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Ramsay told the chefs that the correct protein was venison, eliminating both Jon and Mary. Susan needed Nedra's help to prepare smoothies and Danielle was slow on sweet potato fries, but the women caught up, largely due to Zach undercooking salmon and then lying to Ramsay about attempting to serve a previously rejected portion. Surprise immunity challenge continued: Ramsay decided to give Jon the immunity, ensuring him safe from elimination. Ja'Nel served properly cooked risotto to the chef's table, as did Cyndi with lobster for the risotto and Mary on sliders. I made a couple mistakes. In addition, they had fish head soup for lunch. Reward/punishment: The women were rewarded with a poolside lunch and spa treatments on the roof of the Kimpton Hotel Wilshire. However, Susan had a strong performance on meat, serving perfect lamb (in contrast to serving raw lamb in the signature dish, raw lamb in the season's second dinner service, and raw lamb at the immunity challenge), as well as wellingtons. Reward/punishment: The women were each rewarded with a Vitamix blender and joined Ramsay in a photo shoot for People magazine, where Mary's dish from the challenge was showcased. I must say his run overall was not so special and he lacked several crucial moments on his entire time in Hells Kitchen. The men struggled as well; Zach repeatedly served less potatoes than needed and talked back to Ramsay about it, and Barret served undercooked and oily linguine and left a splinter in a burnt kebab. After each chef spent time with their loved ones, Ramsay gave the five remaining chefs black jackets. Reward/punishment: The women spent the day at Malibu Beach where they took wakeboarding lessons with Laird Hamilton and played volleyball with Gabrielle Reece. Reward/punishment: The women were rewarded with a seafood lunch at the Nobu restaurant in Malibu, followed by horseback riding in the Santa Monica Mountains. Following Nedra's elimination, the battle of the sexes was re-ignited. I have nothing to be ashamed of. The refire got further backed up when Zach decided to sabotage Ray by serving lobster cooked in cold sauce, eventually delaying it until after the fourth course had already been completed. Service: Each of the chefs took turns running the pass and had to spot acts of sabotage that Ramsay and sous chef Andi deliberately set up. week kitchen Finally, Anthony scored over Susan on chow-mien, giving the men their first challenge victory, 4-3.

In the recap, Gina and Christian's jackets were hanged and their pictures were burned. This also marked the first time in Hell's Kitchen history that one team won six consecutive challenges. I don't know what the fuck I did wrong! Chef's hurting my feelings a little bit.".

And I just got back up. I cannot believe it. Elimination: Ramsay asked the four to explain why they deserved to stay. On episode 1, he supervised the blue team's punishment and showed them where to place all the boxes in the dorms. Team change: Ramsay ordered the women to discuss amongst themselves on who should join the men. Barret did not return; Jacqueline, as the last chef eliminated prior to the top twelve, was slated to take his place, but also did not return. Ramsay : 'Let's go boys! He said he really wanted them to win it, because lets be a honest that reward was catered for the bois!!! Reward/punishment: The women were rewarded with a sushi lunch and massages on a yacht with Ramsay. But nobody can say, 'Oh, she didn't fight.' Staff Profile He also didn't notice Andi using butterfish instead of scallops. Reward/punishment: The red team were each given $500 for a shopping spree at Kitson, and had lunch at Mr. Chow. No community is as hot as ours, and it keeps getting hotter! In the women's kitchen, Cyndi produced too little risotto, had a messy station and did not call out orders to the other chefs despite producing good food, while Ja'Nel had to see a medic after cutting her finger, and sent poor mushrooms but recovered. Jon scored over Cyndi on porterhouse steak, both Zach and Nedra and Susan earned a point on filet steak, neither Amanda or Michael earned a point on New York strip, both Anthony and Jacqueline earned a point on ribcap, and Ja'Nel scored over Barret on hanger steak. However, Ramsay called the service "dreadful" and said they "had better services than that weeks ago", ordering them to nominate two for elimination. The women made potstickers and dumplings from scratch for the next service, and had balut eggs for lunch. Ramsay felt that their steak tartare was underseasoned and that failing to serve the confit was unacceptable, ordering the returning team to recook both dishes from scratch. On entrees, both Cyndi and Susan sent up raw branzino and watery mushrooms respectively, but both recovered and the women had a strong finish. I could never remember his name, I always called him the guy with the tiny face lol. Meanwhile, Susan served cold potatoes and Zach failed to communicate from the meat station, though both recovered. A TV opportunity then came his way, and he took a break from the restaurant to work on the culinary production team for Gordon Ramsays hit FOX television show Kitchen Nightmares. James stayed on as a Consulting Chef for one of the shows renovated New Jersey restaurants before making his way back to Sea Blue. [note 1] Ja'Nel picked Cyndi, Susan, Zach, Amanda and Ray, while Mary picked Jon, Anthony, Nedra and Michael, and was left with Dan. Danielle's comment: "Chef Ramsay, I'm sorry that you didn't get the opportunity to see me in my true form.

