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Amy implies that she knows what Fry's bowels looked like before the worms moved in. Fry, Bender, and Scruffy survive an explosion. There are several errors regarding the size of the mini-Planet Express Ship and the micro-droids in comparison to cells in Fry's body. Fry is informed of what has been happening, but is more interested in romancing Leela than clearing the worms out of his body. See production, box office & company info, The Blockbuster Buster: Top 10 Fantastic Voyage Episodes. Captain Kirk would be proud. Theres also a secondary story about Zoidberg molting out of his shell, thinking of buying a new shell, and then ending up back in his old shell (which he mistakes for a new one).

May 20, 2001 Upon returning to Earth, Fry and Bender are assigned the task of fixing the plasma fusion boiler, which promptly explodes. While making a pit stop at an interstellar truck stop, Fry buys and eats an extremely old egg salad sandwich from a vending machine in the restroom. When Fry eats the sandwich he takes out a tomato slice which is black and crunchy, which he then eats. If all the damage Fry ended up doing to himself was no worse than a weekend of binge-drinking or five minutes on a cell phone, he should still be pretty smart and able even after the worms left, but he immediately reverts back to being the old Fry.

The crew make their way into Fry's bowel and fight their way to the pelvic splanchnic ganglion, intending to cause a massive bowel movement to expel the worm society (or, as the Professor puts it, "Listen, this is gonna be one hell of a bowel movement; afterwards, he'll be lucky to have any bones left"). Three parasite ships engage the miniature Planet Express shipping in battle and explode when they crash into Fry's pyloric sphincter, presumably killing three or more parasites. Sal: Yeah, youre right. Leela is seen chopping miniature Zoidberg's head off twice. Location: Truck The Professor said the worms know everything Fry knows. Zoidberg: Hmm. Outside of Fry's body, while on their walk, Leela sees Sal, and suggests they cross the street and blend in with a group of pimps. She dont gots enough meat for a guy like me. The crew make their way into Fry's bowel, and fight their way to the pelvic splanchnic ganglion, intending to cause a massive bowel movement to expel the worm society. When Fry first walks into Leela's apartment, its walls are white, though when Fry walks out the walls are yellow. Leela's avatar, in order to prevent the rest of the crew expelling the parasites, savagely dismembers every one of their avatars with an axe. The rudimentary version of Leela that we see in this episode is the same as the one that we see in the very end when Fry plays without the. Back at the Planet Express building Fry despairs over being unable to please Leela. The worms gasp and bow.]. "Parasites Lost" is the thirty-fourth episode of Futurama, the second of the third production seasonand the fourth of the third broadcast season. Im gonna puts my moves on her. It originally aired in North America on May 20, 2001. Samsung is offering credit to anyone who makes a free reservation. Controlling the micro-droids using virtual reality gear which is apparently cheaper than actually shrinking the crew themselves the crew board a miniature Planet Express ship and enter Fry's ear. IGN praised the episode for both its humor and the deepening of Fry and Leela's relationship, particularly the scenes where Fry is willing to "hurt himself and lessen what he has become for Leela". Her micro-droid reaches the nerve and hacks the rest of the micro-droid crew to pieces with an axe.

Hermes and Zoidberg share a brief, friendly conversation.

Theres no downside for Fry as a person, but there is one for a show that sticks more or less to a specific status quo. Language: AL1

34 Fry asks for a chance to prove that it was him, not the worms that made her love him. Farnsworth: Let's just pray nothing stimulates the delicate smell receptors. Happy endings all around. [whispering] Nobody make a smell. Fry: You take that back! [Fry points at a gold statue of himself. The microdroid Bender is used as a battering ram, injuring his head. Bender is not damaged, but Fry is impaled by a large pipe. Opening scene is shown to be on Historic Route 66, expressed mathematically as '66' (Square Root Sixty-Six). Once more and its officially a running gag. Especially when the fantasy is 8 feet tall with muscles to match. Zoidberg: That's normal, next patient! Because the worms know all that Fry knows and would thus defend themselves if Fry knew about the mission, Leela is assigned to distract Fry, who is not told what is happening. Worried, Fry tells her that he needs to find out something, leaves and using his own micro-droid, enters his own body. Guess again. Steam starts filling the room.] Even the few times he was given a chance to speak away from Brannigans blather, the only thing he was ever able to talk about was Zapp; just the act of trading one obsession for the other makes him at least twice as interesting as he was before (look, its math, you do the work), and the fact that its Amy he falls for makes him more likable than hes ever been in the past. Samsung UnpackedAugust 10The next Samsung Unpacked event is happening on August 10 with new announcements across their Galaxy lineup of products. Only Fry is injured: he is impaled on a lead pipe, although he complains only of minor pain. The Professor tells her that the worms will burrow so deep into Fry's body, he will be stuck with them forever, but Leela reasons that Fry is better off with the worms. It's possible that he didn't mean that all the worms would immediately know everything Fry did. He insists and starts playing, creating a Frankenstein-like monster. Dr. Zoidberg gives Fry a more thorough examination, which the rest of the crew watches behind a 2-way mirror and on a video screen while eating popcorn. Leelas choice also makes sense in context. Although the two share a romantic evening at Leela's apartment made more powerful when Fry composes Leela a sonnet on the holophonor Leela tells Fry that she loves the new him. So, the guy at the space truck stop who harasses Leela is also a construction worker? Fry: What's the worst thing that can happen ewww, it's like a party in my mouth and everyone's throwing up. During Fry's colonoscopy, it is revealed that there is a colony of parasitic worms living in Fry's bowels, within a city made of the silverware Fry ate.

