i hate contemporary christian music

TL;DR there are too many christian radio stations that play the same damn kinds of songs where I live and I'm ranting about it. Even on Christian TV where they supposedly get the most talented singers/musicians who make a living at it and have record contracts etc. I could sing of your love forever? YES! I also liked In Christ Alone because that song writer actually learned his scales and arpeggios. In an act of authentic spirituality in my teen years, I turned away from secular music and focused about 95% of my listening habits on Christian music (mostly CCM and Christian rock). I like Days of Elijah. Note: Must be wearing aviators and sleeveless Tee. Of course, it is perfectly appropriate to feel powerful emotions during Gods worship, but we must take care that these emotions truly are a Spirit-wrought response to who God is and what he has done, and not strong but shallow feelings wrought by musical performance. "There's a new name written up in glory, and it's mine (and it's mine), oh yes it's mine (oh yes it's mine)", "I'll fly away, oh glory iiiii'lll fly away. I dont have that kind of experience, so I cant relate, and that song is pointless to me. Highly recommended. They were plagiarists, almost, and that didnt seem Christian to me. Thats manipulation, not worship, and little different than what happens at a concert. CD sales weren't going too well so the next day they brought a boombox and had a dance party every time someone bought an album or shirt. I agree that our songs should tell the whole story. An amazing man of God who spoke with truth, conviction and straight out Gospel. I say talentless because most of this music is four cords anda handful of lines repeated FOREVER!. I listen to CCM. Your experience as a struggling believer certainly wasnt a false testimony (I hope), but it is possible that your experience doesnt give you a clear perception about mainstream Christian music. To be completely fair, I dont hate ALL contemporary. Maybe the problem with contemporary worship music isnt the music at all. I thought CCM was dead,, Ill give it a go! :). When I die, hallelujah by and by, iiiii'lll fly away! Now I'm into Journey, U2, The Rolling Stones, ACDC, Led Zeppelin, Foreigner and stuff like that that I used to tell my kids was junk. The modern idea of boy/girl friend and romantic love is pretty much a twisting of Gods intention of Biblical marriage. Pasted as rich text. Praise You in this Storm, again by Casting Crownswhere we cant even hear God, but chose to praise Him in the midst of our pain and doubt. Your previous content has been restored. (I will say the CCM has gotten a little better but still has a way to go). He wrote it one night because he was waiting for his friend Beeker to fall asleep where he could see what was on the hotel tv that he knew he didnt need to see. U2 is not oldies, geezer. I grew up with funeral-like hymns for most of my childhood, accompanied by an organ and nothing else. After Chemo, Bone marrow transplant and prayer he was healed, but it took a HUGE toll on his ability to be as brutal as he used to. It's manipulative, and it makes me angry. Everyone else was holding song books so I am sure the people who saw me just had a silent kids these days gripe. The problem was that my life was not filled with an endless chain of spiritual victories. His music will stab your soul with the word of God something that the current christian music fails to do. and are broadcasting it Worldwide.most of it is unbearable to listen to. Flatfoot56 (celtic punk, akin to dropkick murphys.) I believe you! Even the rather conservative venue's security guards had a circle pit going. They know that most churches don't have skilled musicians leading worship, so they make the songs easy enough that any random person who's learned a few chords can play them. It was the funniest thing to hear the congregation stumble on that word. The recurring theme which drew me was separating the truth from tradition and the failure in being human. Yes, Ill match up your Shouttothelord against my Goodgoodfather. You are either incredibly pretentious or incredibly worldly. But like a steady diet of fast food, your pallet becomes numb to quality, and you become lulled into actually desiring anything that tastes like fast food (see KLove and The Fish). I've got more, but it's getting late (or should I say early). It was maddening. Good balance of cheese and heavy, for when you want to pull up to a large group of people too show off you're awesome blown out speakers. It was a relief to me to just sing and not wonder when someone would break out in hysterics ortongues or prophecy. Not thinking completely clearly this morning and Im typing fast, but hopefully you get my drift. Seriously. Holy Blood (Folk Blackmetal) Not sure if I should Hail Jesus, or Hail Odin \m/. In the last 5-6 years, I also gradually started tuning out most of the radio safe CCM, and started getting into more indie music by Christians (I do still prefer music that has that Christian worldview breathing thru it). Of course he couldnt name the artist, but it was easy enough to figure it out. What I appreciated most about this book is its decidedly nonpolemical approach to its subject matter.

