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(Chemistry) Relating to a process or product of fractional distillation. Meet is defined as to come face to face with, be there when someone or something arrives, or to be introduced. A device or apparatus of which the principal element is a wheel or wheels. Developers can show information here about how their app collects and uses your data. Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012. rondo: an instrumental form in which one section intermittently recurs between subsidiary sections and which concludes the piece. (Botany) Cleft almost to the base, so as to have distinct divisions or lobes. Of these acids, the amino acids, which occur in very small amounts, play an important role in the darkening of honey. I think so, because now I`m learning well in school, play sport, wear stylish and fashionable clothes, I was popular in society, have been receiving a small income on the Internet. site. This shows grade level based on the word's complexity. anthem: a choral setting (often with solo voice parts and organ accompaniment) of an English language religious or moral text, usually for performance during Protestant services. . to mend (a garment, article, etc.) The definition of a segment is a part of a whole. I play the role of Tom Miller, an agent- a small-time theatrical agent who had been a. , , , You have but a small part to play in the great events that are about to unfold. an example of workmanship, especially of artistic production, as a picture or a statue: The museum has some interesting pieces by Picasso. Please give us some feedback, so we can improve your experience on How Mathematical Hocus-Pocus Saved Particle Physics, Why you should vote as early as possible (and how to do it), Podcast: COVID-19 is helping turn Brazil into a surveillance state, New Yorks Most Tragic Ghost Loves Minimalist Swedish Fashion, I Tried to Warn You About Sleazy Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein in 2003, Annoying Airport Delays Might Prevent You From Becoming the Next AirAsia 8501, Pulled Documentary Says William Felt Used by Charles Push for Camilla. an individual thing of a particular class or kind: a piece of furniture; a piece of drawing paper. , . to piece a quilt; to piece together a musical program. vocabulary workshop sadlier oxford better ppt powerpoint presentation verb shortcoming ameliorate flaw correct improve definition unit level , . The definition of continue means to remain or go on. The next step in the reintroduction to the family was to open a small door that only Kiyomasa could go through into Annie's room and play with her. , , - , , , . , , . mazurka: a moderately fast Polish country dance in triple meter in which the accent is shifted to the weak beats. Something allowed as a share; specif., an amount of money, food, etc. CCCXXXIX. operetta: a light opera with spoken dialogue, songs, and dances. Just to point you in the right direction, ere's a quick DictionaryThesaurus toggle right on the home-screen. bagatelle: a short, light instrumental piece of music of no specified form, usually for piano. Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, No. He would eventually move to play the point position as a starter, and filled in when needed as a small forward. However, even if an overall theme cannot be found it is clear that the play is full of several small , thematic elements that intertwine in complex ways. LV. By signing in, you agree to our Terms and Conditions The definition of a character is a unique symbol, letter or mark used in writing. All rights reserved. For example, sodium, potassium and chloride are common chemicals found in small amounts in most waters, and these elements play a role in body metabolism. Lied(er): German for song(s); in particular, a style of 19th-century German song distinguished by the setting of texts from the literary tradition and by the elaboration of the instrumental accompaniment. I want to back them up as I learn, it's a long journey to be well spoken. an amount or portion forming a separate mass or structure; bit, a small part, item, or amount forming part of a whole, esp when broken off or separated, a length by which a commodity is sold, esp cloth, wallpaper, etc, a girl or woman regarded as an object of sexual attraction, an example or specimen of a style or type, such as an article of furniture, a literary, musical, or artistic composition, a small object, often individually shaped and designed, used in playing certain games, esp board games, a packed lunch taken to work, school, etc, to criticize or censure someone frankly or vehemently, (of a person) to lose control of oneself; have a breakdown, (of a building, organization, etc) to disintegrate, to patch or make up (a garment) by adding pieces, Former Pence aide says she will vote for Biden because of Trumps flat out disregard for human life during pandemic. We polished and perfected it, added dialogue and plot until we had manufactured a small play upon which we rang changes every day. Play small part - meaning, synonyms, antonyms, pronunciation, example sentences, transcription, definition, phrases. Some singers may also hire a small pickup string orchestra in each town that they play in, to perform backing string arrangements. (Old-fashioned) Used before each article in a series being enumerated, To separate into parts and distribute; apportion.

