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In wartime, government calls for greater powers, and then the need for those powers recedes after the war ends. Such a bomb would level Lower Manhattan.29. Tens of thousands of Saudis who once regularly traveled to (and often had homes in) the United States now go elsewhere.17, Among Saudis, the United States is seen as aligned with Israel in its conflict with the Palestinians, with whom Saudis ardently sympathize. Our efforts should be directed at those individuals and organizations. Even without the changes we recommend, the American public has vested enormous authority in the U.S. government.

The mandate of the Department of Homeland Security does not end with government; the department is also responsible for working with the private sector to ensure preparedness. Many of our recommendations call for the government to increase its presence in our lives-for example, by creating standards for the issuance of forms of identification, by better securing our borders, by sharing information gathered by many different agencies. Notable progress has been made. That appears to be changing, however, now that the goal of violent jihad also extends to overthrowing Sunni governments (such as the House of Saud) that are not living up to the ideals of the Islamist extremists.16. each chapter, number each answer, and underline each vocabulary term. Calling this struggle a war accurately describes the use of American and allied armed forces to find and destroy terrorist groups and their allies in the field, notably in Afghanistan. protect against and prepare for terrorist attacks. Now is the time for that reflection and reevaluation. Recommendation: Congress should support pending legislation which provides for the expedited and increased assignment of radio spectrum for public safety purposes. But Americans have also been told to expect the worst: An attack is probably coming; it may be terrible. An Agenda of Opportunity Vague goals match an amorphous picture of the enemy. Engage the Struggle of Ideas First, as we will discuss in chapter 13, to open up the sharing of information across so many agencies and with the private sector, the President should take responsibility for determining what information can be shared by which agencies and under what conditions. The TSA should expedite the installation of advanced (in-line) baggage-screening equipment. End of preview. Does the US need to fashion a broad, integrated plan to stop the next generation of terrorists? He, like others, made the case for pragmatic reform instead. Often these schools provide the only education available; even in affluent countries, Saudi-funded Wahhabi schools are often the only Islamic schools. They may transit to another gate to get on an airplane. Accordingly, the TSA must have multiple layers of security in place to defeat the more plausible and dangerous forms of attack against public transportation. Those who develop the practice of controlling their own economic destiny soon desire a voice in their communities and political societies. Targeting Terrorist Money The TSA should be able to identify for Congress the array of potential terrorist attacks, the layers of security in place, and the reliability provided by each layer. It is hard to overstate the importance of Pakistan in the struggle against Islamist terrorism. That stream is motivated by religion and does not distinguish politics from religion, thus distorting both. Congress should pass legislation to remedy the long-standing indemnification and liability impediments to the provision of public safety mutual aid in the National Capital Region and where applicable throughout the nation. NATO in particular has made Afghanistan a test of the Alliance's ability to adapt to current security challenges of the future. The country's vast unpoliced regions make Pakistan attractive to extremists seeking refuge and recruits and also provide a base for operations against coalition forces in Afghanistan. Polls taken in Islamic countries after 9/11 suggested that many or most people thought the United States was doing the right thing in its fight against terrorism; few people saw popular support for al Qaeda; half of those surveyed said that ordinary people had a favorable view of the United States. NATO member states are not following through; some of the other states around the world that have pledged assistance to Afghanistan are not fulfilling their pledges. U.S. government must build the capacities to prevent a 9/11-scale plot from succeeding, and those capabilities will help greatly to cope with lesser but still devastating attacks. In what ways did postwar decolonization and the emergence of powerful nationalist movements in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East lead both sides in the Cold War to seek allies among new nations (many of, Evaluate how Cold War competition extended to Latin America, paying specific attention to the fact that. The next layer is the screening checkpoint itself. The second enemy is gathering, and will menace Americans and American interests long after Usama Bin Ladin and his cohorts are killed or captured. Education that teaches tolerance, the dignity and value of each individual, and respect for different beliefs is a key element in any global strategy to eliminate Islamist terrorism. Key decisionmakers who are represented at the incident command level help to ensure an effective response, the efficient use of resources, and responder safety.

