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An official website of the United States government One major advantage of relocating your business to Singapore is its convenient location. The Singapore government has maintained zero foreign debt since 1995. https:// ensures that you are connecting to the official website and that any Just some reasons why people relocate to Singapore. We try to call back within 48 hours of receiving your information. NCWorks Career Centers | Business Services, Consulting Services | Staffing (Business Edge), Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice (AI), One North Carolina Small Business Program, Community Development Block Grant Coronavirus Program (CDBG-CV), Education & Workforce Program Outcomes (CFS), Strategic Economic Development Plan for North Carolina, For Veterans Seeking Jobs in North Carolina, For Young Adults Seeking Jobs in North Carolina, For Agriculture Workers Seeking Jobs in North Carolina, For Former Offenders Seeking Jobs in North Carolina, For Limited English Speakers Seeking Jobs in North Carolina, Workforce Professionals Tools & Resources. The transport system is efficient, safe, and punctual. information you provide is encrypted and transmitted securely. You can find how we use these by clicking More info or click Accept to agree. You may find these Singapore business guides useful in helping you make your decision: Providing you with expert guidance & resources for starting & operating a Singapore firm in specific industries. As with most governments, Singapore earns the bulk of its revenue from taxes income, property, excise and customs duties, as well as GST. Learn more. Attractive Tax Regime, Extensive Tax Treaties, Gateway to Asia & Smart Immigration Policies. If youre looking for a place to set up or expand your business, Singapore is the place to be. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Singapore exported $$515 billion worth of goods in 2017, with its primary export partners being the United States, Australia, Japan, China and United Kingdom make sure you're on a federal government site. For the third quarter of 2017, Singapores GDP (at current market prices) stands at S$107 billion. This table, included in the State of Hawaii Data Book, shows the top four export industries in terms of expenditures to be visitors, defense, raw sugar and molasses and fresh and processed pineapple. 301 North Wilmington Street Find out your industry information here. These pages display a snapshot of national data obtained from different BLS surveys and programs. Because the data are assembled from different surveys and programs, they may not always be directly comparable. The primary source of income for Hawaii is the visitor sector which spreads itself over several industries, such as service, transportation and retail trade. Industrial and commercial facilities for businesses are also readily available in Singapore. By air, Changi International Airport is connected to 380 cities in 90 countries.

class mm kyle wiggers After Singapore gained independence in 1965, the post-colonial government went on to improve and expand the countrys transport, communications, industrial, and housing systems. Sign up to receive useful guides to help you make the right choices for you and your business. The Singapore economy grew by 5.2% during this period which is the fastest pace it has grown in more than three years, according to a Bloomberg report. With our history of being first in flight, its no wonder leader aerospace, defense and security companies like Honda Jet, GE Aviation, Lockheed Martin and UTC Aerospace Systems call N.C. home. The From biotechnology to aerospace, transportation to information technology, youll find the people and infrastructure in North Carolina to take your company to the forefront of your industry. At any one time, there can be as many as 1,000 ships docked at the Singapore port, which makes it the busiest container port in the world. It also imported S$452.1 billion worth of goods in 2017, with its primary import partners being the United States, Netherlands, China, Hong Kong and Japan. To support businesses in Singapore, we offer customized company formation solutions designed exclusively to meet the needs of Foreign Entrepreneurs, Foreign Companies and Singapore Residents. The Economic Impact of Tourism in Hawaii: An Application of the Hawaii Input-Output Model (First Quarter 1996) explains tourisms role in the economy. Find out more. Because of differences in survey methods, some data may cover all workers or establishments, while other data may only be for private industry. Low corporate taxes and cost of living make N.C. highly attractive for corporate headquartersjust ask the 14 Fortune 500 and 26 Fortune 1000 companies based here. As the third-largest U.S. financial center, companies like AT&T, Bank of America, Microsoft and Wells Fargo enjoy our global connectivity and top-notch talent. timeline class span objects user current The Singapore governments total revenue is estimated at S$69 billion as of the third quarter of 2017. Hawksford is a leading provider of company formation and administration services for companies of all sizes in Singapore. By land, Singapore is served by 9,310 kilometres of paved roads, 199.6 kilometres of rail (mass rapid transit and light rail combined), as well as island-wide bus, taxi, and ride-share operations.

