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C1 and C2 both assume they are on the same network, C2 assumes C1 is on same network, but C1 assumes C2 is on a different network, C1 assumes C2 is on same network, but C2 assumes C1 is on a different network. (A) Router Consider a network with five nodes, N1 to N5, as shown below. F. None of these Telephone control protocol / Internet Protocol, Transmission control protocol/Internet protocol, Transmission control protocol/International protocol. 66). Identify the layer which determines the interface of the system with the user. B) 32 The copper cable uses ____________ signal, 142). A) framingB) channel codingC) flow controlD) error control, Data Link Control Protocol (HDLC) is implemented at the _________, A) Data link layerB) Network layerC) transport layerD) Physical layer, A distributed network configuration in which all data/information pass through a central computer is, A) All of these answersB) star networkC) bus networkD) ring network, A) none of these answersB) operating system interfaceC) open system interconnectionD) optical service implementation. B. B) CCITT The next hop is decide according to the longest prefix matching. Refer following link for details. The router can be a ________ device. The transport layer in protocol data unit called as _____________, 130). Answer - C) The port number of SMTP is 25. F. Both A and B, 6: Which of the following is Confidentiality with asymmetric-key cryptosystem has its own Which one of the following tasks is not done by the data link layer? The coaxial cables are used in _______. High Click on the below button to launch the Quiz. 11). 58). 90). The multimode fiber uses ________ to transmit the light, 181). C. Message Integrity E) both a and b 7: A message-digest SHA-l has Answer - Click Here:A, 16: In Message Integrity the message digest needs to be ___________. Computer network devices, router, repeaters, gateway, bridge, and hub. The data compression, encoding or encryption can be done in ________ layer. 110). Ex. The network layer in protocol data unit called as_________, 141). In full duplex data transmission, both the sender and the receiver ______, A) can send or receive data one at a timeB) can receive and send data simultaneouslyC) can do one way data transmission onlyD) cannot talk at once, The network layer protocol of the internet is, A) hypertext transfer protocolB) internet protocolC) EthernetD) none of these answers, A) cyclic redundancy checkB) code redundancy checkC) code repeat checkD) cyclic repeat check, A) types of messages exchangedB) message format, syntax and semanticsC) rules for when and how processes send and respond to messagesD) all of these answers. You can unsubscribe at any time. Answer - A) Proxy server is also known as Application-level gateway. 184). Repeater will be operated in ________ layer, 18). The default TCP Maximum Segment Size is 536. Which of the following is provided IPSec designed security? 2022 Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. A. Network devices: HUB, Switch, Bridge, Gateway, Modem, Router, Repeater, etc, Answer - B) PoP stands for Post Office Protocol, Answer - C) The ports number of PoP is 110. Which model is a protocol-independent standard? Answer - D) Length of MAC address is 48 bits. D. transport layer Answer - D) The location of a resource on the internet is given by URL. (C) 2 By Continuing 106). Some important Computer Network MCQs are mentioned here. 42). Select the stands for HTTP C. Data Answer - A) belongs to class A as the first octet value in the address lies between [0, 127]. 2). fundamentals mcq B. public F. None of these Answer - Click Here:C, 9: Document, receiver creates to check integrity of a message, to the_____________.

(B) Local area Answer - Click Here:A WAN - Wide area network. 160 bits 10). Answer - Click Here:B, 11: which of the following is a correct Aberavationn MAC? All these 7 layers work collaboratively to transmit the data from one network to another across the globe. 200). The term duplex refers to the ability of the data receiving stations to echo back a confirming message to the sender. (D) Hypertext transfer protocol _____________ is an example for MAC address, 104). The network layer protocol of internet is called -. 41). The link-state routing comes under _____ routing algorithm, 27). E) None of these (C) performing file handling Answer - B) The port number of FTP is 21. How many types of wired transmission mediums are there? 34). Answer - C) Rules are required to use a Simple Network Management System. A) network (A) Protocol 59). The design issues of the data link layer are ________, 55). The efficiency of the stop-and-wait control is __________, 194). 112). B. (D) accessing user permissions

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The data flow is categorized into ________ types, 84). The multiprotocol label Switching is __________.

