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As of July 2008, the city is divided into 10 administrative districts, coordinated by the Municipal district boards, which in turn are subdivided into neighbourhoods: Crdoba's main sports team is its association football team, Crdoba CF, which plays in the Spanish Segunda Divisin B following a brief one-season tenure in La Liga during the 201415 season. August's 24-hour average of 28.0C (82F) is also one of the highest in Europe, despite relatively cool nightly temperatures.[79]. [17] The famous Cordoba Treasure, with mixed local and Roman artistic traditions, was buried in the city at this time; it is now in the British Museum. The combined population of such an area would be around 351,000. [82], Built in 930 AD, the mosque that this minaret adorned has been replaced by a church and the minaret re-purposed as a tower. Some of those that remain are: Scattered throughout the city are ten statues of the Archangel Raphael, protector and custodian of the city. Crdoba was in turn governed by direct Arab rule. It was reduced to 20,000 inhabitants in the 18th century. Up the river, near the Miraflores bridge, is the "Hombre Ro", a sculpture of a swimmer looking to the sky and whose orientation varies depending on the current. [70][71][72] The ensuing Francoist repression in wartime and in the immediate post-war period (19361951) is estimated to have led to around 9,579 killings in the province.[73]. [37], The 10th century saw the construction of two palatine cities in the surroundings of Crdoba, Madnat al-Zahr to the west and another one built by Al-Mansur (Medina Alzahira[es]) to the east. Would you like to be updated about Merced County Events? Una visin a corto plazo", "Paisajes del Valle medio del Guadalquivir cordobs: Funcionalidad y cambios", "Esquemas urbanos de la Crdoba renacentista", Bibliography of the history of Crdoba, Spain, "168. Annual rain surpasses 600mm (24in), although it is recognized to vary from year to year. A major 10th-century expansion resulted in the elaborate mihrab and other ornate embellishments seen today. Several bus companies operate intercity bus services to and from Crdoba.

They include the Albolafia, Alegra, Carbonell, Casillas, Enmedio, Lope Garca, Martos, Ppalo, San Antonio, San Lorenzo and San Rafael mills. [76], The Miocene Campia, located in the southern bank of the Guadalquivir, features a hilly landscape gently increasing in height up to about 200 m.[77] In the Sierra, to the north of the city, the altitude increases relatively abruptly up to 500 meters. The Archaeological and Ethnological Museum of Crdoba is a provincial museum located near the Guadalquivir River.

Crdoba has more World Heritage Sites than anywhere in the world, with four. been studying the creation of a Crdoba Metropolitan Area that would comprise, in addition to the capital itself, the towns of Villafranca de Crdoba, Obejo, La Carlota, Villaharta, Villaviciosa, Almodvar del Ro and Guadalczar. [77] Both the Sierra and the Campia display viewpoints over the valley. Crdoba was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site on 17 December 1984, but the city has a number of modern areas, including the district of Zoco and the area surrounding the railway station. [26]:8, Following the Abbasid ousting of the Umayyad caliphate after 750, surviving Umayyad figure Abd ar-Rahman crossed to the Iberian Peninsula in 756; he proclaimed himself emir and established his dynasty in Crdoba once rump wli Yusuf was defeated at a battle outside the city in May 756. Winters are mild, yet cooler than other low lying cities in southern Spain due to its interior location, wedged between the Sierra Morena and the Penibaetic System. San Rafael Bridge, consisting of eight arches of 25m span and a length of 217m. The width is between parapets, divided into 12m of cobblestone for four circulations and two tiled concrete sidewalks. [15] Pre-urban settlements around the mouth of the Guadalquivir river are known to have existed from the 8th century BC. We won't send you spam. [12] Much of this architecture, such as the Alczar and the Roman bridge has been reworked or reconstructed by the city's successive inhabitants. Brad Haven Internet Services - 731 E. Yosemite Ave Ste. [40] Whatever Crdoba's population was, the city's apogee came to an abrupt halt after the 1009 crisis. [34][35][36] The vizier al-Mansurthe unofficial ruler of al-Andalus from 976 to 1002burned most of the books on philosophy to please the Moorish clergy; most of the others were