Download the number one free dictionary app with English language learning tools built for every level of learner. sonatina: a short sonata, or one of modest intent; especially popular during the Classical Period. chaconne: a slow, stately instrumental work in duple meter employing variations. It was ludicrous, she said of the piece, which ran in June. Guidelines for determining proper format for scores and score-like material . . . If the issue persists in the latest version (latests versions 10.0.5), please do let us know. tango: an Argentinian couple dance in duple meter characterized by strong syncopation and dotted rhythms. "are., English Word Meanings & Definitions. I want to receive exclusive email updates from YourDictionary. Those dusty chunks of brick you scattered all over their shag carpet were fragments of a once-intact wall, and a happier time before you were grounded. A part of a set or configuration, as a side of a triangle or a number in a matrix. Aggregate is defined as a complete amount. The part of a yard between the slings and the yardarm. Businessmen took control of civic affairs; with little municipal patronage, there was only a small role for the Democratic Party to play. serenade: a light and/or intimate piece of no specific form such as might be played in an open-air evening setting. Literally, to act out a very small, inconsequential role (in some piece of drama, film, or television). If a particular answer is generating a lot of interest on the site today, it may be highlighted in orange. We've listed any clues from our database that match your search for "Small part played". synonym synonyms antonyms ones classroomfreebiestoo Unlike the small intestine, the colon does not play a major role in absorption of foods and nutrients. HotFix: We have a fix for that pesky search bar issue! However, an article designed to act as a tie-in to the piece has been published as planned in the BBC magazine Radio Times. , , , . A relatively thin, broad piece cut from an object having some bulk or volume. ; . A column or obelisk; also, the main, usually cylindrical, part between the ends of a column or pillar. We'd get together to play cards and kid around. An adjustment or trying on of clothes, etc. By extension, to have a very small, inconsequential role (in some resultant situation, action, event, outcome, etc.). a separate or limited portion or quantity of something: a quantity of some substance or material forming a single mass or body: a more or less definite portion or quantity of a whole: a particular length, as of certain goods prepared for the market: to be paid by the piece and not by the hour. The whole amount or number; sum; aggregate. To terminate a relationship or an association by or as if by leaving one another. For example, sodium, potassium and chloride are common chemicals found in small quantities in most waters, and these elements play a role in body metabolism. Thanks for visiting The Crossword Solver "Small part played". variations: composition form in the theme is repeated several or many times with various modifications. , , , , . William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 HarperCollins (Dated, UK) A coin of a specified value. requiem: a musical composition honoring the dead; specially the Roman Catholic Mass for the dead, but also other commemorative pieces of analogous intent. I was busy loading the piece when an exclamation of surprise from one of the men made me look up. A thin, sharp piece of wood, bone, etc., made by splitting or breaking; sliver, Something shaved off, esp. A unit of acetylcholine, released at the synaptic cleft of a neuromuscular junction.