Enter Lim and Ruth, who unintentionally helped me to understand what was bothering me. Anyway, I remember one night we visited a Pentecostal church to hear a speaker from the Answers in Genesis people and the worship leader was singing the same line over and over,with intensity. Was the computer not considered an instrument? Your link has been automatically embedded. Now that there are no devote Christians to report me to my church or my family, I HATE CONTEMPORARY WORSHIP SONGS!!! There was some that I liked, but man there was a bunch of lousy garbage to wade through to find the few that actually sounded good. Common Yet Forbidden (Death Metal) One of my favorite. Now youre talkin! Beeker didnt fall asleep in time and we got an amazing cry from a transparent heart out of it. Even when I was a Christian, I didn't care for much that was on worship albums. The only we get where I live are Way-FM (which plays songs from 20 years ago and claims to have a great ministry when it only plays music that 40-something Christians want to listen to), The Fish (a little better than Way-FM, but still not there yet), and the worst of them all K-Love. Theologically shallowmaybe in some cases, Id agree with you. When I was still a believer I was really into it and I was really choosy as a song leader, both in leading songs that weren't just repetitious or boring, or too hard for the church to sing (it's acapella four-part music), and I almost never led two songs in the same key in a single service. Some have told us This is what I wish Christian radio sounded like. We call it gourmet music. Its a 1-hr weekly show, and I think anybody looking for more quality craftsmanship by Christian songwriters will feel right at home (www.radarradio.net). That was kind of our entertainment. WHAT?! The image of these artists is pretty redundant, with the good looking guys and soft spoken lead singer that wears a scarf and a haircut straight from an A&F catalog. Family, walking/hiking, reading, psychology, simple living, minimalism, Reading, swimming, astronomy and studying religion. I listen to and sing lots of Christian music. Had the pleasure of running a booth across from them at Spirit West Coast. You can post now and register later. We are commanded to love God and to love our neighbors as ourselves. This is a command and our eternal destination is at stake, according to evangelicals. At the time we had Way-FM (this was back when it actually played obscure artists like Olivia the Band and other such underground artists). In most CoCs they do not object to using a pitch pipe (or phone app) to get the pitch, though I know of at least one church where a pitch pipe is not allowed because one person objects. My church music was all about us sinners and the blood ofthe lamb. Dynamic fellow. Im not commenting a lot in defense of CCM, but just to present my view, and im commenting this for anyone who wants to know a good inspirational artist: KJ-52. Were His Bride, right? I appreciate your call to Christians to be self-aware, as long as that means humbly coming before the Lord so that He can reveal to us the places in our lives, hearts, and minds where His healing power hasnt touched yet so that we can open those places to Him. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

Often Christians seem to criticize a nebulous movement or group, but are skittish about giving specific names and examples so they dont hurt the feelings of their targets. The New Testamentwhich speaks very little about music in worshipassigns to music a role having to do primarily with instruction (cf. So we were doing a Christmas special one year and I was asked to be in the choir. There is one CCM song that actually means a lot to me and that is Laura Storys Blessings. The only way to know if youve made a mistake, though, is to give CCM a fair listen again. However, neither of these two criticisms get to the heart of why I quit listening. They've just been around since before jesus.

Some sang out loud and bold ASS! Others dropped to a barely audible mumble.