sold off or perished in the civil strife not long after. In the western part of the Historic Centre are the statue of Seneca (near the Puerta de Almodvar, a gate from the time of Islamic rule, (the Statue of Averroes (next to the Puerta de la Luna), and Maimonides (in the plaza de Tiberiades). Between 143 and 141 BC the town was besieged by Viriatus. Abbas Ibn Firnas Bridge, Inaugurated in January 2011 It is part of the variant west of Crdoba. Crdoba", "Los eternos jornaleros del Guadalquivir", "Torre de la Calahorra | Crdoba, Spain Attractions", "Complex map - Baths of Caliphate Castle | Virtual Tour", "Arab Baths of the Caliphal Alczar of Crdoba - "Caliphal Baths", "House of Sefarad, House of Memory - Crdoba", "El parque de La Asomadilla se inicia con la apertura de pozos", "Museums in Spain: Cordoba Archaeological Museum in Crdoba, Spain | USA", "Archaeological and Ethnological Museum of Crdoba", "Mapa del Museo - Museo de Julio Romero de Torres | Visita Virtual", "Museum of Julio Romero de Torres, Crdoba", "The Courtyards Festival of Cordoba - World Heritage", "Reglamento Orgnico General del Ayuntamiento de Crdoba", Municipal Elections 2007 in Crdoba: Cargos en la Corporacin Municipal, "Muere Hisae Yanase, la artista japonesa que ancl su sonrisa en Crdoba", "El Crdoba Futsal ser "Patrimonio de la Humanidad" en la nueva temporada", "El mapa municipal de Espaa. 1410[126]). The registered maximum temperature at the Crdoba Airport, located at 6 kilometres (4 miles) from the city, was 46.9C (116.4F) on 13 July 2017 and 14 August 2021. [47], In 1070, forces from the Abbadid Taifa of Seville entered Crdoba to help in the defence of the city, that had been besieged by Al-Mamun, ruler of Toledo, yet they took control and expelled the last ruler of the taifa of Crdoba, Abd-Al Malik, forcing him to exile. [37], Crdoba had a prosperous economy, with manufactured goods including leather, metal work, glazed tiles and textiles, and agricultural produce including a range of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices, and materials such as cotton, flax and silk. [25] Over time, as many as 21 suburbs ( raba, pl. The City Council of Crdoba is divided into different areas: the Presidency; Human Resources, Management, Tax and Public Administration; City Planning, Infraestructure, and Environment; Social; and Development. 3 moderate trails for a day hike. [citation needed] Crdoba was conquered by the Romans in 206 BC. La moschea di Cordova. [86]:326[90]:137 It now houses the Al-Andalus Living Museum (Museo Vivo de Al-Andalus), a museum on the cultural achievements of Al-Andalus. These are called the Triumphs of Saint Raphael, and are located in landmarks such as the Roman Bridge, the Puerta del Puente and the Plaza del Potro. Three major landscape units in the municipality include the Sierra (as in the southern reaches of Sierra Morena), the Valley proper and the Campia. arb) developed around the city. [119][120] The municipal council consists of 29 members: 11 of PP, 7 of PSOE, 4 of IU, 4 of Ganemos Crdoba, 2 of Ciudadanos and 1 of Unin Cordobesa. It is the third most populated municipality in Andalusia and the 11th overall in the country. The Archaeological and Ethnological Museum has eight halls which contain pieces from the middle to late Bronze Age, to Roman culture, Visigothic art, and Islamic culture. 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After the Roman conquest, the town's name was Latinised as Corduba. Amazing Views And An Easy Hike. It was initially built in the early 1st century BC during the reign of emperor Augustus but significantly rebuilt in the 8th century under Umayyad rule. In January 2004 the plaques reading "His Excellency the Head of State and Generalissimo of all the Armies, Francisco Franco Bahamonde, opened this bridge of the Guadalquivir on 29 April 1953", which were on both sides of each of the entrances of the bridge, were removed. [89][additional citation(s) needed], The Calahorra is a fortified tower standing at the southern end of the city's Roman Bridge. [105], The Julio Romero de Torres Museum is located next to the Guadalquivir river and was opened in November 1931. It was sacked by Caesar in 45 because of its fealty to Pompey, and resettled with veteran soldiers by Augustus. [87] The building was listed as a World Heritage Site in 1984. [41][46] An estimation of 65,000 inhabitants has been proposed for 11th-century Crdoba. [b][82], The Roman Bridge, over the Guadalquivir River, links the area of Campo de la Verdad with Barrio de la Catedral.