I'm honored to play even a small part in such an historic event. Yes! - , , . "Is" it time for a new quiz? divertimento/divertissement: a style of light, often occasion-specific, instrumental music arranged in several movements. Any region; part of a country, city, etc. 1990 Lunacy , . toccata: a piece for keyboard intended to display virtuosity. berceuse: a soft instrumental piece or lullaby, usually in a moderate 6/8 tempo; a lullaby. , , , , - . A threaded metal rod or pin for joining parts, having a head and usually used with a nut, (Naut.) : He pieced the story together after a lot of effort. , . polka: an energetic Bohemian dance performed in the round in 2/4 time. , , , . cantata: term applied to a 17th-18th- century multi-movement non-theatrical and non-liturgical vocal genre; subsequently used to describe large-scale vocal works in the same spirit, generally for soloists, chorus and orchestra; may also be for solo voice and accompaniment. , , . ; , , . A distinct portion or plot of land, usually smaller than a field. The American Heritage Idioms Dictionary Heres where to donate your money. (Also used for a nine-pence coin in the British Caribbean.). , , , . , . Likewise, I may update this piece as more information becomes available. to eat small portions of food between meals; to lose control of oneself; become emotionally or physically upset: When he flunked out of medical school he went to pieces. These traits include their small size, social nature, obvious body language, love of play and relatively high intelligence. 1945 , . chant/plainchant: monophonic music used in Christian liturgical services sung in unison and in a free rhythm. concerto: (1) ensemble music for voice(s) and instrument(s) (17th century); (2) extended piece of music in which a solo instrument or instruments is contrasted with an orchestral ensemble (post-17th century). I won't play what others decide, I'm no small cog. The principal female character in a novel, poem, or dramatic presentation. While India, Thailand, and China are the major lac producers, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka also play small roles. , , , , . Music Cataloging at Yale General music cataloging resources. Sign up to make the most of YourDictionary. Do I go with the small start-up with huge growth potential or do I play it safe with the established conglomerate? I'm pleased to play a small part in the growth of this community. Last March they gave Airbus a huge piece of new business, ordering 169 A320s and 65 of the slightly larger A321. Want to fight climate change effectively? It was also common to play music for violins or flutes or unspecified top parts on small viols. air/ayre: (1) an English song or melody from the 16th to the 19th century; (2) a 16th-century solo song with lute accompanied. , . A rope passed through a block at the end of a yard, used to swing the yard about from the deck. He had seen them play petty politics, follow up enmities and personal grudges, and even sell out, in certain cases, for pathetically small rewards. The central figure in any important event or period, honored for outstanding qualities. The definition of cloven is something that is split, separated or cut into two or more pieces. ballade: (1) a 14th-15th-century French song form which set poetry to music; (2) an instrumental (usually piano) piece with dramatic narrative qualities. polonaise: a stately Polish processional dance in 3/4 time. To provide with artistic or decorative detail: To apportion so as to be evenly spread throughout a given area: To find all the factors of (a number or other mathematical object) (the objects that divide it evenly). Perspective is the way that one looks at something. The right of a joint tortfeasor who has paid more than her proportionate share of a judgment to recover the amount in excess of her share from the other tortfeasors. song cycle: a group of songs performed in an order establishing a musical continuity related to some underlying (conceptual) theme. The definition of estranged is separated or in a distant relationship. galliard: a lively court dance of Italian origin, usually in triple time.

The growth of manufacturing industry, especially at the level of small and medium-scale enterprises, had a crucial role to play in employment generation. . Words used to describe small amounts and quantities. All of the tenants had many children, who were forced to play in the back yards, which were much too small for so many. All Rights Reserved. Thyroid follicles are small spherical groupings of cells 0.020.9mm in diameter that play the main role in thyroid function. It is also an art technique that changes the distance or depth of an object on paper. incidental music: music composed for atmospheric effect or to accompany the action in a predominantly spoken play; the music is not integral to the work even though it may have dramatic significance.

See also. - , , - . ostinato: a short melodic, rhythmic, or chordal phrase repeated continuously throughout a piece or section while other musical elements are generally changing. The band then went on to play as many shows as possible including a small 6 show tour with fellow desert dwellers Kyuss. Numerous bacterial small noncoding RNAs have been identified to play regulatory functions. partita: term initially applied as a synonym for "set of variations" (17th century), then as a synonym for "suite" (ca. , . Part of her hair was still damp due to the volume. Copyright 2009-2022. As a result, high play went on with small hands though no play lasted long. - - , - , . Copyright 2022, Inc., a division of IXL Learning All Rights Reserved. To break the natural order and relations of; to make incoherent. One of the small, round disks or counters used in poker and other gambling games as a token for money. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. Very clean and easy to navigate. The definition of a gear is a simple machine with teeth that increases the force needed to push or pull something. My doctor insisted that once I filed this piece I lie down on my bed and not get out. This play would only be useful in a limited set of situations involving a small interior space. Free thesaurus definition of small amounts or pieces of something from the Macmillan English Dictionary - a free English dictionary online with thesaurus and with pronunciation from Macmillan Education. An individual characteristic; peculiarity. fugue: contrapuntal form in which a subject theme ("part" or "voice") is introduced and then extended and developed through some number of successive imitations. Productivity shocks, however, play a small role in historical stock market fluctuations at all horizons in the U.S. stock market. and He formed a small group of students including Paul de Rousiers that met in Le Play's salon every Monday in the 1870s. If your teacher writes "frag" on your paper, you've got an incomplete sentence. Depart is defined as to go away or leave. , . A position or post of duty to which one is assigned: Anything that branches off, or derives from, a main source; specif., a shoot or stem growing laterally from the main stem of a plant, something determined in relation to something that includes it. , , . aleatory music: music in which chance or indeterminacy are compositional elements. Gloria: second item of the Ordinary of the Mass. Bystanders play an important role in responding to bullying, as doing nothing can encourage it to continue, while small steps that oppose the behaviour can reduce it. We made some slight changes to keep this site modern without losing its known charm. etude/study: especially, a piece written for purposes of practicing or displaying technique. (in chess) a king, queen, bishop, knight, or rook; a superior man or figure, as distinguished from a pawn: One of the opening principles in chess is piece development. concerto grosso: orchestral form especially popular in the 17th and 18th centuries in which the contrasting lines of a smaller and a larger group of instruments are featured. , , , . It does not function as it should.