P.S. Sorry, this might annoy some of you. If you like it, thats fine. Hands down. CCM has encouraged me, so I will continue to listen to it, but if it doesnt do much to someone, its not for them. These guys are funny. Paste as plain text instead, Pedro The Lion Not around anymore but good still. This is not to say we should deny that there is pain, suffering, anguish, and injustice; rather, we should not give in to evil by saying that thats all there is. I agree I dont necessarily care for the musical style, but the words are very powerful, authentic and vulnerable. To add, Yes, just because something is under the label Christian, (PODs I Am) doesnt mean its good, and actually there are a lot of CCM songs that deal with personal struggles. I was really into them until a friend recommended I listen to As I lay dying and with my roots in thrash metal, I took an instant liking to the wonderful brutality in which the message was delivered. But Ive noticed a lot of songs todaymaybe the majority of them that I heararent so shallow. But no, let's not mince words kiddos, it's musical cancer. (Personally, I dont care for the musical style of this song, but I dont find the message shallow, inauthentic or lacking in humility.). I live in Nashville, and about ten or so years ago Trevecca Nazarene University started a listener-funded radio station called WNAZ. Comments are now closed for this article. This guy took one of the Cheesiest Christian Songs and made it bareable for me. Not everyone needs to follow my example in this area of lifethus I felt my many disclaimers necessary. While many books on contemporary worship are written to either attack or defend these practices, Lim and Ruth simply present the development of contemporary worship as it happened and is happening. Perhaps CCM is changing, I try to at least pay attention to what is going on in the CCM world, but honestly I am not paying close enough attention to know if it were experiencing arenaissance of creativity, honesty, and vulnerability. If you mean it sounds like a declaration of victory over sin, death, and Satan, I still dont see a problem with the musics content because that is true. I have think music, like life, is something that we get out of it what we are looking to get. I agree, Ive kind of been burned out on CCM. I have over 2500 songs on my phone and I still occasionally buy something (some Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie recently).

He can spit. Another reason I dont listen to is is that I dont want to turn that which is sacred to Christ into mere entertainment for me. I dont want to find myself toe-tapping to the sacred. Yes, a covenental relationship is far more than boy/girl friend. At least some music is upbeat. Simple. Those favoring contemporary styles often accuse traditionalists of opposing newer music for reasons of personal taste, and refuting those arguments is difficult because they contain a grain of truth. Music has a powerful effect on the emotions, and the driving rhythms and loud volumes of much modern music can work people up very easily. If I mustlisten to religious music I much prefer today's contemporary songs & music. No more pop-ish CCM. Hm. At that moment, Id realized that many of my favorite artists were simply aping what was already in the market place, simply replacing lyrics directed towards negative ends towards Jesus. All are welcome to participate. In the mid-90's the lead singer had leukemia. Not quite as punchy. So one cannot say that I do not prefer contemporary music simply because I dont like it.. Occasional thoughts about music, brass playing, the Bible, and theology. On a side note, I also discovered that the holy spirit cannot fully move upon the church unless it is preceded by a major key change. Thisls First 48 is about the reality of the hood, and how bad it is. I know what some of you are thinking: I am either incredibly pretentious or incredibly worldly. Third Day has several songs that speak of the struggles that come with our faith. The Motions by Matthew West, about having an authentic life. Ill echo Daniel a bit; I dont listen to KLOVE, but when Im in one of the area Christian bookstores Ill sample some of the demos and I frequently find some worthwhile stuff Audrey Assad and Ginny Owens, to name-drop a couple. Im not sure when I had an entirely similar epiphany, but my storys a little different. Singing along to CCM felt like some weird existential experiencestanding outside myself applauding my own deep seated faith and many spiritual victories.. It's maddening having a song stuck in your head ALL OF THE TIME. Plain horrible.

Introduce friends & colleagues to the CAPC world with a gift membership. That wouldnt be pretentiousness, though; that would be an honest mistake, which is so much better to commit.