[16] The date is contested; it could have been founded in 152 BC. Crdoba also has a professional futsal team, Crdoba Patrimonio de la Humanidad, which plays in the Primera Divisin de Futsal. Ferdinand III entered the city on 29 June 1236, following a siege of several months. There are also several sculptures in plazas of the Old Town. [31][32] The ruthless repression of the 818 revolt in the southern suburb of Crdoba led to the destruction of the place. Unsubscribe at any time. Berbers entered and sacked Crdoba in May 1013. A Roman forum is known to have existed in the city in 113 BC. Crdoba (/krdb/; Spanish:[kooa]),[a] or Cordova (/krdv/)[6][7] in English, is a city in Andalusia, Spain, and the capital of the province of Crdoba. They were to act both as churches and as the administrative centres in the neighborhoods into which the city was divided in medieval times. C. F. Seybold and M. Ocaa Jimnez, "uruba", in, Amir Hussain, "Muslims, Pluralism, and Interfaith Dialogue," in, sfn error: no target: CITEREFGonzlez_Jimnez2016 (, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Archaeological and Ethnological Museum of Crdoba, Palacio Municipal de Deportes Vista Alegre, List of twin towns and sister cities in Spain, "El mapa de las nuevas alcaldas 2019-2023", "Extensin superficial, altitud y poblacin de hecho de las provincias, capitales y municipios de ms de 20.000 habitantes. [124], (Christian) Capilla de San Bartolom (ca.

In the central Plaza de las Tendillas is the equestrian statue of Gonzalo Fernndez de Crdoba, in the Plaza de Capuchinos is the Cristo de los Faroles, in Plaza de la Trinidad is the statue of Luis de Gngora, in the Plaza del Cardenal Salazar is the bust of Ahmad ibn Muhammad abu Yafar al-Gafiqi, in the Plaza de Capuchinas is the statue to the bishop Osio, in Plaza del Conde de Priego is the monument to Manolete and the Campo Santo de los Mrtires is a statue to Al-Hakam II and the monument to the lovers. ", "La Dinasta de los Banu Di L-Nun de Toledo", "Los inicios de la hegemona castellano-leonesa y la invasin almorvide", "Por una cronologa histrica sobre el arq Al-Andalus (s. XIII)", Universidad de Alicante. Una caracterizacin geogrfica", "Inversiones de temperatura en el valle del Guadalquivir: un factor climtico de gran influencia en el medio ambiente de la ciudad de Crdoba", "Los inicios del ferrocarril en la provincia de Crdoba. [87] After the Christian conquest of the city the mosque was converted to a cathedral. [59] Ferdinand III granted the city a fuero in 1241;[60] it was based on the Liber Iudiciorum and in the customs of Toledo, yet formulated in an original way. 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The city is home to 12 Christian churches that were built (many as transformations of mosques) by Ferdinand III of Castile after the reconquest of the city in the 13th century. [33] In the 10th and 11th centuries Crdoba was one of the most advanced cities in the world, and a great cultural, political, financial and economic centre. Precipitation is concentrated in the coldest months; this is due to the dry summer climate pattern featured in large parts of the Iberian Peninsula. [58] The conquest was followed by the return to Santiago de Compostela of the church bells that had been looted by Almanzor and moved to Crdoba by Christian war prisoners in the late 10th century. In the south of the Old town and east of the great cathedral, in the Plaza del Potro, is the Posada del Potro, a row of inns mentioned in literary works including Don Quixote and La Feria de los Discretos, and which remained active until 1972. Ltd. 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Pennsula, Islas Baleares y Canarias", "Princes and Merchants: European City Growth before the Industrial Revolution", "This city now has more UNESCO Heritage sites than anywhere in the world", "Neanderthals Died Out Earlier Than Thought", "The application of network analysis to ancient transport geography: A case study of Roman Baetica", "Crdoba, de la conquista musulmana a la conquista cristiana", "Spain from the 6th to 12th Century History", "Las monedas de los Ban ahwar de Crdoba - 422 - 462 h. / 1031-1070d.C. [citation needed] Another, suggested in 1799 by Jos Antonio Conde, is that the name comes from a Phoenician-Punic qart bah meaning 'good town'. