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Start with a complimentary Individual Membership and gain access to insights, tools and resources, plus our online community forum. This guide introduces a framework for evaluation and learning grounded in trust and mutual accountability. This candid conversation with John Brothers, President of the T. Rowe Price Foundation, illuminates the compatibility of trust-based philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). For nearly twenty years, the Fund for Global Human Rights has been a vocal champion of participatory philanthropy. Fund grantees identify their priorities and approach and collaborate with program staff on defining measures of progress toward their intended outcomes.To us, participatory grant-makingwhich empowers affected communities to decide what and who to fundis a further step in shifting power to grantees and movements.In 2019, the Fund partnered with Purposeful, a feminist movement-building hub for adolescent girls, to pilot a participatory grant-making initiative in Sierra Leone aimed at promoting youth leadership and amplifying the voices of young people.As our first foray into realizing the potential of participatory grant-making, this experience taught us many valuable lessons about how to foster genuine participation of children and young people.A targeted and intentional approach to reach a diverse group of children and youth is essential. This report was produced by Hannah Paterson to summarize her exploration of participatory grantmaking during her Winston Churchill Fellowship. Stronger nonprofits. Source: RSF Social Finance. Format: Online Article. Thank you! Or please let us know if you know of any exceptional GMS product that has served well for your organization. This resource offers seven considerations for boards who want to advance trust-based philanthropic practice. Include your name and email address along with your suggestion just in case we need to get in touch. Please use the form below to provide us with your recommendation, and we'll check it out. Each spotlight focuses upon a grantmaker and a grantee.Headwaters FoundationThis spotlight is part of Sillerman'sParticipatory Grantmakingproject. This funder-specific tool offers a checklist of trust-based considerations before, during, and after grantee check-in meetings. We would love to gain deeper insight from this community about grantmaking committees. It also draws on results from aLeaders of Color Project survey describing their successes as well as business challenges. Finally, how do you show appreciation to your committee in cases where they are participating on a volunteer basis? But, we are taking feedback and trying to understand how we can be more supportive of our grantees in 1) collecting this information in a safe and appropriate way and 2) using this information appropriately to reflect and strategize on what potential gaps there may be in representation within their own organizations. Categories: Stories. Categories: Stories.

En este documento titulado "Decidiendo juntos: Transferencia de poder y recursos mediante el proceso participativo de otorgamiento de donativos", examinamos por qu y cmo implementan los donantes la asignacin participativa de donativos y transfieren el poder a las comunidades que reciben el impacto de sus decisiones de financiamiento. On this episode of the Do Your Good podcast, John Esterle, Co-Executive Director of The Whitman Institute, discusses the evolution of trust-based philanthropy and offers seasoned advice on building ecosystems of trust across the sector. Yet, there are many factors that limit or even block this feedback loop.As funders, Transparency and Accountability Initiative (TAI) members recognize our responsibility to listen and respond to grantee questions and concerns, even when we are unable to provide the desired responses.We invite grantseekers to draw inspiration from this guide to seek clarity and advocate for potential needs with current and prospective funders.We hope the conversations highlighted in the guide will help you and your program officers continue to strengthen grantmaking and learning practices with your partners. The research used in-depth interviews and an online questionnaire, as well as anexhaustive desk review to collect data from girl-led groups and organisations,girl-centred organisations and the stakeholders that support them at differentlevels. @coimpactcollab Thank you. Length: 800 words. Participatory grantmaking is no longer new. What steps has your organization taken to diversify committees and to incorporate participatory grantmaking? It explores different participatory models, provides practical tips, and unearths important themes in this area. Money & Movements brought together 100+ activists & fundersto strategise about the future of resourcing feminist movementsand social change globally. This 2-pager overview offers six considerations for anyoneregardless of role or positionwho wants to proactively build relationships of mutual trust. If so, what is the method or conduit for which you do this? marcopolis

This special collection gathers the experience and insights of funders who have shifted power and builds on the wisdom explored in the GrantCraft guide "Deciding Together: Shifting Power and Resources through Participatory Grantmaking". This self-reflection tool is designed to help funders at various stages of the trust-based journey examine how trust shows up across your organization, and identify areas that may need more inquiry, refinement, or deepening. From silos to solidarity: Can grantmaking be part of movement-building? Length: 4 pages.