Professor Farnsworth sets a course for a cholesterol-encrusted valve, in an attempt to avoid certain doom. Its a tricky twist to pull off, because it runs the risk of making Fry (the smart Fry) look foolish and Leela look heartless. Fry and the Lord Mayor engage in a sword fight, which takes them to Fry's brain. [1] It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on January 21, 2001. No creature would willingly make an idiot of himself! Obviously youve never been in love!. Its a joke thats not quite as funny as the writers seems to think it is, mainly because the concept of womanhood is so narrow, but it works okay because the ridiculousness of the situation is front and center throughout. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/YMMV/FuturamaS3E2ParasitesLost.

With the worms gone, Fry returns to Leela's apartment and explains to her about the worms, and his decision to dispose of them. The Femputer (which, again, is just a robot with Bea Arthurs voice pretending to be a femputer) sentences Zapp, Fry, and Kif to death by snu-snu, which gives the episode another of its saving graces. Fry cannot be warned of the plan, however, as the worms know everything he knows. Leave me alone. Opening subtitle These areas of Fry's body are listed on the elevator: This episode is named #4 on IGN's list of, This episode was named #5 on TV.com's list of, This episode's premise of shrinking a vehicle to navigate through a Human body closely resembles the. Air date

Interestingly, in some cultures, the stomach (where, of course, food is digested) is considered the seat of emotions, as western cultures view the heart. Sal: Stands back. We were encouraged to like the main characters and their world, but not to be moved by them. The Planet Express ship seems to be able to work in the fluids of Fry's body. Can't you just shrink us?

Parasites Lost Fry mentions his massage he gave to Amy when he was going out with her. [8], 2nd episode of the third season of Futurama, "Interview: 'Futurama' Movie(s) Producer(s) & Director(s)! In the end, Fry is left alone in his bedroom, practicing his holophonor. Thats sweet, but I'd rather not even dignify them with an ass-whupping. When the shot cuts away as Leela goes to stop the crew from destroying the worms, the muffin vanishes. The Planet Express Ship sets off a proximity alarm as they neared the stomach, and several worm sentry ships converge and open fire on the Planet Express Ship. Leela realizes that the worms may have something to do with the new Fry, and runs off to the Planet Express building without explaining her intentions to Fry. Location: Construction site

Fry returns to Leela's apartment. Fry's line "It's like a party in my mouth and everyone's throwing up" is a reference to. Hermes eats his popcorn using a Jai Alai scoop, because Fry has been eating all the silverware. To eliminate the infestation, Professor Farnsworth makes miniature robotic versions of the crew, except for Fry and Leela. Fry explains his situation and asks the worms to leave, but the Lord Mayor refuses, citing that he came in on the sandwich and raised a cloud of spores in Fry's bowel. In the men's room, Fry buys an egg-salad sandwich. How would you like it if Leela said you were sexy and she wanted to make love with you? Although the title is a play on John Milton's epic poem Paradise Lost, the episode is a parody of the 1966 film Fantastic Voyage. Peter Avanzino, director of the first four broadcast seasons of Futurama and two of the straight-to-DVD movies, has stated that episodes with challenging new scenes to draw are his favorites. Back at his apartment, Fry begins to re-learn the Holophonor, and creates a crude image of Leela. Therefore, Leela would not be able to see them, let alone pick them up to shoot them into Fry's ear. Episode Information It's an amazing episode, but is it medically accurate? Futurama: Parasites Lost - "Dr. Zoidberg - A Medical Corporation". Amazon Women In The Mood (season 3, episode 2; originally aired 2/4/2001), In which the spirit is willing, but the flesh is spongy and weak. Leela distracts Fry long enough to launch the miniature Planet Express ship into his ear. I think the episode pulls it off, though. Fry confronts the worm leader and engages him in a sword fight after asking the worms to leave so he can learn if Leela loves him or just what they have made of him: he eventually blackmails the worms into leaving by threatening to kill himself by destroying the medulla oblongata and they comply. Fry realizes she may not love him for who he truly is, but instead, for what the worms have made him into. Translation: WATCH FOR FALLING HUMANS, Act IV: "Obviously, you've never been in love! "Amazon Women in the Mood" [5] It was dropped off the list in IGN's 2013 reassessment. Shes got more meat than a cow! It goes poorly for her. Zoidberg: Yippeekayaye!

