably heard a hot dog referred to as a "tube steak" before, but never has it been more accurate than when talking about these beefy franks. A call from Dad came at just the right time and Shawn and his wife came home to Malone to start their family and take the company to the next level. Glazier's is a pork and beef frank (in that order) with a denser, meatier texture that I preferred over the softer, spongier texture of some of the other hot dogs. Whether they're enjoyed on a bun or splayed flat, griddled and served atop home fries and macaroni salad as part of the famous Garbage Plate, the characteristically chubby Zweigle's hot dogs are a Rochester icon. Review: Zweigle's Texas Brand Pop Open Hot Dogs. The 30,000 square foot building sits on a three-acre parcel located across from the Malone Airport. I recently interviewed both John and Shawn Glazier using Microsoft Teams. When compared to their Zweigle's white hot counterparts, these dogs are far more vibrant and flavorful. Contrary to their fiery red appearance, these dogs aren't spicy. He was quick to offer facts and figures to support the companys growth. All the competing hot dogs had natural casings. The warmth and respect between the two men was immediately apparent. Hofmann labels these white hot dogs as Snappy Grillers, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a dozen people around Syracuse who call them anything but Coneys (or "Cooneys," but that's a topic for another day.). Issue: June WEVE COME A LONG WAY IN WHAT THE NORTH COUNTRY GET YOUR MONEY FOR NOTHIN AND YOUR KICKS FOR FREE, BUSINESS EXPO IS BACK AS A RE-IMAGINED CONFERENCE/NETWORKING EVENT, Prime placement of your logo and your changing tweet-like message, Direct link and access to the digital destination of your choice, One year contract for industry specific placement, Direct marketing of your consociation through our subscription based email newsletter service.

Today Glazier Packing offers meat, poultry, seafood, frozen foods, fresh vegetables, grocery, dairy, paper products, and chemicals. They're colored red, smoked, and full of spices. I believe we will see restaurants able to fully reopen by mid-2021. Reflecting on the future, father and son projected the manufacturing division which currently comprises 30 percent of the company will double in the next five years. Aesthetically speaking, these were darn fine sausage specimens.

The taste lived up to the first impression, with a distinct smoked pork flavor and a thin, snappy casing. Will there be a sixth generation Glazier at the helm some day? According to Sahlen's, a company smoking and processing meat in Buffalo for nearly 150 years, yes. However, just like the Zweigle's red hots, the white dogs were too bland, especially when compared against the other white hot dog in this tasting (more on that to come as well). Hofmann's German franks and coneys are more prevalent, but don't sleep on these all-beef Franks-- the only one of the nine hot dogs that are made from just one type of meat. Login with username, password and session length. It is too soon to know how Shawns 15-year-old daughter and a nineyear-old sons career plans will evolve but he seemed hopeful. Anyone from upstate NY who doesn't know of/hasn't had Glaziers is probably going to be tared and feathered. I was packing hot dogs here when I was 14 years old. To explain Glaziers success, Shawn offered, Diversity is our driving force and it has proven to be the key to all we have accomplished. We decided to find out, just in time for your Memorial Day barbecue. They have a very very distinct flavor and are almost like kielbasa. Another purchase Pahler Packing of Potsdam, a slaughter plant and meat distribution center moved the company into a new facet of the business in 1991. Under the development of mutually beneficial consociation, we will provide the following: Regular price for Prime Consociate - $495 per month billed in 12 monthly installments or $5,400 one-time payment, Contract Advertiser with Strictly Business Magazine - $195 per month billed in 12 monthly installments or $1,995 one-time payment. The oldest, Sahlen's, started in 1869. We continue to look for new products and distributors to work with and ways to expand our food service operation. I asked about the impact of COVID. Can't really stand Hotdogs since they are a Mixture of Many Meats.There is One Brand though that is Kosher and Only Contains Beef.Can't remember the Name though.I think it was Jewish or Something. All but one of the competing hot dogs were made with at least two different meats, yet only two of the mixed-meat blends have meat as the first two ingredients. These words are blasphemous in Rochester, but this dog wasn't all that impressive. Fax: 518.563.3320 shirley.sansone@thenortheastgroup.com12 Nepco Way, Plattsburgh, NY 12903. We will meet that forecast. In closing, John reflected, I am fortunate I had a son who was interested in the business.