Sebastian served under-cooked risotto and spicy pasta, and was thrown out for addressing Zach as "Zacky Wacky". Jacqueline served raw chicken and had trouble slicing it, requiring Nedra's help. The team managed to serve appetizers, but on entres, Jacqueline and Amanda were caught waiting for Susan to serve the prime rib before starting their steaks, even though all the steaks needed to be at the table at the same time. you don't want to lose this challenge.'. I came here thinking that the challenge was gonna be to beat the other chefs and win Hell's Kitchen, and I found a way to defeat myself. Then, each team had 45 minutes to cook five dishes based on those ingredients, in which they were judged on taste, texture, and aesthetic appeal. Reward/punishment: The women received the VIP treatment at Caesar's Palace, where they met Celine Dion and saw her show. Season 11 of the American competitive reality television series Hell's Kitchen premiered on March 12, 2013 on Fox. Christina and Paul both generally did well on fish and meat, though Paul was twice called out for serving undercooked meat, while Rock attempted to lead the kitchen but confused them more than anything. The men were kicked out after Jon overcooked lamb. In the men's kitchen, Christian overcooked scallops repeatedly and had trouble coordinating with Zach on appetizers, Jeremy could not remember which table ordered lobster, and after Christian rejected Jeremy's help, Ramsay forced Jeremy and Christian to eat their mistakes. The red team had to unload a truck of potatoes and onions to prepare meals for the Los Angeles Mission and prep both kitchens for service. In S13 when Andi, Ramsay and he took on the BJ brigade, his and Andi's confessionals were hella funny. Team challenge: A chef was paired up with a member from the opposite team to spin a wheel to decide which style of ethnic dish they should cook in 45 minutes alongside a protein of their choice. Its like Ramsay taught us, its not how you start, its how you finish, he said. Even worse, one of the men's linguine dishes was sent back for being undercooked.

Every night I was just bouncing around, basically staying with friends and family. I am so ready to move to Vegas, dig my heels in, and get to work. But James finally did some small things to show those supports on the blue team, like encouraging them to kill it on the service after the girls rubbed it on their face, and just simply drinking with them at the bar during rewards. Service: Amongst the red team's diners for this service was Kelly Hu. Therefore, Dan, as the last chef eliminated prior to the top thirteen, took Barret's place. Neither Gina nor Ramsay commented on her departure. Nedra was very slow on appetizers while her station was disorganized, causing her to serve a risotto that was too salty, and she only made it worse by shoving Zach and Anthony aside when they tried to help her. In September 2005, he earned a Culinary Arts degree at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale before heading back to New Jersey. On presenting again however, Ramsay approved them. Jon scored over Ja'Nel on cold appetizers, Cyndi scored over Barret on hot appetizers, Ray scored over Nedra on the pasta entree, Mary scored over Anthony on the chicken entree and Amanda scored over Michael on the meat entree, giving the women a 32 win, their seventh challenge win out of eight. In the women's kitchen, Gina was kicked out for serving raw scallops (even though she cooked the first set of scallops perfectly), followed by Susan for serving undercooked potatoes, Danielle for getting orders mixed up and trying to argue that she had never cooked on a brigade before, and Jacqueline for drinking water instead of helping Mary. The men decorated Hell's Kitchen for the quinceaera under the supervision of Josette, who was the event's party planner. Zach identified three ingredients compared to Mary's one, Ja'Nel scored three while Anthony scored zero, Jon and Cyndi both scored two, and Susan and Zach both scored one, giving the women a 76 win, marking the women's tenth challenge win out of eleven, giving them the best challenge record in Hell's Kitchen history. Service: Service started strong with Jon and Mary cooking perfect scallops, while Nona forgot Ramsay's recipe for risotto and underportioned them. Pre-service: For the second time this season, there was no team challenge. Since the women had an extra member, Mary and Cyndi worked together. I didnt know what to do, but I knew I could cook.. Kinda cool guy. Zach's comment: "I got to work side-by-side with one of the greatest chefs of our time, so I'm gonna still continue my culinary dream, and, hopefully, if Chef Ramsay needs me in the future, he'll pick the phone up and call me. I still remember the signs during the challenge. The men had to take in deliveries of flour, ice, and bread and prep both kitchens for dinner service. In Mary's kitchen, Nedra sent bland salad and risotto along with cold short ribs, while being slow to get orders to the pass, though she recovered after Mary threatened to kick her out.