Ahh hahahahahaha! Rich Mullins Hold Me Jesus is quite honest. My husband Zachary commented above that I called and tried to explain why a song that was theologically wrong to KLOVE. Those that say that dancing is bad, David danced in the Bible. I will own the pretentious labelI am well aware that most people do not share my taste in music. Now my favorites are Andrew Peterson, Josh Garrels, Sara Groves, The Vespers, Eric Peters, Jenny & Tyler, Derek Webb, Waterdeep, and so many more. Set slide - active. If some CCM artists are teaching weak theology or are musically derivative to the point of plagiarism, isnt it more productive to approach those artists individually and tell them that, rather than some generalized criticism of CCM? if they were alternative artists who werent going to get airplay on the adult contemporary stations anyway. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. I wont call you a bad person for that. JGivens (Rap/Hip-hop) Laid back. Holy hell in a hurricane, batman! Dont automatically take for fact that all CCM is limited in depth and spirituality; try listening to some songs before making judgement P.P.S. The words written were exactly, almost verbatim, what I tell others in relation to my experience with CCM. Downright painful! No offense taken. In the words of Hank Hill, you arent making Christianity better, youre making rock and roll worse.. By the way, I found your article through the Christian alternative rock web station Broken FM. Their homepage talks about how we struggle and the need to be honest about this as Christians. My local Christian radio station actually uses the safe for the whole family trope as part of its advertising and on-air station promos marketing the music on the basis of what it does not contain. Chris Christian, back around the dawn of time, recorded what we in radioland used to privately call a Jesus loves me when my car wont start song. I barely listen to any CCM at this point; my music tastes are all over the place, from opera to chiptune but I try to see the beauty in the divine spark of humanity in everything (even if Im not particularly enamored with it). Ill go with pretentious. ExChristian.Net I agree that the brush being used here is far too broad.

I really think god has blessed him through this like Daniel and friends who ate kosher. I must have read a hundred of these why I quit CCM essays by now. When I converted to Christianity and started listening to CCM in the early 2000s, I certainly noticed that a great number of CCM songs spoke of Jesus as a cosmic boyfriend come to fix all our earthly problems and consequently seemed to lack a biblical understanding of justification, sanctification, and glorification. Courage and contentment also found by those looking for them. To know that there is victory even at a time of darkness can be a great comfort to people who are struggling, and to declare that victory in song is a major blow to the enemy, who seeks to rob us of the joy and life that Jesus promises us. Because the coming of Jesus is nothing to be trifled with, and categorical statements about everyone being set free as opposed to being lost to the darknessthe urgency in my heart that every heart actually be set free by relationship with Jesus spurred me to call. BUT, their 2-3 hours of repetition singing hypnotizing and putting people in trances making it easier to brainwash and manipulate themwas Ok ?? Quite satisfying to my spirit. And perhaps there is a way to utilize at least some of these musical forms in a way that does not assume a sacramental function or otherwise manipulate the feelings of the congregation. I am encouraged by CCM, but if someone isnt, obviously, I tell you to stop listening to it. I dug a bit more and found that this genre of music was comfortable in questioning our faith instead of simply singing along. When I began in the Christian walk, I was already an 18 year old who had grown up in the church so I knew all the hymns and songs, but I immediately dove into Hillsong and the well known CCM bands.

Sorry if I repetitiously rant sometimes. Everything had to be queued in advance so I am rushing trying to get this done. To sing victory when we are in a pit is an act of faith, an act of claiming promises that God says are ours by virtue of being His children. Did that music contain instruments? No way to edit on the fly! Thanks for letting me share.