Two ans coming interfaces 1,3. (B) ASCII 21). LAN - Local area network. Writing code in comment? 139). In the OSI model, network layer is the third layer and it provides data routing paths for network communications. Answer - Click Here:A C. Low C. both frame filter and packet filter D. Constant 0 The datagram packet switching is a _______ switching, 108). __________ routing algorithm is also known as decentralized routing algorithm, 26). The OSI model supports _______ service, 51). 185). The efficiency of the early token reinsertion is __________, 198). B. Hash-Table Please use, generate link and share the link here. The length of IP address in IP version 4 is ________, 29). F. None of these TCP is connection oriented and it is optimized for accurate delivery rather than timely delivery. What of the following device is used in the network layer? 15: Which one is the correct according to the Message digest needs to be C. HashTag Answer - D) OSI stands for Open system interconnection. The bandwidth supported by the copper media ranges between _______, 144).

Answer - Click Here:D Answer - B) In packet switching message is divided into small packets. The range of class B IP address is from ________. A) OSI Message Sending Secret Each IP address can identify the _________ or ________ of IP packets. Which address is needed for our communication? What are the advantages of bus topology? TCP/IP protocol suite or internet protocol is developed by ARPANET? D. Message Splashing B. E. All of these Contactor Basics, Wiring, Connection with PLC, 100 Digital Electronics and Microprocessor Questions for Practice Exam. 119).

188). -. What is the standard form of CSMA/CD? The MAC addresses are represented in _________ format, 100). Which one is a stream-oriented protocol? D. 628 bits Answer - Click Here:C How many types of IPV4 network transmissions are there? The switch needs ________ address to forward the data, 102). Identify the device used to boost up a weak signal. D. Receiver site Please Reload the page once you disabled the Adblocker. F. None of these

B. The fault tolerance is the ability of the computer network to __________, 79). A) 48 Which fiber optic cabling connector is a twist lock type of connector? Answer: (D) Hypertext transfer protocol Answer - D) HTTP is used for browsing data. Thank you. Answer: (D) URL Physical or logical arrangement of network is Topology. Which of the following protocol is used for remote terminal connection service? E) all of the above 20). A _________ is a device that forwards packets between networks by processing the routing information included in the packet. A) firewallB) all of these answersC) routerD) bridge. Answer - D) Application layer is used to determine the interface of the system with the user. The communication in simplex data flow is always __________, 85). D) network 74). Distance vector routing comes under _______ routing algorithm, 28). Which one is a global routing algorithm? E. All of these which computer used as a proxy server. Answer - Click Here:A C. Message arbitrary connection 820 bits A. C2 has IP address and netmask which one of the following statements is true? (A) Mailing list A) none of these answersB) prior toC) simultaneous toD) after.

88). Didnt receive confirmation instructions? Answer - C) The length of the IPv4 address is 32 bits. Major internet applications like www, email, file transfer etc rely on tcp. _________ are the basic characteristics of computer network, 78).

Select the transmission directions listed is not a legitimate channel Identify if the following statement is True or False: Network Interface Card(NIC) is an I/O device. B. wi-fi You have not finished your quiz. The sample 25 questions are listed below. The local connector is a type of fiber optic cabling connector, it is also known as ___________. The latency is made up of ______ component, 169). 118). The physical layer translates logical communication requests from the ________ into hardware-specific operations. The propagation time or propagation delay is equal to ___________, 173). 176). D. none of the mentioned C. Site In class A IP address the first 8 bits represent _________, 32). Test your technical skills with our 150 computer networks multiple choice questions and answers. 116).

