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To better position Elavon as a payments industry leader with a keen understanding of multiple industries, we developed a dynamic sales app that provided useful content and data points for Elavon representatives to share with prospective customers. Her strong team mentality is great for the internal and external collaborations and making sure everyone is in a place to succeed. Im down to 12 pens.. Even though Im a digital marketer, I always keep analogue writing implements like nice notebooks and pens in the front pockets of my messenger bag. Victorias goal at Brown Bag is to unveil new and surprising design solutions through hard work and happy accidents. company entertainment production film logos famous fox most brandongaille Coworkers describe her as the one with the color coded calendar or large iced coffee in hand. Color notecards/pens for jotting down creative solutions, sunglasses to see a new perspective, and a funny take on life.. She takes critiques and runs with them, all while being her goofy and wildly supportive self. He loves all things Atlanta, where he plans to further his career after college. But dont just take our word for it. My phone, wallet, a protein bar and probably a dog toy or two.. This approach is one of the reasons why were one of Atlantas top digital marketing agencies for IT and software companies. More than half of tech B2B sales were driven by digital marketing in 2020. A spicy chicken sandwich with pepper jack cheese, large fry and extra Chick-fil-A sauce.. If you opened my bag you would see a MacBook Pro, AirPods, a faded band tee, and Chai Tea Latte.. As a Senior Account Supervisor, Brandon strives to hone his talents at the intersection of thoughtful strategy and creative solutions. I have captured 66 waterfalls since April of this year. The best content, web design and marketing strategies draw from deep wells of artistic creativity, imagination and innovation. He is passionate about creating fun and memorable pages. When Michael isnt working with our clients to develop their next digital strategy, he has the joy of sharing his life with his wife and three children. A competitive nature is in my bag. Put simply, the guys a human accelerator. Whether shes planning her next trip or preparing for a new business pitch, she keeps her passion for helping people at the top of her list.

Industries weve worked with include manufacturing, financial services, financial services, pharma and healthcare, animal health and technology. As a Senior Account Supervisor here at Brown Bag Marketing, she is able to utilize her former skills and experiences by ensuring the best possible work is delivered on time and within budget for our clients. Harrison is a young and energetic sales marketing enthusiast from the OTP- Alpharetta, GA. An agenda, coffee, wine opener, and an always-be-open-to-learning attitude!. He has never met a challenge he couldnt tackle. She can plan, she can evaluate, she can write things, she can manage things and she can sell things. A pack of gum for when I finish my coffee, Life Savers Gummies because everyone needs a sweet treat once in awhile, and a great ready-for-whatever-comes-my-way attitude!. She wears many hats to support theclient servicesteam, and rumor has it, she can switch them out using only her mind,just likeEleven from Stranger Things. As an Account Executive, Izzys skillset is golden. As Director of Strategic Accounts, Tricia (TP) manages projects with a cool, calm demeanor. My journal of quotes and ideas, a book, a snack, and some lip gloss because I like to do everything with an extra bit of style and sass.. Well, yes. Izzy is sharp, eager to succeed and a compulsive over-deliverer. Custom Marketing Strategies for B2B & B2C(404) 444-2414 Tower Place 100 3340 Peachtree Rd NE Suite 825 Atlanta, Georgia 30326Privacy Policy Sitemap Scholarship. Chapstick, a notebook, PILOT pens, dog treats (you never know when youll meet a new friend), and also a snack.. As Associate Creative Director, Dave translates the strategic goals of each client and transforms them into thoughtful, clever and effective creative. She honed her mental powers at Washington and Lee University with abachelorsinart history. Kirsten previously worked at Marc Jacobs and graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design.

Our IT marketing agency can help your company grow and thrive. She also brings extensive experience working with non-profit organizations and development teams. Based in Atlanta, Brown Bag Marketing provides a comprehensive bag of digital marketing, SEO and web design services, including: While we are fully equipped to provide effective solutions for all types of businesses, our past industry experience helps us bring added expertise and knowledge to the table. And its the experience Ive gained by working with great people for many years.. Outside of the office, you can find Jordan reading, working out, listening to podcasts, and finding the best queso and margaritas ATL has to offer. When Victoria is not designing, you can catch her in North Georgia hiking or relaxing at a winery. Filled with an outfit for every occasion and a planned color coded itinerary My OCD travels with me everywhere.. Outside of work she usually is taking a nap, binge watching another season of Real Housewives, or cheering on her bulldogs with a cowbell in hand. And if so, you should know hell bring unparalleled sales acumen to the conversation. If youre looking to hire the best local marketing firm in your area, then look no further.