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. Jardines Juan Carlos I, in the Ciudad Jardn neighborhood. In the extreme southwest of the Old Town is the Alczar de los Reyes Cristianos, a former royal property and the seat of the Inquisition; adjacent to it are the Royal Stables, where Andalusian horses are bred. [10][11] Following the Christian conquest in 1236, it became part of the Crown of Castile. The centre of the mosque was converted into a large Catholic cathedral. Towers and fortresses include the Malmuerta Tower, Torre de Beln and the Puerta del Rincn's Tower. [55] Years later, in 1229, the city submitted to the authority of Ibn Hud,[56] disavowing him in 1233, joining instead the territories under Muhammad Ibn al-Amar,[57] ruler of Arjona and soon-to-be emir of Granada. The Governing Board, chaired by the mayor, consists of four IU councillors, three of PSOE, and three non-elected members. [citation needed], From 784- 786 AD, Abd al-Rahman I built the Great Mosque of Crdoba, one of the most famous monuments of Western Islamic (Moorish) architecture. [43] Hisham III was routed from Crdoba on 30 November 1031 and an oligarchic republic replaced the caliphate. [83], Other Roman remains include the Roman Temple, the Theatre, Mausoleum, the Colonial Forum, the Forum Adiectum, an amphitheater and the remains of the Palace of Emperor Maximian in the archaeological site of Cercadilla. The wider municipality extends across an area of 1,254.25km2,[74] making it the largest municipality in Andalusia and the fourth largest in Spain. It is another major example of Islamic architecture in Spain and has been undergoing excavation and reconstruction since 1911. [76], Crdoba has a hot Mediterranean climate (Kppen climate classification Csa). This is known as the duck pond, and, in the centre, has an island with a small building in which these animals live. [117] The Council holds regular plenary sessions once a month, but can hold extraordinary plenary session to discuss issues and problems affecting the city.[118]. The new Umayyad commanders established themselves within the city and in 716 it became the provincial capital,[24] subordinate to the Caliphate of Damascus, replacing Seville. It was the only bridge of the city for twenty centuries, until the construction of the San Rafael Bridge in the mid-20th century. [64] Crdoba became connected by railway to Jerez and Cdiz in 1861 and, in 1866, following the link with Manzanares, with Madrid. La aportacin de las fuentes rabes", "El fuero de Crdoba: edicin crtica y traduccin", Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientficas, "La poblacin andaluza en el siglo XVIII", "Datos del Registro de Entidades Locales", "World Map of the Kppen-Geiger climate classification updated", "Las ciudades donde hace ms calor de Espaa", "Valores climatolgicos extremos. Almohad caliph Abdallah al-Adil reshuffled governor Al-Bayyasi[es] (brother of Zayd Abu Zayd, governor of Valencia) from Seville to Crdoba in 1224, only to see the latter became independent from Caliphal rule. [14], The first traces of human presence in the area are remains of a Neanderthal Man, dating to c. 42,000 to 35,000 BC. [75], The city of Crdoba lies in the middle course of the river. Further south, in the Gardens of the Duke of Rivas, is a statue of writer and poet ngel de Saavedra, 3rd Duke of Rivas by sculptor Mariano Benlliure. [80] The lowest registered temperature was 8.2C (17.2F), on 28 January 2005. View centered on the city's historic core in relation to the, Prehistory, antiquity and Roman foundation of the city. Not far from this plaza is the Arco del Portillo (a 14th-century arch). [21], In the late Roman period, Corduba's bishop Hosius (Ossius) was the dominant figure of the western Church throughout the earlier 4th century. [62] A period of stagnation and ensuing decline followed.[62]. [53][54] Al-Bayyasi asked Ferdinand III of Castile for help and Crdoba revolted against him. Map updates are paused. It was inaugurated on 29 April 1953 joining the Avenue Corregidor with Plaza de Andaluca. Within the gardens there are two newly renovated facilities, the old Caseta del Crculo de la Amistad, today Caseta Victoria, and the Kiosko de la msica, as well as a small, Jardines de la Agricultura, located between the Jardines de la Victoria and the Paseo de Crdoba: it includes numerous trails that radially converge to a round square which has a fountain or pond. [citation needed], In 169 BC, Roman consul Marcus Claudius Marcellus (grandson of Marcus Claudius Marcellus, who had governed both Hispania Ulterior and Hispania Citerior, respectively), founded a Latin colony alongside the pre-existing Iberian settlement.

