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07/25 Kensington, AU @ The Roundhouse 10/08 Philadelphia, PA @ The Liacouras Center * Great atmosphere and positive vibes! 10/15 Tampa, FL @ Yuengling Center * 07/23 Byron Bay, AU @ Splendour in the Grass Sometime between all this touring, Harlow will also star in an upcoming reboot of White Man Cant Jump. Jack Harlow is not due to play near your location currently - but they are scheduled to play 38 concerts across 7 countries in 2022-2023. 07/16 Paris, FR @ Lollapalooza Paris [jb_ticket_link url="https://moshtix.com.au/v2/event/jack-harlow/135420?ref=tm-shell&utm_source=ticketmaster.com.au&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=tm-shell&TRACK=13005C49A230B6C6"]Buy Jack Harlow tickets on Ticketmaster[/jb_ticket_link], [jb_ticket_link url="http://ticketmaster-nz.tm7569.net/c/252938/431537/7569?u=https://www.ticketmaster.co.nz/jack-harlow-jack-down-under-tour-auckland-new-zealand-07-31-2022/event/24005C4386C230B0"]Buy Jack Harlow tickets on Ticketmaster[/jb_ticket_link], [jb_ticket_link url="https://ticketmaster.evyy.net/c/252938/271177/4272?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ticketmaster.com%2Fjack-harlow-come-home-the-kids-cincinnati-ohio-09-05-2022%2Fevent%2F16005CC8F15B6D61"]Buy Jack Harlow tickets on Ticketmaster[/jb_ticket_link], [jb_ticket_link 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Subscribe to our email digest and get the latest breaking news in music, film, and television, tour updates, access to exclusive giveaways, and more straight to your inbox. Thank you. 09/23 Seattle, WA @ WAMU Theater * 07/22 Wayville, AU @ Spin Off Festival 05/27 Louisville, KY @ Forecastle Festival Weve got your suggested changes. 10/09 Boston, MA @ MGM Music Hall at Fenway Get your tour dates seen by one billion fans. Add it to your JamBase Calendar totrack the shows youve been to! Great performance! 10/11 Washington DC @ The Anthem * To find out more, read our. 08/21 Hasselt, BE @ Pukkelpop Check out his updated tour schedule below. Please list the headliner first and any support acts after. 09/28 Denver, CO @ 1STBANK Center * 10/02 Detroit, MI @ Fox Theatre * Jack Harlow 2022 Tour Dates: If you pour some music on whatevers wrong, itll sure help out. Levon Helm, Just give me one thing that I can hold on to. John Prine. 09/20 Inglewood, CA @ The KIA Forum * 08/28 Leeds, UK @ Leeds Festival 10/16 Atlanta, GA @ State Farm Arena *. Harlows a nice dude too.

07/31 Auckland, NZ @ Trusts Arena 07/09 London, UK @ Wireless Festival 09/24 Vancouver, BC @ Rogers Arena * 09/25 Portland, OR @ Veterans Memorial Coliseum *

07/01 Marlay Park, IE @ Longitude Festival 10/01 Chicago, IL @ Credit Union 1 Arena * 08/19-20 Biddinghuizen, NL @ Lowlands Festival 09/30 Minneapolis, MN @ The Armory * 05/22 Gulf Shores, AL @ Hangout Music Festival Prices are set by sellers and may be below or above face value. Your comprehensive live music resource for show listings, artist tracking, music news, photos, reviews and more. Please add / remove / reorder before you propose changes. Really fun. Awesome venue!