Leslie believes some people do read every word, however delusional that may be. Instead, whether hes talking with a designer, a client, or a prospect, hes always hunting for a way to take what they do and make it great. He also worked for Virtual Magic where he specialized in Web and Flash development. A young creative with an old-soul, Brandon comes to Brown Bag all the way from New York City where he attended Fordham University and graduated with a BA in Visual Arts.

Brown Bag Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency offering custom online advertising and marketing solutions for small, mid-sized, and large businesses. Technology marketers consistently cite sales lead quality, higher conversion rates and sales as the top 3 most important metrics they use to measure the effectiveness or success of their content marketing efforts. Gabrielas love to constantly learn and be challenged is seen through her ability to take on new projects quickly and support the Client Services team with day-to-day responsibilities and deadlines. The only thing larger than Lindseys role at Brown Bag is the size of her heart. We develop individualized marketing plans for each client whether theyre a Fortune 500 company or a small mom-and-pop shop. We invite you to get to know us too! Outside of work, Kim enjoys cheering on any Philadelphia sports team (Go Birds and Flyers! As our VP of Strategic Accounts, Lindsey leads brand and business strategy for a portfolio of clients, as well as a team of marketing professionals. Outside of work, Ally is likely watching reruns of Survivor, playing Settlers of Catan with friends, or seeking out the best ice cream places in Atlanta (or even making her own)! Another fun fact: I once met Chuck Norris and lived. Case in pointshe once hiked eight national parks in 14 days. At Brown Bag, we will create a custom marketing plan for your business based on your individual goals, which allows us to plan for changes and pivot as needed. He has been described as an interesting blend of loveable dufus, data nerd, and whiteboard warrior.

IT companies dont just have to compete against this pool of competitors within our borders, but also the much larger pool of companies overseas that are seeking to break into the American market. Shes taken what shes experienced and used it to synthesize comprehensive insights into how operations work well: that means equipping people, establishing processes, and driving results. behavior human understanding marketing open improve strategy banners flat head icons depositphotos min read ), spell checking Kanye on Twitter, traveling and cooking. Shes from the Muscle Shoals, AL, area, so music is in her blood. Ever evolving and multi-dimensional, Lindsey leveraged her technical and business acumen to lead Vetlocity, a loyalty-based rebates and rewards start-up, and her passion for growing talent as the VP of People and Culture, before heading up her current team. Ansley loves to ask questions and is a positive person who can often be found dancing while working (mostly moves from Tik Toks). Okay, were not sure how he does it either, were just glad he does. Meet the Brains behind Brown Bag Marketing, 2022 Brown Bag Marketing, Inc. All Rights Reserved, Competitive markets dominated by Big Tech, Rapidly changing industry and market trends (digital transformation), Building trust and brand recognition online, Prioritization of mobile devices and social media, As a project lead, Nicole is the definition of grace under pressure, making sure projects remain in-scope, on-time and on-budget. Coffee, and lots of it. Let us create a custom marketing strategy for you to support your companys mission and deliver the results youre looking for sooner. Our full-service Atlanta B2B digital marketing strategists can help your company generate more leads and expand your customer base. Outside of work, Jessica enjoys traveling, taking Pilates classes, cheering on the Alabama Crimson Tide, curling up with a good book or trying a new local restaurant. Prior to Brown Bag, Mary kept things running at our sister company,Vetlocity, as Manager of Business Operations. Jen attended the University of Georgia and received her Bachelors in English and Womens Studies, as well as the Creative Circus where she studied Graphic Design.