Answer - B) Application layer provides service to the user. 128). (B) Gateway Answer - Protocol defines a set of rules. Bluetooth is an example of personal area network. It is a seven-layer architecture where each layer has specific functionality. _____________ is an example for IP address, 103). What are the advantages of optical fiber? E. All of these F. None of these, Answer - Click Here:C A. 177). Answer - B) VPN extends a private network across a public network. 19: inverse of the Period is _______________. (2) The medium is the physical path over which a message, Three or more devices share a link in Multipoint connection. The infrared are used for __________. Control Systems Objective Questions & Answers Set 3, Control Systems Objective Questions & Answers Set 7, Control Systems Objective Questions & Answers Set 6, Control Systems Objective Questions & Answers Set 8, Control Systems Objective Questions & Answers Set 5, Control Systems Objective Questions & Answers Set 1, Control Systems Objective Questions & Answers Set 2, Control Systems Objective Questions & Answers Set 4, Top 100 Control Systems Objective Questions & Answers. If you leave this page, your progress will be lost. C. Cipher E. All of these B) physical D. None of these 193). 4). Which transmission media has the highest transmission speed in a network? A. packet filter Complete Interview Preparation- Self Paced Course, Data Structures & Algorithms- Self Paced Course, Each distance vector is the distance of the best known path at the instance to nodes, N1 to N5,. ____________ are the random access protocols, 149). __________ routing algorithm is also known as dynamic routing algorithm, 25). Answer - Click Here:B 136).

B. Cipher Text How many types of networks are there? Answer - Click Here:B A. Shared-key system The function of DSLAM is convert analog signals into digital signals.

B. Sender Site The point to point protocol is a __________, 70). The maximum efficiency in slotted ALOHA is _______, 158). ___________ is an example of full-duplex data flow, 87). The application layer in protocol data unit called as _________, 124). F. Both A and B, 5. Choose the type of topology which is best for large businesses which should carefully control and manage the operation of distributed branch outlets. Entire IP packet 107). C) ISO Choose the model is used for a process-to-process protocol that adds only port addresses, checksum error control, and length information to the data from the upper layer. E. All of these Also, this page requires javascript. In an OSI model architecture ____________ layer establish and terminates the sessions, 9). E. All of these F. None of these ____________ are the channelization access protocols, 151). 10: which of the following is a digital signature needs a Private-key system How many types of transmission mediums are there? Which one of the following is a data link protocol? | Contact Us | Privacy Policy. Identify among the following which is mainly used to host web site. __________ is used for unicast communication.


The physical layer in OSI architecture is responsible for _________, 13). How many types of fibers are there? C) presentation C. RFC The range of copper media is up to __________, 146). Help us know you better for the best experience, OTP will be sent to this number for verification. Select the software that prevents external access to a system? Answer - C) P2P is not network topology. (D) Hypertext markup language 93). What is the number of layers in the OSI model? 137). E. All of these 35). 138). 189). The fiber optic cable uses ____________ signal, 143). See, See Question 3 of Create your account to comment, follow, share link / Article and Download PDF's. Answer: (C) World Wide Web (WWW) What are the disadvantages of bus topology? The protocols involve in noisy channels are _________. I agree to be contacted by Scaler in the future. E. All of these C. Multipoint 91). C. Phase (D) Half Duplex F. None of these F. None of these, Answer - Click Here:C What are the services provided by the network layer in an OSI reference model? A. It is mainly for personal use.

This Computer Network MCQ Test contains the best 25 Computer Network Multiple Choice Questions and Answers. The IP addresses are represented in _________ format, 99). The internet layer in TCP/IP protocol suite has _______ protocols, 121). How to Size a Cable for Industrial AC Motors? It has been developed by standard ISO.

There are many data link layer protocols. Option 3- both flow control and start & stop signalling.

The host to the network layer in TCP/IP model uses ___________ protocol, 49). The efficiency of the sliding window protocol is __________, 195). Answer - A) HTTPS stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol. The switching techniques are classified into ______ types, 105). Answer - D) SMTP is the most commonly used internet protocol. C. Not Used

The range of class D IP address is from ________, 47). ________ are the controlled access protocols, 150). 115). (A) Simplex A. The bandwidth supported by the fiber optic media ranges between _______, 145). 182).

A) transport B. frame filter 54). Which of the following is used to allocate and manage resources for a network? D. Authentication 178). Select a layer which performs encryption and decryption function In the OSI model, 57). Which fiber optic cabling connector is a push-pull type of connector?