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06/11 New York, NY @ Governors Ball Music Festival A Live Nation pre-sale follows on Thursday, May 12th (use code FINALE), with a public on-sale occurring on Friday, May 13th via Ticketmaster. 07/10 Birmingham, UK @ Wireless Festival 09/27 Salt Lake City, UT @ Maverik Center * You must be logged in to add a show. Log in now. Seems like a great group of people, all around AMAZING show! He was cracking up the whole crowd every time he said Ooooh my gooooood! Had a great time. 08/27 Reading, UK @ Reading Festival You can add up to 7 bands. 10/14 Miami, FL @ PFL Solar Amphitheater at Bayfront Park * 09/08 Irving, TX @ The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory * 09/13 Phoenix, AZ @ Arizona Federal Theatre * Good balance between calm and rowdy. 07/08 Frauenfeld, CH @ Openair Fraunfeld 07/07 Grfenhainichen, DE @ Splash Festival Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) / Maxwell / Chaka Khan / More. 07/20 Mount Claremont, AU @ HBF Stadium 07/03 Stockholm, SE @ Lollapalooza Stockholm Are you sure you want to request that this show be removed from JamBase? City Girls will serve as support on the 21-date outing. 09/05 Cincinnati, OH @ The Andrew J Brady Center * 07/13 Bern, CH @ Gurtenfestival 07/26 Kensington, AU @ The Roundhouse Over the next six weeks, Harlow will also play shows in Houston, Phoenix, Vancouver, Denver, Chicago, Boston, Miami, Atlanta, and beyond. 07/28 Melbourne, AU @ Forum Theatre Find information on all of Jack Harlows upcoming concerts, tour dates and ticket information for 2022-2023.

09/06 Nashville, TN @ Nashville Municipal Auditorium * This is the last date for Jack Harlow in Nashville on our site, This is the last date for Jack Harlow in Irving on our site, This is the last date for Jack Harlow in Austin on our site, This is the last date for Jack Harlow in Phoenix on our site, This is the last date for Jack Harlow in Las Vegas on our site, This is the last date for Jack Harlow in San Diego on our site, Be the first to hear about special offers. Want to see Jack Harlow in concert? We're the worlds largest secondary marketplace for tickets to live events. An artist ticket pre-sale begins Wednesday, May 11th at 10:00 a.m. (fans can sign up via Harlows website to obtain an access code). The aptly titled, Come Home The Kids Miss You Tour, spans 22 dates kicking off in Nashville on September 6th. 07/02 Hilvarenbeek, NL @ Rolling Loud Beekse Bergen Can't find the event you're looking for? No changes detected. to track Jack Harlow and get concert alerts when they play near you. 09/17 San Diego, CA @ Viejas Arena * If you pour some music on whatevers wrong, itll sure help out., Just give me one thing that I can hold on to.. Came on stage repping Nationals gear which was cool. Summer 2022Webcasts Buy Your Pass Today. 10/07 Brooklyn, NY @ Barclays Center *

10/05 Toronto, ON @ Coca-Cola Coliseum * Would definitely come see him again if he's in the area! Five Finger Death Punch's Ivan Moody Died for Three Minutes: "I Saw This Incredibly Blue Light", The Cult's Ian Astbury Rescues Fan in Chokehold at D.C. Concert, Summer Gear Guide: Indoor, Outdoor and Festival Essentials for Music Lovers, Peace, Love, and Music Devolve Into a Clusterfuck in Trailer for Netflix's Woodstock '99 Docuseries: Watch, Jordan Peele Tells Fan to "Put the Phone Down" After Being Called "Best Horror Director of All Time", Cannibal Corpse Announce Fall 2022 North American Tour Dates, How to Get Tickets to ENHYPEN's 2022 Tour, Eyehategod Announce Fall 2022 US Tour Dates. 09/11 Austin, TX @ Moody Center * City Girls will be providing support for the majority of the trek. Jack Harlow has announced a North American tour in support of his newly released album, Come Home the Kids Miss You. Prior to his fall headlining tour, Harlow will hit the global festival circuit with gigs across the US, the UK, Europe, and Australia. 08/05-07 San Francisco, CA @ Outside Lands Music Festival 09/10 Houston, TX @ 713 Music Hall * 07/29 Melbourne, AU @ Forum Theatre Be the first to know when they tour near Wichita, KS, US, Join 245,877 fans getting concert alerts for this artist, Great show. You can purchase tickets here. Tell us about it! Join Songkick 07/06 Protimo, PT @ Rolling Loud Praia Da Rocha Beach 245,877 fans get concert alerts for this artist. Share your show calendar with like-minded musicfans.