rea de Estudios rabes e Islmicos, "La conquista cristiana de Andaluca y el destino de la poblacin musulmana (621-62 H/1224-64). Many of the works include paintings and motifs done by Julio Romero de Torres himself. [25], In 747, a battle in the surroundings of Crdoba, the Battle of Saqunda[es], took place, pitting Arab Yemenites against northerner Qays. Both the plaza and the inn get their name from the fountain in the centre of the plaza, which represents a foal (potro). Panoramics of Crdoba as drawn by Anton van den Wyngaerde in 1567, In the context of the Early Modern Period, the city experienced a golden age between 1530 and 1580, profiting from an economic activity based on the trade of agricultural products and the preparation of clothes originally from Los Pedroches, peaking at a population of about 50,000 by 1571. The putschists were met by the resistance of the political and social representatives who had gathered in the civil government headquarters,[68] and remained there until the Nationalist rifle fire and the presence of artillery broke their morale. Its original construction is attributed to the Almohad period. [88] It contains a museum, the Sepharad House,[96][97] and the Synagogue, built in 1315.[98]. [63] The population and economy started to increase again only in the early 20th century. In the Guadalquivir river, near the San Rafael Bridge is the Island of the sculptures, an artificial island with a dozen stone sculptures executed during the International Sculpture Symposium. The Mosque-Cathedral was listed as a World Heritage Site first in 1984 and this designation was extended to the rest of the historic centre in 1994. [78] It has the highest summer average daily temperatures in Spain and Europe (with highs averaging 36.9C (98F) in July) and days with temperatures over 40C (104F) are common in the summer months. Crdoba was captured by the Muslims in 711 or 712. It houses the tombs of, Iglesia de San Salvador y Santo Domingo de Silos, Santuario de Nuestra Seora de la Fuensanta. [29][30], Historians' estimations of Crdoba's population during the ninth century range from 75,000 to 160,000. [123] The futsal team plays the majority of its home games at the 3,500 seat Palacio Municipal de Deportes Vista Alegre. It is a fortress which occupies an area of about 12,500 square metres. [65] The city was also eventually connected to Mlaga and Belmez. [27][28] In 785786 (169 AH) he ordered construction of the Great Mosque of Crdoba, which was completed the next year and underwent later expansions under his successors.

Cordobapedia is a Spanish language wiki founded in 2015, and provides historical and current information about the Crdoba region. As of 2019[update] Jos Mara Bellido Roche (PP) is the mayor of Crdoba. The city primarily lies on the right bank of the Guadalquivir, in the south of the Iberian Peninsula. Surrounding the large Old town are the Roman walls: gates include the Puerta de Almodvar, the Puerta de Sevilla and Puerta del Puente, which are the only three gates remaining from the original thirteen. Jardines del Conde de Vallellano, located on both sides of the avenue of the same name. More than 20 trains per day connect the downtown area, in 54 minutes, with Mlaga Mara Zambrano station, which provides interchange capability to destinations along the Costa del Sol, including Mlaga Airport. [108] The building originally was for the old Hospital for Charity but after that the building went under many renovations and renewals to become the renaissance style building it is today. Once a Roman settlement, it was taken over by the Visigoths, followed by the Muslim conquests in the eighth century and later becoming the capital of the Umayyad Caliphate of Crdoba. According to Arab sources, Crdoba fell on 23 Shawwal 633 (that is, on 30 June 1236, a day later than Christian tradition). This Atlantic characteristic then gives way to a hot summer with significant drought more typical of Mediterranean climates. In Arabic it was known as (Quruba). [18], Corduba became a Roman colonia with the name Colonia Patricia,[19] between 46 and 45 BC. Precipitation is generated by storms from the west that occur most frequently from December to February.