The Planet Express Ship pulls over for a fuel stop. Fry confronts the worm leader and engages him in a sword fight after asking the worms to leave so he can learn if Leela loves him or just what they have made of him; he eventually coerces the worms into leaving by threatening to kill himself by destroying the medulla oblongata. Underneath the statue is the inscription "The Known Universe". Instead, both sides are slightly exaggerated stereotypes, with the women inevitably coming out looking better than the men.

I never thought Id die like this. Its a lovely, melancholic moment, made all the more beautiful because theres no effort to make us laugh. The key, I think, is that putting these two together helps to add some depth to both characters. Frys decision is the harder sell, if only because the rejuvenated Fry doesnt seem fundamentally different from the Fry weve always known. Meanwhile, Leela is enchanted by the now intelligent and muscular Fry. The Nautilus that Zoidberg works out with, is a reference to the brand of workout equipment with the same name. 66. Leela, covering herself, shoves the holophonor in his face and tells him to leave. Leela protests, saying that he is "bulging with what could be muscles." The Planet Express Crew is only shown to be the size of a cell during that one scene; in all others, they are large enough that individual cells aren't shown.

Professor: Oh my no, that would require extremely tiny atoms, have you priced those lately? He returns to the Planet Express building and makes a micro-droid of himself, which he drops into the back of his pants. Sacrificing your ideal self to prove a philosophical point is abstract to the point of absurdity, and rejecting someone whom youve professed strong feelings for just because theyre no longer perfect isnt great either. They arrive in the bowel and begin an assault on the worm city. Overall Despite the severity of the injury, Fry's damaged body repairs itself in seconds, and the subsequent medical examination reveals to the crew that Fry is infested with microscopic worms from the egg salad sandwich. He asks to play the holophonor, but Leela protests, saying that she was still seduced from earlier. While eating the sandwich, Fry makes several comments about how terrible it tastes, ("It's like a party in my mouth and everyone's throwing up"), but also says that he has had worse. Despite this, he plays incredibly well, and the hologram shows Fry and Leela in a variety of forms dancing across the universe. Its so slight as to be more a C-plot than a B-plot, but Zoidbergs delight along the way (and the sight of his grotesque shell-less body) sells it. Fry cant be a super competent smart guy because thats not who he isthats not the role he fills. However, since they are unqualified to make such repairs, the boiler explodes, lodging a lead pipe in Fry's abdomen. This bombards the Planet Express Ship with pollen, prompting Zoidberg to suggest they escape through a nasal capillary. The worms could have turned out to be evil or overly controlling (like, say, taking over Frys body to prevent him from doing anything unhealthy), but that would take away part of what makes them so interesting, as parasites who live in perfect sympathy with their host. Fry enters the room and demands an explanation. This could be a shortcut in Fry's own holophonor composition, focusing his skills on the foreground. Later that night, Fry begins his first lesson on the holophonor, creating a rudimentary hologram of Leela. The Professor tells her that the worms will burrow so deep into Fry's body, he will be stuck with them forever, but Leela reasons that Fry is better off with the worms. But I really really, really hoped.Fry. If not entertining, write your congressman. This isnt to say that undercutting sincerity with humor is a bad thing. Language: AL1 The romance between Fry and Leela is explored in this episode. The force of the expulsion, according to the Professor, will make Fry lucky to still have his bones afterwards. Back at his apartment, Fry begins to re-learn the Holophonor and creates a crude image of Leela. But the Kiff/Amy pairing is the most important element in terms of show continuity. Theres also Zapps turn at karaoke, a scene specifically designed to mimic an infamous William Shatner performance of Elton Johns Rocket Man. (Zapp sings Lola, but changes the name to Leela, because hes an idiot.) Bob BowenRodney CloudenAlbert Calleros All thats left, then, is for Amy to realize (thanks to a last minute confession from Kif) that Kif has real feelings for her, which inspires her to step and save him from an eager Amazonian. While in Fry's heart, the Professor refers to the organ as "the love muscle."

