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If you wanted to put Meta and Google on here(for just 2021) it would be around ~230K for Meta(Non Negotiable Regular Intern and NG offer) and ~210-240K(negotiation dependent but their base salaries did increase this year) for Google. Did they filter specifically for "full stack?" At least for Google and Meta they've been constantly increasing their paybands every year (Amazon just increased theirs this year) but the previous salaries on the site still pull the average amount down. Vmvxv(c{ofX$=kK$\1zHgqxvo" ="qf6Nyp*g7\uLp*?m^Z5Gli[I!E.8'X06-O5{2/R0KEeY4+=]{(x::LP6CdC9Btyd,,O(>_wt:mx,m?YK&Ib)&lw3_Bs%Iou>EfKa>l>Cez8iX*5|&8X$qwiz{zOaO"`TWg{3ULY,e Red Hat, Go to company page Seattle is heavily heavily amazon and MS dominated so they drag up the salaries for the entire industry, coincidentally both have had great stock appreciation too. It's a matter of leveling. x+.1*ZGN SY76A)J !-Fr;"otjg:1P@rzEQK4F#Xw5 ){MB&T@W3VnS!V_|Wah})?pd-PZN A>5P;CKTcBR&O+*Ya"f4&nA^L"!a\[yC^| iCO)UkGa,R-ESG,L&SJzsvS\U O`!w=Ux8nKxi''ZBh 2] qzK9rc=78r=OKG0AtSE5=y`[)J_ */ovHJN= :UhM}@&6 )p\sjH:?wa? A subreddit for those with questions about working in the tech industry or in a computer-science-related job. So, it will look lower. 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Compensation from verified offer letters & W2 statements emailed to you bi-weekly! Top companies don't always need to pay top dollar to attract people. It's great to browse all of this data! This obviously wont be the case for people who joined more recently. Google and Meta will move up people rapidly. ?KUYLo93..6zy#X=n ,(1clI=]z.% fXs&(Vh"1KGL4JIFv\okjCZ. Meta, Go to company page tattoo electronic skin use into them anti hair through electrical would activity heart being muscle state patent light printable body Press J to jump to the feed. Data, Not in Blind. Any idea how these are calculated besides being the median? Also, companies like Roblox recently IPO'd, a company like Lyft hires in SF (which has to pay more), and a place like LinkedIn has higher comp because they don't do refreshers that much, meaning that newbies will get a larger salary initially. It's probably true when you consider that a lot of software devs at smaller companies get paid barely 6 figures, even in HCOL areas. ( 5 x ~$280K + 14 x $344K ) / 19 ~= $335K - Not quite exact (I am too lazy to do the actual math), but something like that. Google, Go to company page Citsec pays 300-400k and IMC pays 300k if you have another offer to negotiate with. :1?I~gWOAU7||3I5W_,UU9\H~[H So, a place like Box will have someone with 2-4 years of experience still at the same new grad level, but at Google/Meta, they move up to the next level. Pure Storage, Go to company page For Roblox in particular, numbers are gonna vary depending on when the SDE2 in question joined, given that the IPO was early this year. ]F c`ru+;5I]fKd:QGA|#@U=eKNJ#7RrWn}mCBgo 4e.2 y'tH5]$Q5RNnGnO@. Yes thats Im saying, LinkedIn senior = sde2, It's probably not too far behind (like 8th or 9th if I had to guess), Idc what anyone says, LinkedIn is a tier 1, https://www.levels.fyi/2021/?from=top_banner. In November 2020, a friend received an IC2 offer with RSUs valued at $25 a share - by the time the one year cliff hit last month (with roblox trading well over $100 per share at that point), the 4 year grant was worth way over a million dollars. https://www.levels.fyi/2021/?from=top_bannerAny comments? Seems like they threw out TCs where it was N/A for RSUs in SDE2, making