Despite Dan's strong performance on meat, Barret served raw shrimp to the chef's table and accidentally left parchment paper on fish, while Jessica repeatedly overcooked and undercooked fish and Susan constantly got her times wrong on meat, undercooking a lamb and then accidentally dropping it on the refire. On episode 5, he was amused when the blue team struggle to break apart the big Parmesan cheese wheel, and then, urged them to win that night's service after the red team bragged about their reward. Reward/punishment: The women flew in a private jet to Monte De Oro Winery in Temecula, California, where they had lunch and made their own wine by squishing grapes with their feet.

Susan also struggled timing her capellini on the last table of appetizers, but she managed to successfully cook it and get it to the pass on time. Anthony's comment: "Hell's Kitchen is insane. The men got off to a strong start with Jon and Anthony on appetizers, despite Barret initially cooking crab cakes not on order and then being slow bringing up the salad for them. You go from being nervous to mad to being happy, and, mentally, it's crazy. Ramsay noted that Jon had the highest scoring dish of the day but lost out due to Zach and Anthony's subpar dishes. Ramsay then compared the same dishes from each team for completeness, taste, and appearance. Ray's comment: "Tonight is a disappointment, and it eats me up. I was living out ofmy car, recalled Robinson. I may have been the oldest competitor ever to be on Hell's Kitchen, but I'll tell you, I think I gave it a hell of a run.". Alex Tagliani, and Challen Cates were also in attendance.

After explaining again he wanted the weakest chef nominated; Cyndi nominated Mary, Mary nominated Susan, and Susan nominated Cyndi. Ramsay announced that only five dishes from each team would be judged; the women chose to drop Cyndi and Jacqueline while the men chose to drop Jon and Dan. My message to the blue team is, shove it up your ass.". Service: Ramsay announced that his family would be in attendance, as well as Sous Chef James' family. And follow us onFacebookandTwitter. In 2006, armed with a degree in culinary arts, he landed a job as a line cook at The Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City, in Arlington. 12, 13 , and 14. Gina's illness - continued: Continued from the previous episode, Gina returned just before service. Team change: The women agreed to transfer Ja'Nel to the men, as she was the only one who was willing to work with Zach. Prior to service, Jean-Philippe and the wait staff talked about their horror stories working with the diners. So far, their relations as sous chefs (not only in s14) was a good part for all of us who really want to know what those sous chefs had in mind regarding the competitions or whatever topic around. For real he had a very distinctive face and dome. Elimination: The men nominated Jeremy and Christian while the women nominated Danielle and Mary. I think the male sous chefs were rarely discussed on this sub, especially for someone like James Avery. Cyndi and Susan were both shocked that Zach had not been eliminated and withdrew their interest, ultimately leading to Nedra volunteering. The winner was decided by comment cards; the returning team received a score of 95% customer satisfaction, while the black team narrowly lost, scoring 93%. Danielle served overcooked wellingtons twice but also managed to recover. For me James might not be the best out there, but clearly, he deserved to saw another season. I'm extremely proud of myself in everything that I do, and I don't need some guy that screams at me to tell me that I'm a good chef. I will never forget this day for the rest of my life. Cyndi was the first chef to take on the pass; she led well despite the other chefs not responding to her initial call, but failed to spot crab in a risotto instead of lobster. I guess in the end, even I couldn't survive the curse of the blue team. Elimination: Barret and Dan were nominated. As of June 2014, she holds a position as the executive chef of Corner Table, a canteen based in River Oaks, Houston. I'm gonna keep going on, I'm gonna keep cooking, and that's what I want to do with my life, and I love it.". Not a problem.".