Outside of work Hunter loves all things hiking, biking, ultimate frisbee, board games, bourbon, and finding new adventures wherever he goes. Here are some other reasons why tech providers near and far choose us for end-to-end digital marketing advice, services and solutions: We have heart and hustle, and have the gold stars to prove it! Sticky notes, colored markers and miniature succulents to inspire creativity.. Ive been working in social media for marketing since social media started, back in the ice age with the dinosaurs. A planner to stay organized, coffee for unlimited energy, a positive attitude and a sense of humor to keep things light.. A MacBook computer, pair of headphones, a water bottle and my love of all things design.. She graduated from the University of Alabama where she earned a bachelors degree in Public Relations. Fun fact: Sela and I worked at the same agency, barely missing each other timewise. As a Junior Designer, he will be developing engaging design solutions while collaborating with our awesome team of creative Baggers. We specialize in overcoming the biggest challenges facing IT and software companies today, including: At Brown Bag Marketing, we first take the time to get to know your businesss unique needs, goals and budget. Empathy, honesty, a yearning for transformative truth and a sense of humor. She is a go-getter who loves doing creative deep dives. Outside of the office, she enjoys exploring historical sites with her hubby, attending Broadway plays at the Fox Theatre, taking her shichon pup on sniff n strolls, writing, and mentoring younger women. Technology marketers allocate 29 percent of their total budget, on average, to content marketing. X-acto knife, quarters for the nearest pinball machine, and chicken red curry doesnt matter the time of day, I will devour it.. No two days look alike for Elizabeth. Jessica makes her role as an Account Supervisor look easy. With her trusted Starbucks always by her side, she. All the (cool) mom things, a quick laugh, an old school calculator, a professional book or two, and a stubborn refusal to fail.. Now, Im travelin light. Ally is a proud graduate of the Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business where she earned a B.S in Business Administration and a minor in Engineering and Technology. wallet and extensive scrunchie collection. If you get it, you get it. She then went on to attend the Creative Circus with a focus in Graphic Design. Ive had the opportunity to manage and create social media for brands like Coca-Cola, Chick-fil-A, Wells Fargo, McDonalds, Southern Company, UPS, Salesforce, and so many more. Outside of work, Ellen enjoys trying a new restaurant (specifically Italian), watching tv shows that will probably get cancelled, or grabbing a drink with a friend. Brenae graduated from Kennesaw State University with degree in Technical Communication. Randalls a deep guy, ready to pour himself into understanding a clients industry and build authentic connections with their customers, all with the right selection of the right words. This is evident at my job. When Ashleys not on social for her clients shes engaging with her personal followers and probably sipping on a glass of red wine with a reality show on in the background. Social media content (other than blogs), blogs and case studies are the top 3 most often cited marketing tactics for technology marketers. My wallet, sometimes with or without cash inside of it, along with a burrito filled with as much cheese as possible. Rob has a degree from AIA in 3D Modeling and Animation and a degree from SPSU in Game Design and Development. Founded in 2002, Brown Bag Marketing is a full-service Atlanta digital marketing agency specializing in end-to-end online marketing services, solutions and most importantly, RESULTS for B2B software and IT companies. We have the experience to prove it. Does Randall work at Brown Bag? When Randalls not translating great ideas into impeccable copy, hes got no shortage of hobbies and interests, including, but not limited to: tabletop gaming, speculative fiction, miniature painting, miscellaneous nerd culture, beer, etymology, Icelandic sagas, the intersection of secular humanism and mystical thinking, and relationships worth investing in. Outside of work, Dave enjoys traveling with his lovely wife, visiting coastlines, single malts, playing with his dogs, listening to vinyl records and seeing live music. He wants to talk about whomever hes talking with. My bag is filled with a pen of every of color, three different snack options, a small multi-use tool kit, a game of travel Yahtzee, and oh wait I had to take that out because my bag was over the weight limit! No matter what the project may be Gabriela is always up for a challenge.

She first honed her powers of concentration at Georgia State University, where she completedadegree inBusinessMarketing. Calm, cool and collected, its safe to say Mary knows a thing or two about staying on track. Ansley is an enthusiastic marketer from Atlanta, Ga. She is currently studying marketing and data analytics at the Univeristy of Colorado Boulder. And were a one-stop-shop! Sela Missirian describes her role at Brown Bag in three words: sales and strategy. Turning Point, a non-profit organization that improves the quality of life for women with breast cancer by providing, promoting and advocating specialized and evidence-based rehabilitation. Not surprisingly, Dan doesnt talk much about himself. Here in the U.S., its estimated that there are more than half a million software and IT services companies, and over 40,000 tech startups were launched in 2018 alone.

With her sharp eye for detail and creative problem-solving skills, Aimee manages numerous integrated deliverables for a variety of digital marketing strategies, initiatives, and communications for our clients.