Registering a Singapore company? Raleigh, North Carolina 27601-1058. The site is secure. Fill out the form below and someone from the states business development team will be in touch promptly. IAG pages may contain different tables or levels of data because BLS programs produce differing levels of industry detail. Other revenue sources for the government include are licence and permit fees, government property rental, fines and forfeitures, as well as capital receipts from the sale of capital goods. Copyright 2022, State of Hawaii. The recovery of global trade and an improving labour market has helped Singapore not only sustain growth in the manufacturing industry, but also broaden out to other industries such as services and retail. Many programs also produce additional industry detail, including state, county, and metropolitan area data. The Singapore economy is on a healthy growth path it was ranked the third wealthiest nation in the world by Fortune, and has enjoyed high rates of foreign direct investments (S$62 billion in 2017). In hotspots such as coffee chains, fast-food restaurants, or Changi Airport, you can use an island-wide Wi-Fi service called Wireless@SG for free. Top Picks, One Screen, Multi-Screen, and Maps, Industry Finder from the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages, OTHER SERVICES (EXCEPT PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION). Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism. For a listing in alphabetical order, click, For a listing in industry numerical order, click. The largest research park in the U.S. and three Tier 1 research universities attract biotech and pharma companies like Novo Nordisk, Merck and GlaxoSmithKline. County Social, Business and Economic Trends in Hawaii, Energy Industry Information Reporting Program (EIIRP). Singapore's top three export and import commodities sections are machinery and transport equipment, chemicals and chemical products and miscellaneous manufactured articles. The NAICS structure is revised every 5 years. Just a few contact details so we know who to ask for. This shows the division of Hawaiis economy into the conventional industry sectors. By implementing these strategic debts alongside with strong asset protection, robust economic growth, and prudent macroeconomic policies, the Singapore government has a strong balance sheet with its assets outweighing its liabilities. For commercial businesses, choice of world-class high-rise and low-rise offices in the Central Business District and other parts of town are available. Between nuclear energy, cleantech and smart grids, N.C. ranks second in turbine manufacturing, third in fossil fuel power generation and fifth in semiconductor manufacturing in the U.S. The .gov means it's official. The Monetary Authority of Singapore estimates that the Singapore economy is likely toexpand at a steady, but slightly slower, pace in 2018 compared to 2017. Heres how the Singapore dollar has fared against major global and regional currencies (figures in SGD): Singapore traded S$967.1 billion worth of goods in 2017, an increase of 11.1% from the previous year. Located at the southernmost tip of the Malaysian peninsula and with a land area smaller than that of New Yorks, Singapore has no significant natural resources. The data shown are based on the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) An excellent explanation of the Gross State Product appears in Hawaiis Economy (Third Quarter 1995) in the article The Changing Structure of Hawaiis Economy. Here is how you know. Choose your preferred contact method and one of our dedicatedSingapore experts will be in touch, The Singapore economy: A brief introduction, Changi International Airport is connected to 380 cities in 90 countries. Links to industry supersectors are shown on the left side of this screen. Many industries and sectors choose to do business in North Carolina for our highly skilled and diverse workforce. The Jurong Town Corporation (JTC) has over 47.7 million square meters of strategically-located built industrial space that can be used to build factories, warehouses and business parks. These links are available from every page. The robust Singapore economy drives thousands of global professionals to its shores each year but what makes it so attractive? All Rights Reserved. Read on to find out. Singapore is considered to be the worlds 14th largest exporter and 17th largest importer. As of November 2017, the Singapore dollar traded at S$1.3467 against the U.S dollar, which is slightly lower than the 2016 average rate of S$1.3815. The most current information is always displayed. Many of the worlds best-known brands across a range of future-focused industries call North Carolina home. The telecommunications system is no less remarkable - Singapore has one of the worlds highest mobile penetration rates at 1.5 mobile phones per person, and more than 90% of Singaporean households have Internet access. supersector, sector, and industry level. Clicking on a row title will take you to the survey or program home page for that series. Opportunities for offshore wind energy are also coming into focus.

However, this high figure is not an accurate representation of Singapores fiscal strength - the Singapore government borrows to invest, and the return on investment (ROI) generated on these investments makes up for the difference. It handles more than 7,000 weekly flights transporting passengers and cargo worldwide. However, this did not stop Singapore from developing itself into a regional hub for oil and gas, as well as a world leader in sustainable water solutions and projects such as NEWater and the Deep Tunnel Sewerage System. Copyright 2008 - 2022 Hawksford. By sea, the Singapore port gives shippers a choice of over 200 shipping lines and access to some 600 ports in 123 countries. As the Furniture Capital of the World, its not surprising that the worlds largest furniture store, furniture manufacturer and furnishings industry trade show are all in NC. As the economy grows, both local and non-local companies have access to a pool of an educated workforce and, eventually, a burgeoning consumer market. Our experts will be in touch with you within the next 48 hours. Heres the only company registration guide youll ever need. Considering moving or expanding your business to Singapore? those categories that comprise the Gross State Product. Hawaiis economy is not easily summarized into conventional industry sectors common to economic analysis, i.e. Before sharing sensitive information, Having major tech players including Google, Cisco and SAS here is part of the reason North Carolina boasts the second-fastest growing IT industry in the U.S. Weve grown far beyond our legacy industries of textiles, tobacco and furniture to address the worlds biggest challenges with companies that are inventing the future. This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. Federal government websites often end in .gov or .mil. In addition to our robust agriculture industry, NC is second-largest in animal processing and manufacturing and home to Tyson, Campbells and Smithfield. Because of this, the question What are the top ten industries in Hawaii? is not easily answered. How can we make this page better for you.

What are the major industries in the State of Hawaii? From Freightliner and Daimler Trucks to Caterpillar and Bridgestone, North Carolina touts the 10th-largest automotive sector employment in the country. As for domestic debt, the total outstanding government borrowing was S$496 billion as of the third quarter of 2017, which comprises of registered stocks and bonds, treasury bills and advance deposits. Clicking on the links at the bottom of each table will take you to the survey or program home pages that are the source of the data displayed. As a commercial and military seaport during the British colonial era, Singapores infrastructure has always been well-developed. Internationally known companies, like Dow, DuPont and PPG, are a big part of why NC holds the title of being the fifth-largest plastics and chemicals workforce in the U.S. Hanes, Kimberly-Clark and many others enjoy our states well-established supply chain partners and skilled laborand make up the largest textile mill industry in the U.S. North Carolina is among the top 10 most visited states in the U.S., and we offer a strong infrastructure and network of professionals to support this industry in our state.

of Business, Economic Development and Tourism have developed a table called Direct Income from Major Export Industries. A major financial hub in the Asia Pacific region, Singapore has long earned a reputation as one of the worlds most advanced economies. It has been said that Singapores true natural resource is its people and in a growing economy, this could not be more apt.