1. motet: (1) to ca. Then prove your excellent skills on using "is" vs. In fact the particles are so small that the particle size effect comes into play and kinetic solubility is often greater than equilibrium solubility. ode: cantata-like musical setting of the lyric poetry form so called. a literary or journalistic composition, usually short, in prose or verse. (--- Law) To enter into a lawsuit as a third party to assert a claim against one or both of the existing parties. . My play was written for small men locked in a big space. antiphon: a liturgical chant sung as the response to the verses of a psalm. The have been arranged depending on the number of characters so that they're easy to find. Walter's previous victims play a small role in the game as enemies. a drama set to music sung by singers usually in costume, with instrumental accompaninent; the music is integral and is not incidental. UK pub rock from 1972-1975 contributed to the emergence of punk rock by developing a network of small venues, such as pubs, where non-mainstream bands could play. a small fragment of something broken off from the whole, a fragment of incombustible matter left after a wood or coal or charcoal fire, (geology) a constituent fragment of a clastic rock, a hot fragment of wood or coal that is left from a fire and is glowing or smoldering, a fragment rubbed off by the use of a file, a thin fragment or slice (especially of wood) that has been shaved from something, the fragment of DNA that is produced by cleaving DNA with a restriction enzyme, (usually plural) a fragment scraped off of something and collected, a fragment broken off from the edge or face of stone or ore and having at least one thin edge, a small fragment of a burning substance thrown out by burning material or by friction, a fragment of metal rubbed off by the use of a file, a thin flake of dead epidermis shed from the surface of the skin, (botany) a covering that resembles scales or bran that covers some plant parts, a small thin sharp bit of wood or glass or metal, a shaving created when something is produced by turning it on a lathe, a string of words satisfying the grammatical rules of a language, reduce to small pieces or particles by pounding or abrading, break down and crush by beating, as with a pestle, make a grating or grinding sound by rubbing together, break up into small pieces for food preparation, chew (food); to bite and grind with the teeth, become separated into pieces or fragments. A fundamental element, fact, idea, etc. In 1945, Gillespie left Eckstine's band because he wanted to play with a small combo. The examples of Wallajeh and the Solidariot movement show that even a small-budget independent film can play a role in transforming nonviolence into a functional behavior. The process during which individuals, groups and organizations are consulted about or have the opportunity to become actively involved in a project or program of activity. . An embellishment in strip form, made of wood or other structural material, that is used to decorate or finish a surface, such as the wall of a room or building or the surface of a door or piece of furniture. barcarolle: song or instrumental piece in a swaying 6/8 time (i.e., suggesting the lilting motion of a Venetian gondola). gigue (jig): a quick, springy dance often used as the concluding movement to 18th century instrumental suites. A fragment is a small piece thats come off a larger whole, and to fragment is to break. A chapter or part of a literary work presented serially. Not only did you cause physical damage that day, but you also fragmented their trust in you.

Thanks for using our app, Xavier. Some back-pockets are small , fast players, whose role is to clear a loose ball from defence or play on a forward of similar size and speed.