Destinasi Penerbangan Terpopuler Dekat Rome, Rute populer dari Bandara Friuli Venezia Giulia, Harga dijamin setelah pembayaran dikonfirmasi, pemesanan dijamin setelah tiket diterbitkan, Sistem pembayaran yang nyaman & tepercaya, Hak cipta 2022 Travel Singapore Pte. [16] Later, Corduba occupied an important place in the Provincia Hispaniae of the Byzantine Empire (552572) and under the Visigoths, who conquered it in the late 6th century.[22][23]. [61] The city was divided into 14 colaciones, and numerous new church buildings were added. [41], On 15 February 1009, with Hisham II as caliph and Sanchuelo as hajib (and de facto ruler), a revolution broke out in Crdoba, which led to the proclamation of an alternative caliph. Fireworks Sales Sparkle for Area Non-Profits-, Merced County-Annual Children's Summit 2022 "Demystifying Childhood Mental Health", MARINES: Central California Veterans Annual Picnic, 5 Fee Free days for Yosemite National Park in 2022 (save money at the gate). During these Muslim periods, Crdoba was transformed into a world leading center of education and learning, producing figures such as Averroes, Ibn Hazm, and Al-Zahrawi,[8][9] and by the 10th century it had grown to be the second-largest city in Europe. The collection within houses many paintings, sculptures and furniture. In the Jardines de la Agricultura is the monument to the painter Julio Romero de Torres, a bust by sculptor Mateo Inurria, a bust of the poet Julio Aumente and the sculpture dedicated to the gardener Aniceto Garca Roldn, who was killed in the park. Crdoba railway station is connected by high speed trains to the following Spanish cities: Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Mlaga and Zaragoza. The main bus station is located next to the train station. [77] The landscape of the valley is further subdivided in the piedmont connecting with the Sierra, the fluvial terraces and the most immediate vicinity of the river course. Crdoba has an airport, although there are no airlines operating commercial flights on it. The closest airports to the city are Seville Airport (110km as the crow flies), Granada Airport (118km) and Mlaga Airport (136km).[124][125]. [51], Sworn enemies of the almohads, Ibn Mardan (the "Wolf King") and his stepfather Ibrahim Ibn Hamusk allied with Alfonso VIII of Castile and laid siege on Crdoba by 11581160, ravaging the surroundings but failing to take the place.[52]. [112], Tourism is especially intense in Crdoba during May as this month hosts three of the most important annual festivals in the city:[113]. Crdoba has the highest summer temperatures in Spain and Europe, with average high temperatures around 37C (99F) in July and August. [104] The museum was officially opened in 1867 and shared space with the Museum of Fine Arts until 1920. The city is also well connected by highways with the rest of the country and Portugal. [106] The home of Julio Romero de Torres, has undergone many renovations and been turned into a museum and it has also been home to several other historical institutions such as the Archaeological Museum (1868-1917) and the Museum of Fine Arts. [42] This marked the beginning of a long period of civil war and conflict in Al-Andalus known as the Fitna. Other sights include the Cuesta del Bailo (a staircase connecting the upper and lower part of the city). [109][110] The Museum of Fine Arts contains many works from the baroque period, medieval renaissance art, work from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, drawings, mannerist art and other unique works. The archeological site has been open as a museum since 2006. It includes a large L-shaped pond with a capacity of 3,000m. Barbara Messina, Geometrie in pietra. Gardens of the Alczar de los Reyes Cristianos. [24] Unlike other Iberian towns, no capitulation was signed and the position was taken by storm. [50] In 1121, the population revolted against the abuses of the Almoravid governor. 95340. [111], The Diocesan Museum is located in the Episcopal Palace, Cordoba which was built upon a formerly Arabic castle. Palace buildings in the Old Town include the Palacio de Viana (14th century) and the Palacio de la Merced among others. Yosemite Hiking trail tips. Crdoba is located in the south of the Iberian Peninsula, in the depression formed by the Guadalquivir river, that cuts across the city in an east-north east to west-south west direction.