We are looking for a GMS that is easy to use, highly secure, functional, and continuing to grow in capabilities with our growing organizational needs. Barriers to funding may include alack of board members with connections in philanthropic circles. I think this is a great question to hear more from the member base on how they are approaching strategic planning with a racial equity lens. Supporting community-led solutions is one equity-driven strategy to help keep families and children together and out of the child welfare system.. How do we use this space to make philanthropy and the work many of us are doing better? Reach out to us at and well see how we can help! 1310 L Street NW, Suite 650, Washington, DC 20005. angie evans Length: 1000 words. Categories: Advocacy. Length: 6 pages. This paper was created using the input of leaders of color across the nation and proposes solutions to funders and supporters to change this narrative. Medium The following is a conversation between Philip Li, President & CEO of the Robert Sterling Clark Foundation, and Denver Frederick, the Host of The Business of Giving. 2022 The Annie E. Casey Foundation. The paper also addresses administrative challenges that small organizations of color encounter when they seek funding. Launched in 2018 with support from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the Leaders of Color Project provides opportunities for professionals of color in child welfare and mental health fields to develop resources and share their experiences and expertise. SmartSimple or Salesforce or Other? Select the best solutions for your foundation with this new @Tech_Impact guide cosponsored by PEAK, #FAOG, @grantbook, & @tagtechorg. Thank you! Each spotlight focuses upon a grantmaker and a grantee.Disability Rights FundThis spotlight is part of Sillerman'sParticipatory Grantmakingproject. For practitioners starting out with participatory grantmaking or looking to refine their own participatory processes, understanding the minutia how other foundations approach this work can be invaluable.

Being willing to adapt as we went along allowed us to respond and make changes (almost) in real time. px, Text size This guide outlines five common myths and misperceptions that come up in discussions about trust-based principles, and offers clear counterpoints in response. Effective Strategies for Organizations of Color in Philanthropy. Support to child and youth-led groups should go beyond grant money to include a comprehensive package of grantee-led learning and accompaniment.The biggest lesson is about the need to be open and flexible throughout the process. Weve curated resources and best practices about how to shift power effectively, equitably and authentically. Use this form to customize and generate the code you need to display this content in your own environment - no programming required. I recently searched the GEOlist archives for an answer to my question, however, it seems like I am the first to inquire about this specific subject matter. A CFO, an attorney, a tax expert, and an auditor share how they have implemented practices that are both aligned with the vision of trust-based philanthropy and fully compliant. On this episode of The Catalytic Philanthropy podcast, Philip Li, President & CEO of the Robert Sterling Clark Foundation, offers first steps to building strong, mutually beneficial relationships with grantees. @MalalaFund Ken. This primer answers frequently-asked legal questions about trust-based philanthropy. This brief articles makes connections between participatory grantmaking and movement-mbuilding. Best While feminist funders have traditionally focused on women and young people, there has been a drive to put more flexible funding in the hands of girl-led and girl-centered organisations.

If we are to continue to expect these organizations and leaders to thrive where government and other support structures have failed, then we must collectively decide to choose anotherpath., Subscribe to Caseys Equity and Inclusion newsletter. When four nonprofit agencies came together with a local funder to transform how they serve people and solve problems, trust-based philanthropy was central to their approach. As well as sense-checking the relevance, appeal and feasibility of emerging concepts, the process itself has been significant. Cover Peruse this curated list to learn more. Created with input from a number of participatory grantmakers, the guide shares challenges, lessons learned, and best practices for engaging in inclusive grantmaking. Participatory grantmaking encompasses a range of models, methods, challenges, and insights. The John R. Oishei Foundation, located in Buffalo, NY will embark on a strategic planning process in 2022 and to further advance our racial equity initiative, we are looking for a consultant with DEI+J experience. Better results. Good Morning, Tags: Systemic Change. Groups with budgets of less than $10 million, low revenue and limited assets may need help with professional fundraising and reporting tools and capabilities. Social Justice Funders Spotlightspresent stories of innovative, effective social justice philanthropy in action. Podcast: Headwaters Foundations Brenda Solorzano on Trust-Based Philanthropy, Podcast: Tackling Common Misconceptions about Trust-Based Philanthropy, Podcast: A Conversation with the Co-Founder of Trust-Based Philanthropy, Podcast: Operationalizing Trust-Based Philanthropy, Podcast: Trust Puts You in a Learning Stance, Podcast: How a Relatively Small Foundation Leverages Resources for Optimal Impact, Podcast: Trust-Based Philanthropy for Individual Donors.