Display as a link instead, No Christians around? I will occasionally put on an LP on Saturday, or if I've played all of my podcast episodes I might play some music in the car. It was because of such temptations that Jesus said, beware of practicing your righteousness before men in order to be seen by them (Matt. Why call into question your integrity by suggesting you might be posturing? Nowadays,Im enjoying the Beatles,Katy Perry,Bruno Mars and a bunch ofother ones I didnt listen to for thirty years. Lets have more rootsy/bluesy songs or laments with the occaisonal praise song. (Can I listen to Christian music in the background for edification and spiritual uplift, not for entertainment. It irks me how a good station shows up, or a christian radio broadcasters union has a conference about changing the content of their music they play so that they can reach the new generation, and nothing ever happens. Wow, I am left aghast at this article. I just hate how the song structure is the exact SAME as every other song, and they can only use a limited amount of words, such as (Glory omg that word has become so annoying) because they don't think their listeners can actually understand anything unless it's like hitting yourself in the face with a book. Yet, my current distaste in CCM stems from the fact that all of its musical composition is written in power chords and soft, easily digestible music. Where are the desperate pleas for help? I love Owl City, specifically because no matter what he sings about; from a Seattle he clearly never has been too, to a building a skyline, to a fictional beach; you can hear the Joy of the Lord pulsing through the speakers. At the very least, I have found a way to articulate the nagging concern Ive had for some time. In my early days as a youth pastor, I hosted enough CCM concerts at my church to see this temptation first hand. This is a weekly column that I do each week reflecting on youth culture, consequently, it is often difficult for me to provide concrete examples. Tell us who got your goat so completely that you decided to write off the genre. clickbank than business affiliate digital the evil that I do not want to do, that I keep on doing (Romans 7:18-19)? . As Suggested by Alicia_deaun Mewithoutyou Super good. Granted, its an awesome song, but it doesnt talk about anything substantive. Just like your musical convictions led you to write a blog post about it, I also wanted to invite people to walk with me on my musical journey, which largely meant giving up a fast food CCM diet and seeking more substantial art both in creative musicianship and weighty lyrics. EDIT 2 Also These guys 'cause I know the Bassist and it's good: Future of Forestry (Rock) Reminds me a little bit of Coldplay. When I converted to Christianity and started listening to CCM in the early 2000s, I certainly noticed that a great number of CCM songs spoke of Jesus as a cosmic boyfriend come to fix all our earthly problems and consequently seemed to lack a biblical understanding of justification, sanctification, and glorification. Some things are made for others. This isnt a hate against you; I agree to what to said to some extent. I dont want to be, but perhaps its true. Only the Holy Spirits work will save a persons soul, but God could easily use our art to point individuals towards the Gospel. Keep it classy Kansas. This isnt a bad thing in itself, but once youve declared everything evil because the lyrics might not fit your taste, youve rejected an entire audience, an entire culture outright who may have legitimate grievances or concerns. blowers matthew iii I found solace in Pauls description of himself as the chief of sinners (1 Tim 1:15) and in the Psalmists who often cried How long O LORD? More than a lack of creativity or theological grounding, CCM seemed lacking in humility and vulnerability. We sing love songs to God, close our eyes to show our sincerity, hold up our hands, etc. Sooooooo true. Jesus in Disguise by Brandon Heathsimple lyrics, theologically deep, and (personally) very convicting. Johnny Lang (Blues, Gospel, R&B) He became a Christian a while ago and put out the album "Turn Around". So would I, the only Xmas music I really listen to anymore are the British and Austrian boys choirs. I am also very aware that many wonderful Christian brothers and sisters listen to CCM regularly and are encouraged and blessed by it. blowers matthew iii movie did illegal towers hate feet run till call You can keep your Woahs and your Yeahyeahs because they are about as effectual as a Rattata. Beeker didnt fall asleep in time and we got an amazing cry from a transparent heart out of it. From one pretentious sinner to another, Drew. To put it briefly, contemporary worship practices treat music as a sacrament, as a means of bringing people in to the presence of God. 94FM The Fish? Andrew Peterson (folk/light rock) His songs are very well written, and the composition is beautiful. These songs were written by stoned out college students who were trying to serenade some shallow girl who was completely enamored because her talentless boyfriend is an "artist" for being able to play 4 whole cords on an acoustic guitar. Or anything that involved repeating words was considered chanting to get the devil, demons, evil spirits to show up. Biotechnology, Immunology, Genetics, History, Atheism, Anything Southern. So Drew, dont hold back. SO, IN SUMMARY!!! It is almost as if we are spouting a semi-pelagian view that Christians are without sin in this life now that they have Christ. Woah dude, thanks! Philosophy, History, Science. Needles to say they sold out. It would be harder for me to be. I do not claim to be the ultimate arbiter of truth anymore. I'll be back with others, it's late. As a brother, I would urge you to reconsider your view of CCM and the role it plays, and I would urge you to abandon the pretentiousness angleyou do a disservice to yourself by using it. My prayer was more often help me with my unbelief (Mark 9:24) than it was Im desperate for You / Im lost without you. My early days as a Christian were filled with struggle, frustration, and, at times, failure. Hymns, which I did not appreciate as a youth, did a better job of telling the whole story of how it really is difficult to follow this command. Well, long story short, Im going to school one morning and Divin In comes on.