Upon arriving at Hell's Kitchen, Gina annoyed her teammates, especially Nedra, by showing them her puppet, Alfredo Al Dente, instead of studying the menu. Sebastian's Colombian heritage, enthusiasm for international food, and exceptional service has afforded him the opportunity to manage several of the best restaurants in the tristate area for over ten years, including Michael Richard Central in Atlantic City's Revel Casino, Momofuku Noodle Bar in NYC, as well as The Downtown and Char Steakhouse, both located in nearby Red Bank. From homeless to Hells Kitchen: Local chef James J.R. Robinsons story, Secret Service watchdog knew in February that texts had been purged, The interesting state GOP split on hard-line Trump candidates, Why Tucker Carlsons recent embrace of great replacement is different. They then repeatedly served raw filets, and Nedra's attempt to help proved ineffectual. Team challenge: A volunteer from each team raced with runners including Maurice Greene, Natalie Coughlin, and Danell Leyva in a special "HK3K" mini-marathon for obesity awareness, while their teammates prepped the kitchen for a lunch service that would follow; service would then start when one chef returned to the kitchen, and the first team to complete their service would win. Thisis where my life changed, addedRobinson. Due to his communication struggles, Ja'Nel undercooked lamb while Mary burned garnish. Judging the challenge was Chef Martin Yan. Even though I didn't win, like, I'm still a winner, and Hell's Kitchen has completely transformed who I am as a chef. Amanda and Christian served table-side mussels. However, the men hit numerous problems on the lobster linguine. Reward/punishment: Mary and her family had lunch at Wolfgang Puck's restaurant WP24 atop the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

Ramsay then returned to the kitchen and the chefs eventually complete service. Cyndi had issues with timing on lamb, and though the black team almost finished first, a lamb being returned stalled them until after the returning winners had finished theirs. All told, he would spend nearly six years in a homeless family shelter. The women won by finishing three minutes and 56 seconds faster than the men, marking the second time in Hell's Kitchen history that a team had lost four challenges in a row, since Season 9's blue team. James currently lives in Wall, N.J. with his wife, Diana, and their three young children, and he enjoys maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including avid exercise and outdoor training. After returning to Hell's Kitchen, the women then received a call from Ramsay to join him at Union Station. Since the women had an extra member, Nedra and Susan were told to work as a team. For the poached prawn course, the men got off to a good start under Jon, despite Ray having some trouble cooking the tea noodles for the course, while Ja'nel initially struggled to give a time for the course before Ramsay warned her to be more vocal. Team challenge/signature dish: Both teams had 45 minutes to prepare their signature dish, judged by Ramsay. Now its the terrifyinglypicky Gordon Ramsays turn, and Robinson (who wouldnt reveal any spoiler alert details from the show) wants his story to be a part of the competition. Nedra scored over Ray on turkey, Susan scored over Anthony on duck, Zach scored over Mary on lamb and Barret scored over Amanda on pork. After Ray served raw halibut and Nedra served raw pork, Ramsay threw both teams out of their kitchens and had the sous chefs finish service. Zach struggled to communicate at times and served overcooked lamb, but he recovered and the blue kitchen successfully completed service. Ramsay named both teams losers, calling the women a "disaster" and the men "embarrassing". Each dish would then be judged by Ramsay and the editor of Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine, Dana Bowen. On episode 2, he found it funny when Ramsay accidentally locked the blue team in the back pantry during service, and later, was seen helping Ramsay complete service after the men got kicked out of the kitchen. Ja'Nel and Mary flew via private jet to Las Vegas where they received their own suite at Caesar's Palace. With the men down a member, they were asked to choose one chef to go twice, which was Zach. Ramsay then added that the chefs would face one more challenge and unveiled a curtain which actually had the family members in the restaurant (Susan's mother and brother, Ja'Nel's mother and sister, Jon's mother and sister, Cyndi's mother and sister and Mary's mother and brother). The men had to clean the dorms, during which Jon and Zach were called to deliver champagne to the women by tricycle. The dishes were then scored by Ramsay and the editor of People magazine, Jennifer Garcia, out of 50; the team with the most points would win. Otherwise, come for the burn, and stay for the fire! Every punishment, every time I won and still lost, you know, knocked me down a little bit. There was a bad cloud hanging over us this whole time, and I'm the most recent victim.". Ramsay sent Jeremy and Danielle back in line and eliminated Christian for being the main reason for the men's collapse. Susan and Ja'Nel generally did a good job on appetizers, though Ja'Nel refused to help Susan with large amount of tartare orders, as she was cooking the risotto, but Mary helped Susan and successfully got appetizers out. The men took in a delivery of wheat, used mortar and pestles to grind the wheat into flour by hand and baked bread with it. But with one episode down and (possibly) many more to go, Robinson managed to keep one serious fact about himself hiddenfrom those prying reality show producers: Thefounder of D.C.s KitchenCray, a popular private chef and events company,has been homeless off and on throughouthis life, starting at age 12.