Throughout the travel, the crew discover that the worms are drastically improving Fry's intelligence, health and fitness. The show has had sincere emotional moments in the past, but the sincerity was always undercut with humor. Lets get busy and freaky, in that order. "Parasites Lost" is the second episode in season three of Futurama. Fry: She does too! Actually, Kif wouldnt be having fun even if the Amazonians were human sized, because Kif is in love with Amy, and thats what kicks off this whole plot. To eliminate the infestation, Professor Farnsworth makes miniature robotic versions of the crew, except for Fry and Leela. At the beginning of the episode, Fry attempts vehemently to defend Leela's honor, but he expresses his feelings clumsily, referring to her as his "captain" rather than making any reference to his feelings for her. Worm Guard #1: Who wants to know? Bender is not damaged, but Fry is impaled by a large pipe. List of Futurama Episodes in Broadcast Order, List of Futurama Episodes in Production Order, Bender Should Not Be Allowed on Television. Well, not exactly. I got nervous and started thinking about neck bolts." Besides, this sort of arc always needs some kind of downside. Sal's speech is still almost normal at the beginning of the episode as he argues with Fry, but later on, while he apologizes to Leela, it is clear that his disorder has begun to move into a more advanced stage. Whether that shift was pre-meditated, or just part of a natural creative evolution, is unclear, but a change has been made. Peter AvanzinoShowrunnersMatt GroeningDavid X. Cohen Worried, Fry tells her that he needs to find out something, leaves, and, using his own micro-droid, enters his own body. Yet it becomes more and more clear as the episode goes on that these particular worms are doing Fry a world of good; they save his life after a boiler explosion, turn him into a muscle man, and give him more brainpower than hes had in, well, ever. The Professor creates micro-droids for each crew member, which, apparently, is cheaper than shrinking them. During an examination from Dr. Zoidberg, the pipe is mysteriously cut in half, and the holes in Fry's abdomen seal themselves. Parasites Lost (season 3, episode 1; originally aired 1/21/2001), In which the saga of Fry and Leela truly begins. This isnt a huge step forward for Futurama; the show has been strong before Parasites Lost. Yet the episode signals a shift in the writers approach to character, and not just in the Fry and Leela relationship. Bender refers to Fry as "Sausage Link", possibly part of the inspiration for the plot of "Fun on a Bun". While Farnsworth and the others use virtual reality and tiny robots to try and take care of the problem, Leela distracts Fry and discovers that he (or maybe its the better version of him) is in love with her. Once the Amazonians are revealed, the plot quickly shifts into battle of the sexes territory, with the giant women describing their all-lady society, and Zapp, Fry, and Bender (the latter two having also crashed on the planet in their efforts to save Leela and the others) being sarcastic in the background. The Professor lays out the plan, which involves entering through Fry's ear, and travelling through his systems until they reach the pelvic splanchnic ganglion. His awkward attempts at being romantic end when he mentions his previous relationship with Amy, and Leela kicks him out of her apartment. ", "Put Your Head on My Shoulders" (2ACV07), "The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings" (4ACV18), Bender Should Not Be Allowed on Television, https://theinfosphere.org/index.php?title=Parasites_Lost&oldid=157812, If not entertaining, write your congressman, The episode's title is a play on words from the epic poem. After obtaining worms from a truck-stop sandwich, Fry finally obtains the affection of Leela, but he is concerned whether she loves him or what the worms have made of him. Her swoon disappears just as easily when Fry convinces the parasites to leave his body. But in ". Copyright 2022 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Followed by Fry: That jerk. Irritation of the ganglion will expel the parasites (among other things) from Fry. Season "[2], The storyboard artist for this episode, Rodney Clouden, was honored with an Emmy award in 2001 for "Individual Achievement in Animation". He then goes on to fail miserably at defending her honor, in fact providing his opponents with ammunition and even insulting Leela outright. I especially like Leelas wordless reaction. If this were true, they would be microscopic. Now hes struggling to figuring out how to play an impossible instrument, knowing theres little hope of success, but trying anyway. But its not like Leelas ruthlessness is an unknown quality, and Frys transformation is, so far as we can tell, wholly beneficial. Ahead, the entrance to the stomach is starting to close, but they manage make it through, thanks to the help of the worm fighters. Which makes senseits easier to sell a male audience a vision of a magical place where the ladies actually need you more than you need them if you leave out the less erotic details. This despair is interrupted when he and Bender go to fix the plasma-fusion boiler, which Scruffy is unable to fix due to a "schedule conflict". And while Amy has been pretty well defined by this point, her attraction to Kif adds just a little more. Fry briefly had what he wanted, and then sacrificed it because of a principle he may not even understand anymore. In the closing scene Fry begins practicing the Holophonor and shows by its projection that his feelings for Leela remain. Episode Lord Mayor of Cologne: You've damaged your brain, Universe, but no more than a week of binge drinking or five minutes on a cell phone. (broadcast network prime time ratings by program for week of January 1521, 2001)(Brief Article)(Statistical Data Included)", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Parasites_Lost&oldid=1078156487, Television episodes about virtual reality, Television episode articles with short description for single episodes, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, If Not Entertaining, Write Your Congressman, This page was last edited on 20 March 2022, at 04:40. Sign in men's room reads "All Employees Must Wipe Hands on Pants". Fry: Hey, jumbo! There are plenty of options here of varying degrees of difficulty. [Sal hoots at Leela.] She does not look good for a truck-stop chick. Fry reveals that he loves Leela but only recently was he able to articulate his thoughts. Translation: HUMAN MILK, Time: 09:48 After a short confrontation, being disarmed and defeated, Sal apologizes to Leela. I mentioned Flowers For Algernon above; the downside there (the serum doesnt last) would work here on a basic level, but its been done many times before. Instead, Parasites Lost has Fry deliberately forcing the worms out of his body so he can be sure that Leela really loves him for himself, and not because hes been transformed into an ideal. Also, Zapp and Fry had snu-snu. When Fry and Leela are sitting at the small cafe across the street from Planet Express, Fry has a muffin in front of him. Scruffy: Scruffy's gonna die the way he lived. The mixture of joy and agony that crosses over Zapp and Frys faces throughout the latter half of the entry is a consistently funny gag. Bender even defeats the computerwhich is actually a fembot voiced by Bea Arthur pretending to be a computerby seducing her. Upon taking his hand, his heart starts to beat faster, causing Bender to panic.