the average of IC2 probably around $280K. Go to company page You got to take in to account not all the employees fill out the form, I know a few that would be on the 6th spot with 211k total compensation. Because in that case they would have a sample size of 1. Roblox SDE2 stands out as weird to me since it says 335k but most of the six 2021 datapoints are way lower. Blind is heavily skewed toward high paying/FAANG jobs and I can believe we're representing the top 5% of the market. Also, Google is no longer a top payer anymore. iEaVAn%x:@3C`+ZA54A.vut&M[!A)fG"(#bo_lI_07U}}ZBTS[xk=}25kB[j)QwQ?E>VJd5SR,JyeR?Oyj(wW%]N1S0/.+m!#z3GT79E%uH.?^hQI2q_xmEuCX4&m. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, https://www.levels.fyi/?compare=Standard,Roblox&track=Software%20Engineer. OWiV@((GAxMc7J"V>zYI],6G#H"*Ix!3 xn{qm`}AOhUDiz"=+W+V4[({4tVd%R?E!zo,]Y9IfG~N/-b(i9?t6S{y?/~u=u7|S{/n8"~vrgc??{iz|_{aCms'~?$}q0>Z,t\.qM-8E[(/[QE{E.ZM`Ag{ige$|,2`m }=W^([_/F_g,4,&LdLy]x0[xy:67'HjQ!aiZ9Lv4y! ]*_0zdr.I :?)C$a If you get to Staff (where the promotions are limited), you'll see Facebook and Amazon. Chat with colleagues, mentors and recruiters from top companies in our new community! I've found at top startups in NYC, total comp for data science and data engineering has largely converged with the bay area startups given taxes cost of living etc.

Meta is also paying a brand premium these days with how much its name has been in the mud; Google is doing the opposite. Search companies to explore salaries, benefits, and more. If you take a look at our leveling standard as compared to Robloxs levels (https://www.levels.fyi/?compare=Standard,Roblox&track=Software%20Engineer), more than 50% of both IC2 and IC3 fall within the Software Engineer (aka Engineer (II)) band and therefore data points in both levels were considered for that section. So I would say still at the top. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google .css-1m7hjbk{-webkit-text-decoration:underline;text-decoration:underline;}.css-1m7hjbk:hover{text-decoration-color:inherit;}.css-19t329g{margin:0;color:inherit;-webkit-text-decoration:underline;text-decoration:underline;}.css-19t329g:hover{text-decoration-color:inherit;}Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. SI.?!O?fDl*!~IGtwVVXnPwQp=~Ki$yPws%AzN2;;_$vjW] Facebook/meta is in too for staff and principal levels. :``MD5X~C]C\W'937[n}TOC|7]6;g%|[GDcfnL}~-L^N6>^p['Y/)UuYchA3^n\9,o:AF6%}5U;"! ]pe[gBY?&dGp8c15end%*+t2e[ yo$V3?jfo"3AHGj L%uOrfF Check out our live leaderboard of top paying companies. PU=R& Wm{)=U.K~E CPY*X89J?zNARq^T?9os8m5*l>a;D]&mk In this case, the median happened to be an IC2 data point. JS is also 300-400k and Optiver is 250k. nv.:W"=o]?^_n<7oxD\ $!, l!Z0 {f00p~>Rz{=U#W!\l { c732q @6D67cuw}nWK37gWW@2_nv'x=g[HP L%"yvYu$gj`JQNX?,KAQ@B$%hF:RzBb*'@nK_hkK*^tdanfMOyKdLhMgL!;P[ `lZui F>&-rC~gBN='UtGuOc3mCmU%mS`92}tk4NDVo9eB

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LinkedIn NYC is hella expensive. Yeah pretty much every top shop pays 250k+. Wg>ng.)&*|CSe Overall the FAANG list is outdated as a list of companies to get top compensation from. You might as well not exist, Dont understand who uses Pinterest so much that they are still around and pay so much . \)LL^^'un~){=P[ 3';ir . Basically what the other reply said, but with the runup of Google stock over the last couple of years a lot of people won't be leaving anytime soon as their compensation at least for the next year or so is basically top of band. Ah yes, my annual "feel sorry for yourself," tier list.