Where such compacts already exist, training in accordance with their terms should be required. Some charities that have been identified as likely avenues for terrorist financing have seen their donations diminish and their activities come under more scrutiny, and others have been put out of business, although controlling overseas branches of Gulf-area charities remains a challenge. Designations are instead a form of diplomacy, as governments join together to identify named individuals and groups as terrorists. Then, as that surge transforms the landscape, comes a time for reflection and reevaluation. American soldiers and airmen have given their lives to help protect Saudi Arabia. If the power is granted, there must be adequate guidelines and oversight to properly confine its use. The general public sees attacks on terrorist finance as a way to "starve the terrorists of money." The Kingdom is one of the world's most religiously conservative societies, and its identity is closely bound to its religious links, especially its position as the guardian of Islam's two holiest sites. An individual should be able to preenroll, with his or her identity verified in passage. Coalition warfare also requires coalition policies on what to do with enemy captives. Our effort should be accompanied by a preventive strategy that is as much, or more, political as it is military. This site is archived. `[YL #~x0Qb4G8%F|Qb4G#s.0 8 Recommendation: The U.S. government cannot meet its own obligations to the American people to prevent the entry of terrorists without a major effort to collaborate with other governments. Moreover, PSI membership should be open to non-NATO countries. It should supplement state and local resources based on the risks or vulnerabilities that merit additional support. We also encourage the insurance and credit-rating industries to look closely at a company's compliance with the ANSI standard in assessing its insurability and creditworthiness. Yet even if his efforts are successful and elections bring a democratic government to Afghanistan, the United States faces some difficult choices. Our report shows that the terrorists analyze defenses. Recommendation: The U.S. border security system should be integrated into a larger network of screening points that includes our transportation system and access to vital facilities, such as nuclear reactors. It is elemental to border security to know who is coming into the country. We believe that compliance with the standard should define the standard of care owed by a company to its employees and the public for legal purposes. But the enemy is not just "terrorism," some generic evil.2 This vagueness blurs the strategy.The catastrophic threat at this moment in history is more specific. This department now has the lead responsibility for problems that feature so prominently in the 9/11 story, such as protecting borders, securing transportation and other parts of our critical infrastructure, organizing emergency assistance, and working with the private sector to assess vulnerabilities. What are the consequences of finding a suspicious indicator, and who will take action? The benchmarks will be imperfect and subjective; they will continually evolve. In the nearly three years since 9/11,Americans have become better protected against terrorist attack. These efforts have worked. %%EOF Initiatives to secure shipping containers have just begun. Recommendation: The U.S. government should offer to join with other nations in generously supporting a new International Youth Opportunity Fund. They perceive an autocratic government that oppresses women, dominated by a wealthy and indolent elite. The Patriot Act vests substantial powers in our federal government. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is now locked in mortal combat with al Qaeda. The majority of older Arab youths have expressed a desire to emigrate to other countries, particularly those in Europe.26. As we mentioned earlier, these screening issues need to be elevated for high-level attention and addressed promptly by the government. Muslim countries can become full participants in the rules-based global trading system, as the United States considers lowering its trade barriers with the poorest Arab nations. Each is set up for different purposes and stores different kinds of data, under varying rules of access. "We must all, as a state and as a people, recognize the truth about these criminals," he declared,"[i]f we do not declare a general mobilization-we will lose this war on terrorism."19. These biometric identifiers make such evasions far more difficult. The U.S. transportation system is vast and, in an open society, impossible to secure completely against terrorist attacks. hbbd``b$ b} $"$XAs r $A\v $8K`oqA{ Americans should also consider how to do it-organizing their government in a different way. In each country, political figures find it difficult to publicly defend good relations with the other.