Zoidberg: Ahh, the hypochondriac's back, so what is it this time? Meanwhile, Leela is enchanted by the now intelligent and muscular Fry. ", "Voiceover, Animation Emmy Winners Honored", "BroadcastWatch.

Earlier episodes gave us a withering Kif, a bitter Kif, a sarcastic Kif, a desperate Kif, but here we get a nervous, lovelorn Kif, and that makes him seem less like a walking punchline, and more like a sentient being with hopes and desires. [Zoidberg comes in riding one of Fry's sperm.]. But his behavior here (following all of Zapps advice, and even being dumb enough to try and use some of Zapps pick-up lines on Amy) is more like the behavior of someone who honestly doesnt realize his mentor is a jackass. The next Samsung Unpacked event is happening on August 10 with new announcements across their Galaxy lineup of products. The sandwich (which appears to be about as old as he is) gives Fry worms, but not just any wormsthese are super intelligent parasites who immediately set to work cleaning up Frys insides, making improvements and turning him into a kind of idealized version of himself. Hes bluffing!

Fry and Bender gasp. Complications ensue. Frys first holophonor solo is gorgeous, and notable for being a long stretch of show without even a hint of a joke.

stops at a truck stop to gas up, and Fry eats an egg salad sandwich from a vending machine. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Unless Fry was planning on renting out body space to some other external invader, theres no downside here. He then reveals that he loves her but only recently was he able to articulate his thoughts. While the degree varies from person to person, on the whole, audiences have a certain innate resistance to caring about things. 2 Yo.". Credits Fry opens his mouth.] Opening cartoon Without saying a word, Leela takes Fry into the bedroom, where says she loves what Fry has become. For a slob he sure keeps busy. Rather, it may just be that the worm community would have access to all of Fry's knowledge, but that doesn't imply that they'd all know what he looked like or what he was thinking (just like having access to medical textbooks doesn't mean that we're all doctors). However they do not know who he was when he entered his body nor did they know he was going to damage his own brain.