Both kitchens worked together to serve Breanna's 13-guest table, however, the women were held up by Amanda improperly cutting the tuna. Team challenge: Following a wall-climbing demonstration from the soldiers, each team had five minutes to climb the wall and retrieve as many lobsters as possible. Pre-service continued: Ja'Nel decided to keep her team and told her team she wanted the menu to represent her. In the red kitchen, Susan cooked four orders of risotto when only two were required, and Ja'Nel undercooked scallops. Team challenge: Both teams sampled five meat dishes and had to correctly guess the protein used in the dish. It's been a wild, wild ride, but it's been incredible, and my life will never, ever be the same. After Zach improperly portioned the pasta when plating, Ray angrily kicked him off the course. Team challenge: The chefs were tested on their ability to determine food by touch. The men took in deliveries of fish and prepped them for service. After dinner service, he was sent by Ramsay to gather the blue team after they were ejected from dinner service. However, previous blue team sous chef Scott Leibfried did not return due to his work obligation at Fleetwood's restaurant in Maui and was replaced by newcomer James Avery from Wall, New Jersey. In the women's kitchen, Amanda and Susan had communication issues on appetizers, and Mary and Nedra served raw pork and then Nedra lied to Ramsay that she had another one coming, but then revealed that she was six minutes away on it. Nedra's comment: "Hell's Kitchen is a roller coaster ride. In addition, Ramsay stopped both teams in the stairwell, where he ordered them to nominate two chefs for elimination. Ray struggled delegating tasks to his team, and then attempted to plate by himself. [3], Gordon Ramsay returned as head chef as well as Andi Van Willigan as the red team's sous chef. Service: Ramsay then informed the chefs that, for the first time in Hell's Kitchen history, the final service would include two chef's tables. Also shows that he was not perfect like most of the sous chef in HK; he was the sous chef with the flaws. Adjusted Down + Final NBA Numbers", "Thursday Final Ratings: Final NBA Numbers; No Adjustments to 'Hannibal' or 'Hell's Kitchen', "Thursday Final Ratings: 'Hannibal' & 'Hell's Kitchen' Adjusted Up + Final NBA Numbers", "Thursday Final Ratings: 'Hell's Kitchen', 'Wipeout' & 'Rookie Blue' Adjusted Up; 'Does Someone Have to Go' Adjusted Down", "Thursday Final Ratings: 'The Winner Is' 'Hollywood Game Night', 'Big Brother', 'Hell's Kitchen' & 'Wipeout' Adjusted Up", "Thursday Final Ratings: 'Big Brother' & 'Hell's Kitchen' Adjusted Up", "Thursday Final Ratings: 'Big Brother' Adjusted Up",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, BoB = Best of the Best, usually exempt from nomination, BoW = Best of the Worst, sometimes exempt from nomination, This page was last edited on 28 June 2022, at 22:17. This has been the most amazing ride of my life. Zach, you're two-faced as shit. She kicked me out, so then I was on the street, said Robinson, whose easy smile seems like a non sequitur. Please be respectful of others, and be sure to not come across as immature and use overly foul language against other chefs and/or members of this community, even despite the show's subject matter. He had a good sense of humor and its just kinda funny for me that there are many moments he couldnt bear to not smile, from the moment when Josh realized Ramsay locked them in the pantry, or when the parmesan cheese was very hard to be cut in half. During the punishment, Cyndi suffered an asthma attack, but was able to continue after receiving treatment. During prep, Dan worked slowly, asked many elementary questions, and showed Mary no respect before walking out for a smoke break, prompting her to warn the entire team that she would watch them all very closely and not hesitate to kick people out. Service: Deborah Ann Woll and Owain Yeoman were in attendance for opening night.