Just dont ask him to present to your Board on Halloween, unless theyre into gorilla suits. Victoria graduated from Emerson College where she received a bachelors in Theater Studies. After earning her degree and spending a stint of time in Tech sales, she moved on to work for a couple of large Ad Agencies in the Philadelphia area where she worked for brands such as Under Armour, Planet Fitness, Aetna, CVS Health and Comcast. Hes all about helping others grow.,,,,, Content development and social media marketing. Jordans workdays are filled understanding client needs and working with the team to find creative solutions. Long before Brown Bag, Ashley studied Television Production at The University of Florida and is a proud Gator grad, never missing a football game. We skillfully delivered the following services: Technology and software innovations are constantly evolving, which means your digital marketing strategy must be agile and adaptable to keep up. Prior to joining our team, Kim attended East Carolina University where she received a BS in Advertising and Communications. He currently studies business and professional sales at Indiana University.

Simply put, Tricia is a dream come true for our team and clients. At Brown Bag, she forges a path for her teammates amidst the ever-changing, exciting chaos of projects and assists with the day-to-day management of accounts. Our mission is your success. Prior to taking on her current role as Account Executive, Izzy led the sales team for an animal health start-up. My bag is a black duffle, and over the weight limit. Her determination to help others shines in her projects and random needs around the office. My name is Jason, and my friends call me Jason. Randall writes at Brown Bag. Harrison is a quick thinker who loves being challenged with new ideas and questions. We are an exceptionally talented, hardworking and seriously curious bunch of folks and we want to get to know you and your business needs. Outside of the office you can find Ryan spending quality time with his wife and one-year old son, listening to records, agonizing over any Atlanta sports team or enjoying an ice-cold adult beverage. But thats not because shes indecisive shes a quick learner and eager to bridge the gap whenever necessary. Kim is known by her peers for being a client advocate who keeps the finish line in sight, anticipates the curve balls, and constantly adapts to any situation thrown her way seriously, that came from a lengthy excerpt written by one of her past coworkers. Outside of work, he is a devoted husband and dad as well as an amazing golfer. Hardworking, clever, and a creative problem solver at heart, Hollie is known best for ultimately being of help in any way she can. of B2B buyers want to see content with more input from industry thought leaders. Our experts have the experience, knowledge and tools to help you avoid common pitfalls and grow revenue quickly. In cases where high-tech B2B companies have undertaken broad transformations of their customer-experience processes, the impact has been higher client-satisfaction scores, reductions of 10 percent to 20 percent in cost-to-serve, revenue growth of 10 percent to 15 percent and an increase in employee satisfaction. So its really more about whats no longer in my bag, which would be my beloved bug spray, 23 ink pens, 10-lb. An Auburn University graduate, she studied Public Relations and Marketing and is constantly trying to further her knowledge! Yes, we said Brown Bag.

She coordinates our organic social accounts and is always thinking of creative ways to implement forward-thinking strategies. Also, she is currently making 70s inspired music and creating a streetwear line. And dont let his penchant for wit and deadpan fool you. I have a fantastic social network and loads of curiosity and creativity to help people solve their marketing problems!.

Every creative needs one.. Michaels time in marketing was split by a four-year stint as a Cavalry Scout in the US Army, including a fifteen-month deployment to Iraq.

When was the last time you saw a marketing campaign that made you stop and pay attention? Creativity, a giddy passion for beautifully written prose and a pack of gum for fresh breath.. After several years apart, Sela is back home and we couldnt be more thrilled. Hunter excels at problem solving and meeting challenges head-on. Outside of the office, Izzy enjoys staying active and playing in sports leagues, traveling and spending time with family.

I like to travel light and only stock up on the essentials. Information and software technology is a highly competitive industry. When Elizabeths not running around our Buckhead office, you can find herhitting the pavement forhalf marathons,hiking,hanging out with friends and family,or checking out the latest exhibit at the High Museum. Dave also conceived and directed custom video content for Cox Automotives NASCAR driver teams and created award winning corporate design for Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta. Brenae previously worked in corporate as a UX Designer redesigning UI, creating UX best practices, establishing UX culture, and developing custom web applications. Now, whos crazy for not touching anything in her office since she left? A trove of random references, movie quotes and impressions.. Before Brown Bag, Nicole worked for Otis Elevator and graduated Cum Laude from the University of Georgia with a degree in Marketing. Prior to joining the Brown Bag team, Jordan has worked in all areas of marketing from print and radio materials to social media and tradeshow coverage. Piedmont Park Conservancy, a nonprofit dedicated to preserve and enhance the park. AT&T Business Services (ABS) partnered with Brown Bag Marketing to shorten the buyer lifecycle through the Networking Exchange program.