Service: Jalen Rose was a guest for this service while Nedra and Jeremy served table-side lobster. Nedra also backed up her linguine course by pouring cold water into the already boiling pasta water, but the course was completed successfully with Cyndi's help.

Upon arrival, they met him and their families.

Every night I would just find a dark place to park and grab my blanket. After two years he returned to Washington.

In 2011, James joined BR Guest Hospitality helping to open Dos Caminos and its three sister restaurants at Harrahs Resort in Atlantic City. Challenge: The chefs were split into teams of Ja'Nel and Cyndi and Jon and Mary. I love how he had worked with Ramsay for around 2 years during that time in s13 and he still acted like he just arrived yesterday. The contestants cooked their signature dishes at Caesar's Palace, in front of a live audience for the first time in Hell's Kitchen history. Anthony and Cyndi volunteered with Anthony winning the challenge 32. The red team had no problems on entrees and successfully completed service. Elimination continued: Ramsay announced Ja'Nel as the second finalist, eliminating Jon. Mary's comment: "It's just hard. 20 contestants arrived at Los Angeles International Airport to board a bus to Hell's Kitchen, but the bus instead drove in a circle and left them off at Terminal 1 where Chef Ramsay arranged them a flight via Southwest Airlines to Las Vegas. The women, however, were almost flawless on entres, mostly thanks to Mary on meat. The women were deemed the clear winners, with Mary being named the best performer of the night, while the men were told once again to nominate two chefs for elimination. It's just a hard pill to swallow. Damn, it would've felt good to be in that last two, though.". They also had to prep the kitchen for dinner service. But there are several exceptions. Shook and Ramsay tasted Dan's dish and agreed it was superior to Michael's. The others had to work maintenance for Tree People at Coldwater Canyon before sorting out recyclables and organics for recycling day back at Hell's Kitchen. Ramsay threw out the red team as well after Ja'Nel undercooked halibut for Hu's table and chewed out Cyndi for muttering "fuck me" under her breath. An additional picture-burning sequence was conducted for Gina's puppet, Alfredo. Reward/punishment: Cyndi was rewarded with a $1,000 shopping spree with Jean-Philippe at Sur La Table, followed by lunch with Ramsay at his newest Los Angeles restaurant, The Fat Cow at The Grove at Farmers Market. Elimination: The blue team nominated Zach and the red team nominated Cyndi. Mary is the first finalist in Hell's Kitchen history to throw a cook out of the kitchen during service. Team challenge: To mark Hell's Kitchen's first quinceaera service, each team made a five course tasting menu, based on the suggestions of Breanna, the girl celebrating her quinceaera, along with her mother Jennifer and godmother Josette. Ramsay gave no comment on Amanda and Barret's eliminations. Hometown

I just wish that I had made it further.". From each team, Ramsay chose three of the five dishes based on looks alone, choosing Ja'Nel, Mary, Cyndi, Jon, Anthony, and Zach. And above all, I'm a great chef.". Ramsay eliminated Amanda for her second consecutive awful performance, getting overwhelmed too easily, and lack of confidence. kitchen season santos brian hell hells eliminated got night week last reality trailer compete chefs